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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to lay a warm floor under the linoleum ?

If you do not know how to properly lay the film warm floor under the linoleum, then we will provide a step by step procedure for placing the film on the prepared surface.Such an electric heating system is most often used in the kitchen and hallway.This is due to the practicality of linoleum - it is easy to wash and also the cost of material less expensive than laminate and wood flooring.So, there is no time to lose and will give readers "electrician himself" detailed instructions with video example!

  • it possible to preheat such coverage?
  • What type of heater is best to use?
  • order of installation work

it possible to preheat such coverage?

The first thing I would like to tell you whether it is possible to lay electric warm floor under the linoleum, and what is required for installation.The fact that the coating film by heating may produce toxins that are harmful to the human body.In addition the material may shrink over time, resulting in its appearance will deteriorate.And the last nuance - coating the variant may be further insulated, whereby the heating system is very inefficient.As you can see, the nuances in the selection of a suitable linoleum is and now we'll show you some of the types suitable for laying electric underfloor heating.

Types of materials

First, there are natural and artificial materials.It is desirable to give preference to the first embodiment, sinceIn this case, heating will not release hazardous substances.Second, the manufacturers indicate on the packaging suitability / unsuitability of the products under the system of electric floor heating.You understand that you need to choose products with the appropriate labeling.And, thirdly, the best-proven for reliability, durability and heat transfer multi-layer PVC linoleum, which we recommend to buy for laying film warm floor with their hands!

One more important thing is that there is the maximum permitted heating temperature linoleum.Electric radiant floor heating must not cover more than 30 ° C, which is discussed even the rules SNIP.If you ignore this point, the material may start to melt, there will be blackened traces and also grow the probability of ignition cover.

What type of heater is best to use?

We have you looked at types of electric underfloor heating, which can be represented termomatom, infrared film or heating cable.All three variants are suitable for laying the heating system, but it is best to use infrared film coating.Caleo

This is due to the following advantages of the material:

  • During installation, you can do without the tie, which will save time, money and most importantly - the height of the ceiling.
  • Entering infrared system in operation can be carried out within 1-2 days after installation.At the same time stiffens screed about 4 weeks.
  • Film warm floor under the linoleum easily mounted with their hands, and it can be done even after the overhaul, becauseThis type of work is "clean".

As you can see, the advantage of such a variant of the system speaks for itself, so it is strongly recommended to use it at home.The only negative - infrared coating is afraid of water, so prohibited from laying in wet areas.In addition, the linoleum itself begins to rot in the damp environment that immediately cuts off its use in the bathroom, bath, wet areas.

order of installation work

So, to bring to your attention the order of stacking the film warm floor under the linoleum with his own hands:

  1. make calculations of the heating system, to choose the right power infrared film and its size in accordance with the useful area of ​​the room.independent calculation
  2. Prepare the surface - remove the old paint and if the floor is uneven, pour a little screed to level the surface.The prepared surface
  3. After solidification of the solution (which may not be necessary), bed sheets across the surface of the heat insulating material.It is best to use extruded polystyrene."Пирог" пленочного инфракрасного пола
  4. polystyrene seal the top of the thermally reflective layer, which will increase the efficiency of the system.You can "kill two birds with one stone", carpeted surface penofolom (shown in photo), who is also heat-insulating and heat-reflecting layer.Warming of the floor penofolom
  5. Cut film on suitably pieces.This should be done in specially marked places (specified by the manufacturer).place cut
  6. Perform installation of infrared heat-insulated floor under the linoleum.Please note that the laid film overlap is prohibited.Another requirement - under furniture can not be to lay the material.Also, do not forget that the film coating must be a bed at least 30 cm from other types of heaters to avoid overheating of the system occurred.On the other requirements for laying film floor heating can be found in the corresponding article!film coating
  7. According to the scheme, connect the thermostat and the temperature sensor to the film, and then test the system by connecting it to the mains.
  8. If everything is correct, over the film coating prostelite layer of plywood, which further protects the material from damage.layer plywood
  9. plywood bed in the whole linoleum room area when the heating.Then do prirezku and leave it at that for 2-3 days.When the deadline passes, you can once again trim the edges (if necessary), and proceed to the adhesion of the material to the plywood.Autonomous heating system in the apartment
  10. Set the thermostat setting of 30 degrees for installation than film warm floor under the linoleum and ends!thermoregulator

also recommend reviewing the step by step video instructions for mounting infrared film, which discussed in more detail all the stages of work:
How to make your own heated flooring?
YouTube Preview

That's the whole order of stacking the film warm floor under the linoleum with his own hands!As you can see, nothing complicated and all you can do yourself, without calling the wizard.Finally I would like to note once again that the infrared heater is better than an electric (heating cable and termomat), so use this particular installation technology in your home!

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