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Installation And Connection

August 12, 2017 18:07

Recommendations for installing the freezer

Fridges recommended for use in the event that the useful volume in the refrigerator is not enough for food storage in freezing temperatures.Today there is a wide range of devices that can be embedded as the type and freestanding.To learn how to properly install the freezer and to connect to the network with their own hands, read on!

  • for installation
  • Requirements The basic process

for installation

Requirements The first thing you need to talk - what is required to install the freezer and connection to the electricity in the house.To properly perform the installation, you must observe the following points:

  1. No matter how you decide to set the body - in a niche in the kitchen unit or next to the wall.In any case, you need to take care of the air gap on all sides.The minimum distance from the lateral walls of the case to the partitions should be 5 cm. The bottom clearance should be 5-8 cm, and on the back wall is not less than 5 cm. Built-in housing Dimensions of equipment
  2. Installation Built-in freezers under the hob is strictly prohibited.If you want to install the housing in one of the lower sections of the kitchen, do so as shown in the image - the opposite side of the plate.
    Accommodation from different sides
  3. freezer can be installed in a cold room, which is not about installing the refrigerator.But still, if you decide to put the equipment in an unheated room, for example, on the balcony, be sure to read the datasheet, which indicates the climate class (permissible operating temperature).Installation on a balcony
  4. Independently verify that the wiring can support the load when connecting the freezer.As a rule, old houses and flats old network, maybe even without grounding.You need to be sure to use the powerful wiring with a ground loop.To do this, maybe even have to replace the electrical wiring in the building to the new.The old wiring in the house
  5. If your chosen model lacks the automatic closing of the door, use this trick as unscrewing the two front legs.Small skewed body back will not allow the door to open, if you do not shut down until the end.
  6. If the cord does not reach the connection point, it is better to move the socket, rather than use an extension cord.Connecting the freezer to the network via so-called "carry" is not recommended, becausethey are extremely unreliable.

's all requirements to install the freezer in the house.As for the installation process with their own hands, it is quite simple, what you now see.

basic process

about how to correctly install and connect the freezer to the traditional housing, as shown in the photo, not much to say.Considering all the above requirements necessary to unpack the purchase, select a suitable location to connect to it, to be sure was next outlet, well, put the body on the level.Any imbalance can negatively displayed on the operation and service life of equipment, so it is with this point no joke.Stationary model

little harder to set embedded in the freezer in kitchen furniture.To do this, you need to also take care of the close proximity of the socket, screw the special fastening furniture (if required), well and carefully carry out the installation of the freezer under the worktop.Built-in option Placing the body under the sink Photo

Yet there are modern models of freezers for the home, which are presented to leave the boxes, as shown in the photo.This option is very convenient, but at the same time and expensive.Installation and connection are similar to the built-in version - equipment mounted in a special niche, and is connected to the mains.The original design

clearly see the installation process, you can built-in appliances in the video below:

Enclosure in niche
YouTube Preview

That's the technology installation freezer compartment and connect to the network with their own hands.As you can see, everything is quite simple, and with such a process to handle even a person who does not have experience with the assembly of furniture and electrics!

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