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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to change the battery in the apartment

it sets out major repairs or even updating boring interior, the landlord often feels the need to replace radiators, because they do not fit in the chosen style of the new design rooms.

How to change the battery in the apartment

How to change the battery in the apartment

Another reason, if there is a need to replace these items with new heating circuit - is the lowest temperature in the apartment because of the cold or not enough to warm up the radiators in winter.

to know how to change the battery in an apartment, you need to have information about some of the nuances of this process.However, before going to the store for new radiators, if the property owner is quite happy with the old in appearance, you can try to revive them by using the existing cleaning techniques.For this process, you can invite a specialist from the organization, which provides services to the heating system of the home, but quite feasible to conduct this self - tips on washing heating system located on on shem portal in the respective publication.Perhaps with the help of such an event the problem is solved.

If you finally decided to get rid of the old-style batteries and install one of the modern versions of the radiators, it is necessary to choose the most suitable for use in a particular circuit, with regard features of the heating system and the heated room area.

What you need to know to choose the right?

Article Contents

  • 1 What you need to know to choose the right?
    • 1.1 How to choose the type and model of the radiator for an apartment?
      • 1.1.1 calculator to calculate the number of radiator sections
  • 2 tools and necessary accessories for installation of radiators
    • 2.1 Video: What is required for the installation of radiators
  • 3 Resolutionto replace the element
  • 4 system How to change the battery in an apartment - do yourself
    • 4.1 Dismantling of old radiators
    • 4.2 Preparing for installation
    • 4.3 installing new radiators
    • 4.4 Video: installation andconnection radiators
    • 4.5 Mounting jumper bypass
    • 4.6 Video: installation of bridge - bypass

to make the right choices, you must first contact the service company and learn the parameters of the heating system at home, such as pressureand the temperature at which served coolant circuit in the house and is distributed from door to door. addition, specialists needs to be clarified what kind of power density must have the radiator per unit area for the specific conditions of the building.

From the right choices made will depend on the temperature, not only in the apartment, which will be replacing the radiator, but in the other in the neighborhood.

This is the basic information required, which need to own, because without it choose a reliable and efficient radiator will be difficult.

How to choose the type and model of the radiator for an apartment?

Knowing the parameters heating system at home, you need to get acquainted with the characteristics of the radiator, which decided to establish - as far as they are suitable for installation in the central system.

sure to take into account that due to the technical characteristics, not all types of radiators can withstand the aggressive environment that created in an open heating system for oxygenation of coolant, as well as possible hammering when pressure drops, which svoystvennny central heating from the boiler.

Selected batteries must function effectively with a particular level of pressure and the chemical composition of the coolant, giving a maximum heat in the room, carrying its direct purpose.

In addition to these factors without significance design registration warming elements, since they must be perfectly inscribed in the interior.

Today, popular enough to remain the traditional cast iron, but in a modern sophisticated radiators, as well as new-fangled aluminum, steel and bimetal.

  • Modern cast iron radiators are radically different from the old domestic models.They have aesthetic appearance and are available in different variants, so one can choose the samples suitable for both modern and retro for interiors.Still, the main advantage of batteries made of cast iron - is resistant to aggressive internal and external environment.Imported models cast-iron radiators are completely smooth inner surface, so there is no obstacle to the active circulation of the coolant, and there are no preconditions for the formation of layers scale.
Современный чугунный радиатор, стилизованный под "ретро"

Modern cast iron radiators, stylized 'retro »

In addition to these positive qualities, all the cast iron radiators always have a high percent reflux eplootdachi.

In addition, these batteries are not afraid of pressure surges in the system and high temperatures, so they are ideal for use in multi-family and multi-storey buildings, connected to the central heating system.

  • More one ideal option for apartments are combined bimetal radiators, made of two different alloys. Steel inner surface of the heat sink structure is able to withstand the pressure, amounting to 40 bar, and aluminum outer surface, which is decorated with enamel, gives excellent heat transfer into the room.And surface warms evenly, so the heat radiating area is big enough.
Bimetallic radiators gradually gaining the leading position due to its versatility

Bimetallic radiators gradually gaining the leading position due to its versatility

Batteries have a modern look and will decorate any interior, emphasizing his style.

  • radiators made of steel, divided into panels, sectional and tubular.The advantage of this type of radiator is in the variety and aesthetic design and efficient operation in the autonomous closed system having a high quality coolant.In circuits, connected to the central heating system, installing them is not recommended, as the aggressive media and temperature changes can damage the body, especially in the most vulnerable places - the weld seams.However, if the batteries have already been purchased, it is necessary for each of them to build in the gearbox, which will automatically align davlenie¸ thereby giving rise to unnecessary tension in the metal case.This easy-to-install appliance will help keep the radiators in the long term without being damaged and leak.
Steel radiators are a lot of vulnerabilities

Steel radiators have many vulnerabilities

More one significant disadvantage - in certain steel radiators is no coating to protect the internal surfaces from the appearance of corrosion processes.When you select it you should pay special attention.

  • Aluminium radiators as well as steel and , not particularly suitable for outdoor heating systems, as in contact with aggressive media, aluminum is prone to oxidation.
Aluminium radiators are not recommended for installation in the central heating systems

Aluminium radiators are not recommended for installation in the central heating systems

They have an excellent appearance, which at first glance is identical bimetallic versions, but the specifications are as different from them.

radiators of this material is good for the autonomous closed heating system, with even pressure coolant clean and set stable temperature.In the central nervous system can occur unexpected jumps of temperature and pressure, which may adversely affect the sections of the seams.It can damage the joints, especially if sections within developing oxidation processes.It is therefore not recommended to install these items in the multi-storey buildings.

more detail of operational qualities radiators can be found in the article of our portal specifically devoted to this issue.

calculator to calculate the number of radiator sections

important not only to choose the optimal heat sink, and the right to determine the number of its sections or the total heat output.To this end, we offer to take advantage of the built-in calculator, which takes into account a lot of nuances that are important for the creation of an effective system of a particular space heating:

Consistently enter requested values ​​or select desired options in the proposed lists
Set the slider valuefloor space in m²
100 watts per square meter.m
How many exterior walls in the room?
one two three four
In what direction light look exterior walls
North, Northeast, East, South, Southwest, West
Specify the degree of warming of external walls
Exterior wallsnot insulated average degree of insulation of external walls have a high-quality insulation
Specify the average temperature of air in the region in the coldest decade, the
- 35 ° C and below - 25 ° C to - 35 ° C to - 20 ° Cup to - 15 ° C is not less than - 10 ° C
Specify the height of the ceiling in the room
to 2.7 m 2,8 ÷ 3,0 m 3,1 ÷ 3,5 3,6 ÷ 4 m0 m more than 4.1 m
What is on location?
cold attic or unheated and insulated room insulated attic or other premises heated room
Specify the type of installed windows
ordinary wooden frames with double-glazed windows with a single-chamber (2 glasses) glazed windows with double-chamber (3 glasses)glazing or argon filled
Specify the number of windows in the room
Specify the window height, m ​​
Specify the width of the window, m
Select circuit connecting the battery
Specify the features of the installation of radiators
Radiator raspolzheny opened on a wall or is not covered sill Radiatorfully covered from above a window sill or shelf radiator is installed in a wall recess partially covered radiator front decorative radiator screen is completely closed decorative cover
below will be prompted for a nameplate capacity of the selected section of the radiator model.
If the purpose of the calculations is the definition of required total heat output for room heating (for example, to select non-separable radiators), then leave the field empty
Enter passport heat output of one section of the selected radiator model

Tools and necessary accessories for installation radiators

If a decision on their own to replace the batteries, it is necessary to prepare some tools and additional component parts, by which made the installation of radiators into the heating system.

From instruments will be needed:

Tools for installation of radiators

for mounting radiators Tools

- Combination and adjustable wrench;

- angular-shlifovalnyaa machine - "Bulgarian" for cutting metal pipes;

- for metal pipes need Cloud claims to I threading or die with the required diameter of the holder;

Die stock - special tool for threading on pipes of different diameters

die stock - special tool for threading on pipes of different diameters

- welding machine for polypropylene pipes;

- shears or a hacksaw for cutting polypropylene tubes;

- level, a pencil and a long line;

- a tow;

- sealant;

- cement mortar to seal openings around the brackets.

Because components must be purchased:

- selected radiators;

- ball valves;

- hanging brackets for batteries;

- plug - cork;

- bleed screw to bleed air;

- new metal and plastic, steel or polypropylene pipes, the necessary elements for their installation - tees, reducers, elbows, fittings, etc.

Video: What is required for the installation of radiators heating

Resolution to replace the elements of the system

Replacing batteries in the apartment complicated high-rise buildings than in privately owned, as to the process during the heating season or whenthe system is under pressure from the central need to disable the entire circuit of the riser, at least for a while.It is possible to disconnect temporarily pipes cut at the beginning and end of the loop installed in the apartment, and their installation on the incoming pieces of ball valves.

This means a lot of apartments will remain without heat, so the event to replace pipes or radiators is best done by end of the heating season or before.

However, if the circumstances still forced to carry out installation work in such an uncomfortable period of treatment required in the housing and operational organization with an application for a temporary disabling certain riser at home.Overlapping flow of coolant in the common house system should be carried out only specialist having access to the site of the central loop tie-in house collector.

After disconnecting the riser from it drained water, and only after that you can begin to dismantle the old battery or all pipes inside apartment.If, for example, planned to change them for polypropylene.

How to change the battery in an apartment - do yourself

independently possible to undertake the process of removing and installing batteries only, if have skills polypropylene welding, "zapakovke" sanitary threaded connections, threading, if necessary in specific circumstances, work with other necessary locksmith tools.

Replacement circuit elements takes place in several stages:

Dismantling of old radiators

If you do not plan to replace the metal circuit on polypropylene pipes, the work begins with the fact that untwist the screw connections, connecting the battery to the pipe.It often happens that the thread does not lend itself because of the resulting rust.In this case, the course is sander , with which the battery is cut off from suitable to her about reflux rubles.

The first step after emptying the riser - the dismantling of the battery to be replaced

first step after emptying the riser - the dismantling to be replacing the battery

If all the pipes in the circuit will be replaced with a more aesthetic and easy to install polypropylene, they are cut off at a distance of 15 - 20 cm from the wall,regardless of where the battery.

All work should be carried out carefully, having spread under the incision and welding a sheet of asbestos or other non-combustible material, so as not to damage the floor.