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August 12, 2017 18:08

Causes of glare on the ceiling and how to get rid of them .


  • 1 spots and stains on the ceiling and how to prevent their occurrence
  • 2 spots and glare on the painted ceiling and how to remedy this situation
    • 2.1 Wack cope with spots on the ceiling of-this old leaks
  • 3 Tips on how to paint the ceiling without divorce

probably everyone who ever ever do self-repair has encountered the problem of uneven painting.It's like trying, carefully selected tools and paint, prepared foundation, and as a result - stains and spots, and perfectly visible in bright daylight.Most of those who are faced with such an effect, in the head immediately comes to "saving" the idea of ​​applying the second layer.But, generally, this decision - not the best solution.Will only worse.Dye at least five times in succession, the effect is the same.Spots and stains will only become more pronounced.What is the reason and how to paint the ceiling without a divorce right? These tips will allow you to do this job efficiently.

spots and stains on the ceiling and how to prevent their occurrence

So, how to paint the ceiling properly.In this, as in other types of work carried out during the repair, has its own quirks, so to say the secrets of painting.Negative effects may occur as a result of a single mistake, or several at once.After reviewing the main reasons for the appearance of stains on the ceiling, you will understand, because of what happened.

1. The first reason, thick paint

viscous paint is much more difficult to distribute evenly than liquid.Most importantly to dilute it before applying the base (first) layer.Paint manufacturer is recommended to breed them for a maximum of 10%.Although for most banks indicated that the paint is ready for use and does not require dilution.The buyer, of course, trust the written and finally watching stains on your ceiling.

Hence the conclusion, the paint must be diluted with water.By the way, water can take and more than recommended by the manufacturer, but not more than 20%.It is necessary to observe the consistency: The ink should not drag on like fresh honey, and gently drain away from the roller.For the first pass is acceptable to the consistency was thinner, but the second bit thicker.

main disadvantage of strongly diluted paint is that it will take to do more layers of paint, which will cause its consumption.

2. The slowness in

When the painted zone is too fast drying, it is physically impossible to roll the borders between them.Therefore, in such areas and stripes appear.Most notably, they are after the complete drying of the surface.So, it is advisable not to do work breaks and roll the paint evenly, while the ceiling is wet.

necessary mandatory ceiling evenly primed for even drying.

3. The roller with a long nap

Smooth surfaces are best paint roller with short nap.Otherwise avoid streaks, irregularities and other kinds of trouble will be hard.About a manufacturer of rollers and how to choose the best roller hairiness can be found on the website.

4. Trite but true

«Neprokras"?Not provide good lighting in the room was stained?You have poor eyesight, and lenses or glasses do not wear?Then you just could not see where the sections were unadorned.It happens quite often that in one place ink falls more and in another less because it has no paint roller and syhovat.

5. Wrong painting technique color

Do not paint the solid bands.Most likely, along the boundaries of these bands will remain the line and they're not going anywhere.How to apply the paint on the ceiling, consider further video .

6. Poor preparation base.

This is one of the most frequent causes.Note that the paint does not hide the defects present on the surface, and underscores them!

Therefore, if you want to get a smooth painted ceiling, then bring his ideal state.Proper preparation of the base, coating and polishing, is the key to success.

Stains and colored reflections on the ceiling and how to fix this situation

So, we found out the causes.We hope that in the future will be able to avoid most of them.But what to do now, when the ceiling is already painted and covered with terrible bands, streaks, spots?How to bring it to the necessary standard?

remains perhaps the only true way - grinding, that is, the ceiling must be shkurit as long as the surface is smooth and the rough tone.As for dirt and dust clouds do not worry, a lot of them will not be used if the grinders.It is necessary to remove only a small layer of paint.Skins, choose relatively small.Try to work very carefully, so as not to reach the layer of putty.

After the sanding, the surface should be wiped with a damp cloth and inspect it in good daylight.If the ceiling looks uniform and smooth, it is possible to start priming.If not, it is better to use a plaster finish, causing it thinly.Once it has dried, lightly grind again.

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The next step is priming.It is important to purchase high-quality primer before painting.And best not to be primed once, but several (at least two).After each time you need to wait for the complete drying of the surface.Only after the ceiling will get a perfect view, that is, it will be flat and smooth, like a mirror, you can start to work.

Do not forget: If the stem has spots, stains and irregularities, all of these "artifacts" will be visible after completion of the work!So before you start, make sure that your base is completely ready.In case of doubt, re-prime with

Wack cope with spots on the ceiling of the old leaking

These areas need special treatment.First, they must be thoroughly cleaned and washed, and then wait for the complete drying.After the biocide solution be treated.Use, for example, Fongimur.The tool does not wash off in any case!Immediately after this, use a universal blocking primer.It will help to block the translucence of spots through the plaster and paint.

tips on how to paint the ceiling without divorce

achieve optimal lighting.Best results are obtained with daily.Then all "neprokrasy" will be noticeable.

  1. For a good painting without a divorce is necessary to try to ensure the normal or high humidity.As practice shows, the ceiling paint roller without divorce is much easier in the summer than in the winter season.In the warm humidity levels are much lower.With this paint dries faster, which makes it well roll over the entire area.
  2. Good preparation is required.Clean up all the floor, so as not to "wade" through the rubble.Unnecessary obstacles take away the time, and in fact you need to quickly paint.Therefore, professionals who know how to apply paint to the ceiling preferred by roller with a long handle, so as not to use a stepladder.
  3. To avoid the appearance of streaks on the ceiling, you need to work aggressively and quickly!
  4. paint must be diluted with clean water from the tap until it reached a very liquid consistency.
  5. No need to try to vigorously pressing roller.The ribbed surface in the cell is not to push, and to evenly distribute the paint on the coat.Roller should always be saturated, so it is necessary to dip more often than.
  6. Having started painting the ceiling, it is not necessary to press the platen with force.It is necessary to roll, and not dent and do not rub them.This will paint the ceiling a roller without divorce.
  7. The paint should be applied squares instead of stripes.Especially in the case where a large floor area.We must work zigzag movements for uniform paint distribution sector.Also, do not stop for a long time in one box.Yet, after a few movements, stop.After making sure that the entire surface of the colored portion of processed, move on to another square.The boundaries of the squares need to roll until they are wet.Work is required to be a continuous and dynamic!
  8. inflicting a first layer of paint, carefully inspect the ceiling in good light.If NOT, left the place, then you need to quickly, until the surface is wet, rolled them.Once the ceiling is dry, it is necessary to re-check the result.If the paint fell ill, it is possible to make a second attempt.However, if there are problems again, you have to start from the beginning, that is sanded and primed several times.

is important to know that any embellishment after drying forms a new spot


  • When using semigloss or glossy paints result may be unexpected.Matte and more preferably not remain clearly visible stains;
  • on the white ceiling, in contrast to the beige or cream, any flaws are more noticeable.Therefore, if you are not confident in their abilities, then add a little paint color schemes;
  • Remember that the greater the surface area, the higher the probability of getting questionable results.So do not be surprised when a small bedroom ceiling came out as drawn, and a large living room will not look at him without tears;
  • also important quality paint.You can save money by buying the paint for the walls, but the ceiling buy the best!It is much more fussy.

Do not strive for perfection.Painted surfaces are almost never flawless.The main thing that in bright light spots, streaks, stains and smudges are not rushed in the eye.To achieve the ideal can only be used if all possible sprayers .