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August 12, 2017 18:07

What if the plug falls out of the wall ?

socket can fall out for several reasons - low-quality retention mechanism, the lack of any Escutcheon the improper use of the device.The same problem can occur with the light switch, because in fact it is fixed in a similar manner.Then we will tell the reader himself Electrics, what if falls out of the wall socket - or rather, how to fix it firmly in the seat!

  • repair methods
  • How to prevent damage?

repair methods

Before proceeding to repair the outlet, which falls out, be sure to turn off the electricity at the opening panel!To begin the dismantling of the housing is only necessary when there is no network voltage!

Disconnect the power to the switchboard

consider the classic situation where the socket falls out of the concrete wall.First you need to understand why the retention mechanism, submitted by sliding legs, does not hold the body in the landing opening.Make sure that the wall is installed Escutcheon, who just need to plug or switch is not dropped.By modern standards it must be plastic, with corrugated walls, designed to hook feet.Old metal glasses have flat internal faces with the result that it is simply impossible to fix quality outlet.There are situations when such a glass is not set at all, and the outlet falls because of the fact that the pitch decompressed in bad concrete.Anyway, if the body is constantly falls out of the glass, we recommend to install a new Escutcheon with corrugated walls, which will solve this problem.

If you see that the wall is installed Escutcheon normal plastic, but the outlet or light switch is hanging out, be sure to check themselves legs.Possibly, the diameter of the mounting sleeve is greater than the diameter of thrust tabs whereby the housing simply can not cling to the glass wall and fall out of it.In this case the problem can be solved in two ways:

  1. Lay under the palm rubber pad feet, to compensate for the void.
  2. pliers, bend the petals slightly to increase the diameter of thrust.Here it should be understood that if the metal is soft, to correct the situation petals deformation may not turn out, t. To. They thrust at the back concave.However, this happens rarely and is due to poor quality products.

banal situation because of which the product falls from the wall, is a mistake when installing the outlet when the installer forgets well to dissolve pitch, spinning special screws.In this case, in order to strengthen the body, which is loose, you only need a screwdriver to properly execute mount, as shown in the photo below:

Installation housing

also recommend reviewing the video is another way to help rectify the situation:

WhatI do if tumbled double socket in the kitchen?

YouTube Preview
If you live in pre-fabricated house and apartment old wiring, the sockets and switches are often wrong to hold in the wall and fall because they are installed in the through hole walls without Escutcheon.Visually see such a situation, you can in the photo:

The through hole in the panel house

In this case, you first thing you need to install podrozetnik, trim it if necessary (sometimes there are problems with the thickness and to have to shorten the glass from the bottom) and after that re-fixswitch or outlet in the concrete wall.

Another situation is related to the plasterboard wall.If the plug was pulled out of the drywall with a piece of plaster on the above provided instructions to fix the body will not work.This is due to the fact that the principle of mounting Escutcheon in concrete and drywall varies.In the latter case a plastic cup is attached to a sheet of plasterboard by presser feet, you can see in the picture below:

As mounting box is attached to a sheet of plasterboard

to outlet no longer fall out and not staggered, it is recommended to glue a piece of gypsum board in place using plaster or gypsum plaster.When the solution hardens, you need to cut a small strip of a sheet of plasterboard, enclose it under the damaged area and scroll screws.This option strengthen the walls save the situation.

Damage to drywall

The alternative - to cram into the emptiness of the newspaper around the hole and fill it with a thick plaster.Do not forget to make these wires Escutcheon.The mounting box should be pressed into the solution to make it flush with the wall (do not stick out), and then remove the excess solution and wait until the plaster hardens.

If body totters and falls may be even easier to solve the problem, as shown by the master on his video tutorial:
How to fix the product, if the wall is lined with tiles?
YouTube Preview

How to prevent damage?

The main reason for the plug become loose and fall from the wall is the improper use of the product.We have repeatedly said that the pull cord attached is strictly prohibited, asbecause of this, you can pull out of the socket body.Whatever it was said, but it is the most common cause of failure.The rest - do not forget to at least occasionally to do an audit of the wiring Check the fit sockets and switches, as well as the quality of the connection wires to the terminals.

If you have not found a solution for his own case, describe it in the comments, and we, as quickly as possible to try to repair the recommendation.We hope that you now know why falling out of the wall socket and how to fix it yourself!

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