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August 12, 2017 18:07

Recommendations for choosing a domestic fan

would seem that choosing a fan for the house very easily.This appliance is familiar to almost everyone, is inexpensive and is quite affordable management.It turns out, not so simple!Progress does not stand still and now there are quite a few varieties of good devices, which differ in the parameters and the presence of additional functions.We suggest you to review the recommendation on choosing a good fan in 2016.

  • Selection classification
  • equipment Selection criteria Specify
  • Popular models

Selection classification

instruments In order to choose the right room fan, you need to understandwith kinds of devices.Thus, these appliances for the house can be as follows:

  • board;
  • floor;
  • channel;
  • ceiling;
  • wall.

fans also may differ in design (for the house often choose axial and tangential model for manufacturing - radial (centrifugal) devices), by the method of fixing and levels of protection.However, the choice of indoor devices, these specifications have little or no irrelevant, so we will not dwell on them in detail.Types of products

If you want to select a fan for the living room in a house or apartment, you should buy a floor, table and ceiling version.Desktop and ceiling models are only axial and outdoor products can still be tangential.The last in the form of columns and have many useful features:

  • humidifier;
  • sensor;
  • remote control;
  • heating air in a room.

Please note that if you decide to choose a floor tangential device, its price will be higher than other varieties.In addition to advanced features and settings column fan looks stylish and is one of the safest options for the home.

Floor axial fans - clear leaders in sales among the other forms for many years and are a classic example of the device for cooling the room.Large blades, which provide a strong airflow, the ability to switch the speed, stability and availability of the rotary mechanism - all this guarantees the stability of the choice of this product and the positive customer reviews on it.If you decide to choose the standard model, pay attention to the fact that the blades must be completely shut down the grid for safety (especially if you have children or pets).Floor

intend to choose a powerful but quiet fan?Ceiling model will be most welcome!While standard products have a 50-watt ceiling variant has the power to 250 watts.The blades of the appliance is not cool quickly, but thanks to high power, you will always feel a pleasant coolness on hot days.This product is especially popular for placement over a dining table or bed.Also, quite often the ceiling instruments bought for the terrace or the summer kitchen in a country house.overhead
As for desktop models, here everything is clear.The main advantage, because you can choose which table fan is a small size, ease of use and cheap price.This product is convenient to take with you on a trip, and it's great to help out in a particularly hot day.Note that in such a weak blowing fans, and they often break down.Desktop

If your living room, choose a regular appliance, the kitchen, bathroom and toilet need to buy a special exhaust fan, which is installed in the ventilation hole in the wall.It performs no functions such as standard device and is acquired for the removal of moist air after a bath, odors after cooking, etc.If possible, stop your choice on devices with controlled temperature and humidity, treat carefully to all the nuances of the installation.

Selection criteria Specify

So we understand what are the fans and how to select them on the basis of species.Also very important is the choice of instrument for the common parameters and the presence of additional functions.

  1. power. As mentioned above, the power of a conventional fan does not exceed 60 watts, and this would be enough to blow the room.If you want a more powerful version, we recommend you choose a ceiling product.
  2. noise level. If you want to choose a model for the bedroom or children's room, the noise level should not exceed 25 dB, for the rest of the rooms - no more than 30 dB.
  3. size. The larger the blade, the room will be cooled faster.
  4. protection. Either the fan, except the ceiling, there should be a special mesh that covers the blade.Children or animals can be injured seriously out of curiosity and the desire to touch the rotating elements, therefore this protection should be mandatory.
  5. speeds switch. Even in the conventional classical models must be present shift button, be sure to stop your choice on this product.
  6. stability. good floor fan should be sufficiently resistant to the regulation of rotation, tilt and height.


Additional features are worth paying attention to when choosing a fan, is the existence of these options:
  • lights;
  • timer;
  • motion sensor;
  • air ionization;
  • remote control;
  • LCD display;
  • protection against overheating.

you also encourage you to read tips on how to choose a good device:

How to choose a cooling appliance
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Popular models

order not to overpay extra money and choose a good fan for the house, be sure to give preferenceThe next model is particularly popular in the 2015-2016 year:

Polaris PSF 40 F .Budget option with everything you need: a feature height adjustment, tilt housing and 3 speeds.Stylish, powerful enough and quiet.Our estimate of 5 5.

Polaris PSF 40 F

Mystery MSF-2415 .More functional model in which there is even a remote control and a timer.Separate plus the fan for a stylish design.If you want to choose a modern instrument in 2016, pay attention to this option.

Mystery MSF- 2415

VITEK VT-1909 CH .An analogue of the Mystery and the price is about the same.Optimum fan in price and quality.Special complaints about the operation of the device is not present.

VITEK VT -1909 X

SUPRA VS-1600 .Cheap model that qualitatively perform its main function.Additional options such as timer no, but it is not critical, sincethe price is only 1,000 rubles (almost 3 times cheaper counterparts listed above).

SUPRA VS -1600

That's all the information on how to select the fan house in 2016.We hope the information seemed useful and now you know exactly which model is right for you.Despite the fact that now all the great popularity gaining home air conditioners, portability and low price does not give their fans to write off!The main thing - do not make a mistake and pick a quality room device!

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