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August 12, 2017 18:06

Installation of a bidet with his own hands : outboard , with toilet

Installation of a bidet in the bathroom
  • Features
  • Putting mixer
  • Putting siphon
  • Combined with toilet
  • upflow water
  • Suspended
  • Mount drain in the floor

In the 17th century in France was inventedbidet - bath on legs, designed for personal hygiene and more particularly for the washing of intimate areas.Over the years, it evolved a bidet and now looks like a normal toilet, but instead with mixer tank.The similarity with visual toilet and bidet is actually more correct to compare with the tray or washbasin.

Chair - bidet in the bathroom of Louis XVI


Such a sanitary unit with not long ago began to be popular.Did mankind become less follow the hygiene?It does not become.There are several reasons for its popularity are not.The first - not all aware of the purpose and utility of a bidet.Because it can be used not only for hygienic purposes, but also as a tub for washing the feet.This is very useful for people suffering from diseases of the musculoskeletal system, haemorrhoids is also convenient for small children and the elderly.

And this is not all advantages.With bidets do not have to take a shower or a bath more often than necessary.It will save time on cleaning baths.

The use of a bidet

Well, the second reason for his unpopularity - the small size of the toilet room.It's just not where to put.But it can be fixed.Bidet set in the bathroom, or buy a toilet with bidet functions, which saves space.

are cases when purchased bidet as a luxury item and never used it.But now you know that the bidet to create a comfortable environment, after going to the toilet.

Using a bidet

If you are thinking about installing a bidet, you know that to build in his own hands will not be difficult. Together with this unit is an instruction according to which all items must be followed strictly.It is desirable that the instructions during the installation was in sight.

Purchase bidet begins with a choice of a place in the bathroom, calculate its size, location and waste water pipes.Depending on the type of installation, the pipes to be supplied to the sanitary device can be open, hidden in the wall and fitted into the housing.

Hygienic device is a floor, and half of the combined type fontanoobraznym and downward flow of water.Different styles and with different functions:. Hair dryer, jetted tubs, air deodorization, etc.

bidet design example in the interior

also to connect the bidet need to stock up on a screwdriver, a wrench and an adjustable wrench, hammer, tow, silicone sealant, mounting tape.

Buy bidet with a toilet is better to one brand.So the interior will be more harmonious.And if the toilet has already been purchased, try to recall the article and a series of manufacturers to choose similar model bidet.Connection bidet should be like and toilet.

It should also be borne in mind that the mixers are usually sold separately.

What neither would have been a model sanitary unit, drain valve in his auto.To connect the floor bidet requires a special fixture for the toilet, and a flexible tube is a connection to sewerage.

Putting mixer

on plumbing fixtures mounted mixer with a floating head, rotatable by 360 ° C.He has a special lever to open and close the drain.There are several types: odnoventilny, dvuhventilny, photocell, thermostatic.The latter type is the best option.

Assembling the mixer on a bidet is not much different from the assembly to the sink and there is thus:

  • put rubber gasket and trim the bottom of the mixer;
  • fasten hoses warm and hot water to the mixer.Screwed pipe should be cautious, not much tightening, so as not to disturb the tightness;
  • connect the mixer and sanitary device pins, after having put on their rubber pads.Studs screw manually and then tighten with a screwdriver;
  • wear resistant metal washer on the studs Loosely nuts;
  • mixer set at the center and fix nuts;
  • treat place sealant joints.
attachment of a flexible hose
Bidet mixer

Putting siphon

As a mixer, siphon sold separately.It has different models and connectivity technologies, so check with your dealer when selecting a siphon.Any model is installed easily and has a long service life.Produced Traps for bidet made of plastic, brass and stainless steel.

Siphon for bidet

Set siphon so:

  • Mount the drain grate with rubber grip;
  • secure the grille nut with a wedge-shaped ring;
  • ring the branch pipe with sealant and plug into the socket outlet tube;
  • check the connection for leaks;
  • connect the siphon with a discharge pipe and screw the nut.
Winding tow

making connections, use hemp or flax plumbing.Tow is wound on the thread strictly on its direction, in this case will not be wound yarn pushitsya.

Combined with toilet

bathrooms If size does not allow you to connect a sanitary device, you can buy a toilet, bathroom with shower, or to purchase a cover-bidet.

WC , bidet

The shower toilet rim mounted a special nozzle and into the tank - a device with electronic control.

nozzle extends, if necessary, without touching the walls of the bowl.Also it is self-cleaning before and after operation under the pressure of the water within a few seconds.the water is supplied via buttons mounted on the outside of the bowl.Very rare water supply by using the pedals.

shower toilet functions are the same as in the conventional bidet: blowing, heating.

If you plan to use the toilet, place the cover-bidet.It is most easy to install.Just connect it to water and electricity, and then attach to the toilet as usual cover according to the instructions.

When assembled siphon and faucet, bidet occurs most connection.

mounted it in the same way as a simple toilet.We pose sanitary device to the desired position, made markings drill holes are drilled, then bolted.Finally connect the water supply and sewerage.

upflow water

Installation bidet spouted water pressure is more difficult. fact that water is circulating within the lid rim, warming it.Powered by a regulating mechanism ejects the water fountain up

This device is equipped with a special liner that does not suck a used water pouring on the fountain.

Before connecting the bidet collect and connect the water supply controller, and then connect the water pipes and sewers.After plumbing fixtures fasten.

Bidet with a rising stream of water


Built bidet has its advantages:

  1. Hidden communication, which can not spoil its appearance design of the bathroom.
  2. saving floor space.Bowl bidet is not so much steps forward that allows you to save some space.This is an excellent option for small spaces.
  3. Easy to clean the room, because the sanitary device is not supported by the floor.
  4. And, of course, easy to install.

Suspended bidet consists of a base frame and a bowl.Installation is supported bowls and place a bidet installation.It allows you to accurately adjust the height of the sanitary device.

Built-in bidet in the bathroom
Installation Bidet

suspended bidet mounting technology such:

  • prepare a niche for installation.For this is a recess in the wall the size of the carrier frame;
  • move the water and sewer systems;
  • set installation by attaching the lower leg to the floor, and the upper fasteners to the wall;
  • connect the drainage installation to the sewage system, secure the water supply in the bracket and screw into the base frame studs.At stud to be mounted bowl;
  • sew niche gipsokartom;
  • Attach bowl and bidet connect the pipes with water and sanitation.Between the wall and bowl be sure to put a pad of rubber or silicone, which goes in the complete set.It will be a buffer that will protect the wall from damage and the cup, as well as compensate for the load on the installation of the studs;
  • secure bidet, tightening the nuts.
installation mount bidet

If the pad is not attached, it can be done independently.Take an ordinary silicon in the box and put it in a bowl perimeter.When the silicone is dry, you can attach a bidet.

In tightening the nut has its own nuances.If it tighten, drywall sag, and if nedotyanut, bidet will hang.Here the main thing to find a middle ground.

Suspended bidet

Mount drain in the floor

As mentioned above, on the bidet faucet mounted on the sink like and sewerage connected for a long time and the familiar toilet.A recommended drain in the floor is done as for the shower.

Floor drains

Purpose drain - to remove the water from the floor to prevent moisture and mold. construct advised to do during the repair of the floor in the room as needed will work on waterproofing and screed.

The mount is used special drain trap made of brass, steel or plastic, which is connected to the sewage system.Draining must be durable and resistant to corrosion.

Trap to drain

At the beginning of the work, remove the small section of the floor, and then lay the waterproofing.Pipes for water flow connect with the sewer exit and check for leaks.

Cover with heat-insulating layer, such as foam, and pour the cement mixture.

following to drain funnel fits snugly to the floor.When the cement has dried, you can start decorating.

Installation of the drain

can summarize.When connecting the bidet, consider the type of construction and location of the sewer.Buy sanitary device with instructions in plain language and strictly follow it.If the bathroom is not large, use cover, bidet toilet and bidet.Take a drain in the floor, the water will drain, preventing dampness in the room.