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August 12, 2017 18:08

How to install a washing machine in a small bathroom on the toilet


  • 1 Choosing the right toilet
  • 2 Mounting system installation
  • 3 formwork for concreting shelves for washing machine
  • 4 Refining tiles
  • 5 Installing the machine above the toilet

saving idea in a small bathroom, I come to think how it is possible to install a washing machine over the toilet.Yes, the store has a complete idea of ​​washing facilities but they are very small download and the seven it is not enough.But after much deliberation and searching for interesting ideas we had to solve this problem.Realizing that the heavy machine itself weighs 50 kg plus vibration, thoroughly came to solving this problem.Here's how you can set the washing machine above the toilet and thus free up more space in a small bathroom.

Choosing the right toilet

calculating the height, knowing that the machine needs for ease of use is as low as possible argues.The standard height of a conventional toilet seat 80 cm., plus you need a place for pressing understand that this is not very user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing work.The answer is found in the application of insolation suspended toilet, but there is a standard usually is 120-130 cm. Is a tall.

In fact, very little information about tiph and sizes from different manufacturers but who is looking for the find!Stopped on a reliable system GROHE, it is well maintained and there are parts.This system has a range of 90 cm. Height but must take one meter from the fact that the cover can overlap the key in the open state.With the system decided now I still confuse and hygienic shower built such usually put Turkey in every hotel.Manufacturer name known Turkish Vitra, though not often, but it can be found in online stores.

  • Pros of toilet:
  • Compact pot bibetkoy;
  • sanitary system with built-in bibetkoy;
  • Sophisticated drain system;
  • microlift cover.

biggest concern was whether the landing bolts fit in different systems, but all great.

washing machine ordinary depth of 40 cm and a load of 5 kg.preference was to handle is as low as possible for ease of loading.

Mounting system installation

course pre-made layout sewerage and water supply for all consumers in view of the slopes and connections, is a separate issue.I spent a separate outlet through automatic ouzo protection current.Calculated in advance the size of the shelf above the washing machine, started the installation of legs on the anchor installation system.Since I have enclosed a wall niche of plywood for a refrigerator that is already in the bathroom to save space in a small kitchen.In addition, a number of brick paved to all the main load went to him.machine above the toilet

formwork for concreting shelves for washing machine

First you need to accurately determine the height of the toilet installation, taking into account the height of the screed and tiles.I'm hooked on the corners of the level of anchors for future formwork.After a piece of waterproof plywood cut to size.Hammer drilled holes 14 mm .po perimeter wall for reinforcement tied it viscous.Rose board to fill a 15 cm and concreted podium for sterile machine.machine above the toilet

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machine above the toilet Washing machine over the toilet 2 Refining tiles

Install the washing machine on the toilet

Washer over the toilet

When the concrete froze I finally began to connect the system to the water supply and sanitation.Check the system for leaks, making sure that everything works and fits erected frame for plasterboard.Next, cut out holes for pipes, screwed sheet.All other standard processes, primer and tiling.The result was a pedestal above the washing machine.

setting up your washing machine over the toilet 2 setting up your washing machine over the toilet 3 Installing the machine above the toilet

When completed it is time to connect and lift the machine up.

important point is required to fix the machine to the wall, because the heavy load she can jump.

Ideally, you want to make a vibrating plate to the washing machine.To do this, take a sheet of cut out size of 60 * 45 cm. Of plywood, Plexiglas, plastic.It cutter 45mm do recesses under the legs.Drilled holes in the sheet under the anchor for fastening.When mounting the plates do for her support of the soft rubber or penofol.It turns reliable vibration plate, which will not allow the machine to ride.I can say that the machine is installed in such a way less noisy and vibrates.I hope my tips for installing the washing machine above the toilet help you solve the problem where it can be installed.vibrating plate washer pad mount a washing machine