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August 12, 2017 18:07

8 recommendations on the choice of the oil heater for the home

not know how to choose the oil heater for an apartment or house?There are some basic rules of selection, which we now consider together with the technical specifications of the unit.Immediately after reading the article, we advise you to view the advantages of infrared heaters, which are alternative temporary electric heating!

Photos of household electric heaters

  • principle of operation and design features
  • main advantages and disadvantages
  • distinctive features of different models
  • Power
  • design
  • Additional features
  • which option to choose?

Principle of operation and design features

First, consider what makes up this device and how it works.The design is quite simple: in a metal radiator heating elements are installed and filled mineral oil.Oil filled not "on the edge", but only by 85%.This is due to the fact that when heated fluid expands and it needs additional volume.Components

As you know, the principle of the oil heater is as follows: the product is connected to the network, the current flows in the heating elements, which heat up and transfer heat to the oil.The latter, in turn, passes the baton to the metal body, which carries warm room.

draw your attention to several design features.Special valve through which it was possible to pour mineral oil in the older models, now available.In the manufacture of the oil heater is filled with the required amount of liquid that can not be changed during operation (top up or merge).Another important point - the radiator is not suitable for hanging on the wall, so look for the appropriate model does not make sense.

main advantages and disadvantages

oil heater (also called heat sink) can be found in almost every residential area.

popular choice products due to its following advantages:

  • low cost;
  • easy connection;
  • not in need of repair and maintenance;
  • with proper maintenance has long service life;
  • attractive design;
  • small size;
  • mobile (you can easily roll over into the next room);
  • quickly warms the room;
  • simple control system;
  • running without noise;
  • does not pollute the environment;
  • high rate of fire;
  • heater cool down for a long time, so even after switching off the heating unit operates.

As for the drawbacks, they are as follows:

  • increased consumption of electricity;
  • high body temperature (can be up to 150 ° C), which can cause fire or burns if misused.

As you can see, much less disadvantages than advantages, so it makes sense to choose the oil heater for houses, apartments and villas.

distinctive features of different models

This type of electric heaters may vary according to the following criteria:

  1. Power
  2. Features
  3. Additional features


Today there are products, ranging from 1 to 3 kW.Typically, the range is represented by the following values: 0.5;1;1.2;1.5;2;2.5;3 kW.The latter option is extremely rare in the range.For home heating oil heater is enough to choose the capacity of 2 kW, although we continue to tell you more about what is best to buy the device.


As with any other electrical appliances, from the oil cooler can be a variety of design features that affect the cost and ease of use.

first difference - the presence of handles by which the machine can be moved from place to place.Typically, all current models of such devices are available.

Next difference - the presence of the guard.This element protects the surrounding objects and people from a high body temperature.Very useful device, which is the only drawback - a problematic wet cleaning (lattice difficult washed out).Protective cover

And finally, perhaps the most important structural differences - the width and number of sections.The narrower section, the faster they are heated to the operating state and at the same time spend less electricity.The downside - the time before the full warm-up rooms, which will also increase in this case.If you choose an oil heater with broad sections of the room quickly becomes warm, but at the same time and the power consumption will be higher.

In addition, the wider section dimensions, the faster they will be cool.And vice versa, respectively - will be radiator small longer keep the heat off.

Video overview of the characteristics of the oil heater
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Additional features

you to understand how to choose a good oil heater, then we will provide an overview of the most essential functions which may be present.

So, when choosing a look for the following devices possible:
  1. switch modes, with which you can adjust the power of the product, and accordingly, the heating efficiency in the house or apartment.Mode switch
  2. timer allows to set a specific time power on / off.A very handy thing for those who love to come to work in the already heated home.On timer you need only select the start time for a couple of hours before the arrival.Electronic timer
  3. temperature controller.Please note that in this case the temperature is regulated in the room, and inside the housing (for PETN).
  4. humidifier, which solves one of the problems of oil heaters - dehumidification.Special water container mounted on the radiator, and by heating the water to evaporate, thereby slightly increasing the humidity in the room.Humidifier
  5. heater, allowing the room to warm up faster.Set the device near a radiator, and the work creates a warm air stream.Built-in heater
  6. protection against overheating.A very important feature of the oil radiator, which will prevent the occurrence of fire PETN on heating to a temperature higher than the nominal.
  7. Dryer things (not least complement the kit), asdry clothes on the heated sections of the safety rules is prohibited.Folding clothes items

probability of a heater failure occurs, if you put it next to the wall or furniture (warm air will return back to the body), or when the product is installed in a horizontal position (oil baring heater, which in turn will be able to warm upcritical 800 ° C).

which option to choose?

So, we come to the main question of the article: a oil heater is best to choose and buy for home heating.

To your attention some useful recommendations:

  1. Typically, 1-kW electric heater is enough to heat 10 m2 room.By making simple arithmetic calculations we can determine the most suitable capacity for your case.We recommended to choose a model with a margin of 10-15% (to 10 m2 to buy the unit for 1.2 kW).Table of recommended capacity
  2. sure to give preference to the models, the design of which includes a support with wheels and handles.In this case, move the device will be much more convenient.
  3. Pay attention to the weight of the oil heater.Little weight suggests that the thin wall sections in the container or insufficient oil amount.Both options are disappointing, becausenegatively displayed on the service life and performance.
  4. If this type of electric heating will be installed in the children's room is better to choose oil heater with a casing so that the child does not accidentally get burned.
  5. Check the length of the cord, which will connect to the network.Very often, the cord is short, that requires additional purchase of an extension cord.In turn, an extension cord can not withstand the load and start to melt, which can then cause a short circuit.
  6. Buy oil heaters companies like Polaris, Electrolux, De'Longhi, etc.They are the best to date, so the price is slightly higher devices.
  7. Do not fall for dubious consultants recommendations in stores.Very often they capitalize advised to choose the least popular products.Statements like "Black transfers heat better" and "this option does not raise dust" are not true, that has been repeatedly verified owners of these devices (a lot of negative feedback on the discussion forums).
  8. Pay attention to the production of material rolls on legs.Plastic rollers scratch parquet and leave traces, so it is best to buy rubber.

That's all the information we would like to provide.We hope that now you know how to choose the oil heater for the apartment or house and what the company is better to give your preference.
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