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August 12, 2017 18:07

Choosing LED lamps for home

If you decide to make the lighting in the house with the use of LED light bulbs, you need the right approach to their choice.This is primarily due to the fact that the products are many parameters that affect the electricity savings, comfort lighting, the cost of production, etc.Among these parameters, the main ones being the luminous flux of products, scattering angle, manufacturer, capacity and type of cap.Fixtures for lamps, such as LED lighting Lightstar Osgona, may also impose a restriction on the choice.Next we will try to examine in detail each of the criteria that you learn how to choose LED lamps for houses and apartments.

  • Power
  • Color Temperature
  • Cap type
  • Availability radiator
  • Operating resource
  • angle scattering
  • color transmission factor
  • Compatible with dimmer
  • Appearance package
  • Manufacturers


The first and probably the most important feature for buyers - power LED lamps.From how many watts consumes the product will depend on efficiency of lighting.

Modern light sources

very important thing you should remember - when replacing incandescent light bulbs with LEDs, power modern version should be reduced by 5 times.Just a word - if the lamp was screwed up to 75 watts, the LED have to choose an output not exceeding 15 watts.

difference you can see in the comparison chart: The difference in capacity and light flows

As you can see, even the example of replacing one light source is a huge savings.And realize that if a replacement for the whole apartment?

for houses and apartments is better to choose LED lamp power of 6 to 8 watts, which illuminate the room better the 60-watt incandescent lamps.

Immediately I would like to say a few words about another important parameter - power.There are bulbs running 12 and 220 V. The first option is used in rooms with high humidity, for example, when installing lighting in the bathroom.Do not buy the 12-volt product with the expectation that they will consume less electricity, becausethis is not true.

Worth also view the video which compares alternative energy-saving light sources:

Video comparison of LED and fluorescent lamps
YouTube Preview

Color Temperature

next parameter that you need to choose wisely - the color temperature of the diode.As can be seen in the image, the higher the temperature (in Kelvin), the colder will glow.Colorful temperature

to comfort of spending time in the room do not need to choose a LED lamp with bright daylight, which are often used in offices and industrial buildings.It is better to give preference to a range from 2700 to 3000 K, asThis temperature interval is usual yellowish light sunlight.The packaging may be specified color in verbal form.Buy those models are signed as "warm white" or "soft white".

Cap type

We have to talk to you in detail about the types of lamp base, where the most popular design products were provided.When choosing LED lamps on the cap type is better to dwell on the variant, which was earlier.For example, if the chandelier was a standard threaded screw base E27, look for the LED on the market with the same thread.

Popular types of caps

If you decide to install spot lights, you need to select the LED lamp socket GU 5.3.The sconces and bedside lamp used thread E27 and E14 (Mignon) The shape of the light sources can be very diverse: pear-shaped, elongated, round.There are already give preference to your liking and design lamp.

Availability radiator

radiator removes the temperature of the LED unit.If the design does not provide the cooling system in the form of ribbed aluminum surface, bypass this model round.

LED unassembled

Sometimes cheap products manufacturers install radiator in the form of a plastic tap.We recommend that you do not choose this option becausehave many drawbacks and plastic than aluminum not had such a high cooling efficiency.On this occasion you can see a lot of negative feedback on the forums from people who have used this option.

Immediately it should be noted that the matte bulb does not allow you to view whether or not the radiator, so when choosing LED lamps for houses and apartments Think about whether you need opaque light bulbs installed.Matt opaque bulb

Operating resource

Also, when choosing a LED lamp, pay attention to such characteristics as endurance.Today, this figure may exceed the bar of 50 thousand. Hours, which is about 15 years.At the same time, too much to rely on the accuracy of the information, we do not recommend.The fact that the LEDs degrade over time, and the quality of their luminescence decreases markedly.Working life

It would be better not push off from the working life, and on the warranty period.This time can be from 3 to 5 years, which means that - if during this time the bulb fails, you will change it for free to the new.In fact, a good thing, but the problem is that domestic and not very high quality of the company allow the warranty period of 3 years (from abroad 5).Typically, these 3-year breakdown are very rare.

scattering angle

This option must also be considered when choosing LED light bulbs for home.From whether you installed diffuser, and whether it is covered inside phosphors, will depend on the nature of light.The angle of dispersion

also pay attention to the way the LEDs are arranged.If they are all in the same plane - the light is highly directional.At the same time, the multi-level placement of the diodes will create a diffused light.The difference in the arrangement of diodes

transmission ratio

color Few people pay attention to this characteristic of LED bulbs in their selection, but, nevertheless, it is also important.For bright light color transmission factor shall be not less than 80 is considered high index value of 95, but for the price, this model is much more expensive.It specifies the color on the packaging, but not always, you can find it on the front side.

Immediately I would like to tell you a little trick.Check how high-quality manufacturer of light bulbs you can be selected precisely this factor.If the product is low-cost and high-value on the package, then it is a fake.

Compatible with dimmer

When we looked at the instructions on connecting the dimmer, then pay attention to the fact that not all models of dimmers can be used with ice lamps.LEDs for connection to the dimmer must be specially designed, it must be indicated on the packaging.Photo dimmer

If you perform the selection of LED lights, which does not work with dimmer - and dimmer bulbs quickly and will be destroyed.To learn more about the dimmable LED lamps can our corresponding article!

Appearance package

very much about the quality of light bulbs said the package itself.Russian products Typically, the famous manufacturer of LED lamps on the packaging displays the following elements:

  • of the company;
  • power;
  • warranty work;
  • type of cap;
  • luminous flux (in lumens indicated);
  • color rendering index;
  • color temperature (and in words and in Kelvins);
  • barcode.

If a set of these parameters are not specified, it is unlikely to be high-quality products.Also, when choosing LED lamps for houses and apartments advise to pay attention to the product itself.In all good manufacturers of fastening elements are formed without gaps, irregularities and roughness.

object lesson on the review of the package discussed in detail in this video:

How to determine the quality of energy-saving lamps
YouTube Preview


As you know from the manufacturer depends on a lot of the above.For countries that both domestic and foreign companies produce fairly reliable products.Here's how to choose the right LED bulbs on the manufacturer.Photo LED light bulb

ranking leaders are giants such as Osram, Philips, Nichia, CREE and GAUSS.A lot of positive feedback about the Chinese company MAXUS, whose production has the highest warranty period at a relatively low price.From domestic manufacturers such popular Russian campaign as "Svetlana-Optoelectronics" and Optogan (OptoGaN).

That's all that I wanted to tell you how to choose LED lamps for home and which model is best for home use.We hope that this information is for you new and useful!If you have any questions, our experts will answer them in the comments or the category "FAQ"!

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