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August 12, 2017 18:07

Features selection of quality freezer compartment

increasing popularity and positive feedback gain freezers.Nothing surprising here!The household appliance is very convenient to store a variety of foods - meat, fruit, vegetables or fish.At the same time, virtually unlimited shelf life.Usually such compartments in refrigerators are too small, and because it's nice to be in the winter defrost personally collected mushrooms or make the cake with fresh raspberries!All natural and home!We are convinced you?Then we recommend to get acquainted with useful tips on how to choose the freezer for the house in 2016.

  • Types of products
  • Important characteristics
  • Additional options
  • little about brands
  • Popular models

Types of products

Freezers are divided into 2 types:vertical and horizontal (also called GEL).Let's look at each of them in detail for the correct choice.

  • Vertical

product looks like a standard cooler, the size can be quite varied (50 cm - 2 m).Inside the freezer is divided into special compartments.It is very convenient for storing food, as in every department can freeze something different.It is also useful if you want to, for example, send the cabinet fish and fruit.You agree that the combination of smells is, to put it mildly, not appetizing.The upright freezer sections are isolated from each other, so if you decide to choose this option, blending flavors will not.

Vertical model

  • Horizontal

Choice horizontal freezer has its advantages.It will be cheaper in price and compact than its vertical "brother."The space in this chamber take the crates, which you can easily get from the "freezer".The volume will be more than a chest freezer in the cabinet, while it is convenient to store in a closet or in the summer kitchen in the country.Such an option we recommend to choose the people who do not have sufficient free space at home.The horizontal model

in Lara does not have separate sections, so the isolation of odors between the products in it will not be.However, if you need to choose a product for the storage of meat, this is the best kind!Moreover, it is possible to store relatively large pieces without cutting.

Important characteristics

to choose a good quality and a freezer in 2016, you need to carefully examine all the options.Volume, power, class and power freeze - the factors that should look for when buying products.

  • Class freezing

By lowest temperature, which can reach deep freeze, frost classified.When selecting the freezer pay attention to the number of stars that mark each model.Keep in mind that each star is equal to -6 degrees.It is believed that home use is enough 3-4 Stars.

  • volume

Freezer volume can be from 100 to 500 liters.Standard family of 3-4 people can choose for themselves the product at 150-250 liters, will be sufficient for winter preparations and meat storage.In any case, here it is all at your discretion.large volume

  • Power

device power is measured in the number of kilos of frozen food per day.There freezer with a capacity of 5 to 25 kg / day.Here everything again individually.The more you are going to use the product, the higher should be chosen power.For an average family of 3 would be sufficient 6-10 kg / day.

  • Power

When choosing a product do not forget that we are dealing with an appliance that will work almost all the time.Given the constant rise in energy prices, the best option would be to find out the energy consumption level of the model that you are going to choose.Energy efficiency

Each freezer, you can see the letters from "A" to "E".This is the energy class, from the most economical version (with the letter "A" or "A +") to less efficient (or "E" letter).Freezers with low power consumption class slightly higher price, however, as you know, this difference very quickly discourage, so we advise to stop the choice on such products.

Additional options

When selecting the best freezer all the nuances and features must be considered.In modern models present interesting additional options that may be useful to you.So, if you are going to choose a modern quality product, pay attention to all the functions.

  • Climate class

Most likely you will encounter with freezer Class SN and N, such models are common in temperate countries, and guarantee operation at ambient temperatures up to 32 degrees Celsius.If you need a machine for higher temperatures, it is advisable to choose ST and T classes that can provide good performance even in 43 degree heat.

  • Autosave cold

If in your house there are problems with electricity, we strongly recommend you to select the freezer with the function "AutoSave cold."In the absence of electricity freezer could save up to 2 days cold (although the temperature is not lower than -10).

  • Extra freezing

When laying a new product in the freezer temperature rises sharply, which could be detrimental to the rest of the food.To avoid this, a couple of hours before the fresh food supplies include a program of rapid freezing (it is almost on all models).Thus, the temperature drops in the chamber and when a new product is no abrupt changes.

  • Defrost

If you are tired of the freezer to defrost in the refrigerator and clean it on the ice, it is advisable to choose a product No Frost.It does not appear hoarfrost and off it will only need to wash.The only drawback of this freezer is dehydration products due to freeze-drying, so it will be necessary to keep all the food in a sealed package.

little about brands

What freezer is better in quality and price?Guest users are inadequate, since each has its own criteria.Now there is a great selection of quality brands of home appliances, which are freezers to suit every taste.Almost every rating associated with a fridge and freezer, you will find the company Liebherr, Bosch and Indesit.This is a qualitative technique that can be used in even choose / y option.It will serve you long and will be able to freeze more than one kilogram of delicious food.Built-in option

As for freezers economy class, the good reviews received by domestic producers of Atlanta and Saratov.According to the characteristics they are no worse than foreign "giants".while their value is quite happy.Also a good reputation among the inexpensive freezers Housing deserved Shivaki Chinese firm.This compact version is recommended to choose for a small family that appreciates space.Available there are suitable species for the garden or office.

Popular models

encourage you to become familiar with the most popular models of freezers.In the list we presented 5 freezers optimal price and quality.If you have not decided for themselves which model to choose, you can think about buying one of the following options.

Liebherr GN 4113 .High-end brand has released quite an interesting model, which has energy efficiency class A ++, there is No Frost and pen with pusher.Chamber volume 406 liters, so this is recommended to select the freezer for a large family or for business purposes.In the best tradition Liebherr can outweigh the door to make it open to the other side.

Liebherr GN 4113

Bosch GSN36VW20 .For about the same price (65 thousand. Rubles), you can select an alternative option from the company Bosch.The only difference is in the chamber volume (237 liters) and power class (A +).His price freezer fully justified, therefore, his choice makes sense.

Bosch GSN3shVV20

Vestfrost VF 320 H. cheaper models, but has a lot of positive reviews on the internet.Quality Vestfrost also at a high level.Of the tangible differences from previous versions, you can select a manual defrost and electromechanical control.The rest of the model is a quiet, compact, attractive (silver color fits perfectly into any interior).

Vestfrost WF 320 X

ATLANT M 7184-003. also relates to the budget model, so special can not be criticized.It works quietly, durable, neat design, economical and also roomy.The best in the category of quality / price.

ATLANT M 7184-003

Saratov 104 (UGS-300) .As we have noted above, the domestic manufacturer produces fairly reliable freezers.If you want to choose an inexpensive freezer for the home, pay attention to this option.Energy Class B, which is acceptable.In addition, there superzamorozki mode.In general, good value for money (a little more than 20-thousand. Rubles) is fully justified).

Saratov 104 ( UGS - 300 )

About how to choose the freezer for the home in 2016, you can also learn from this video:

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Now you know exactly how to choose the freezer for home andwhich is better in quality!Enjoy wholesome food easily at any time of year, if you buy a decent alternative to the little "freezer" refrigerators.The main thing - is taken seriously by the proper selection of the desired home appliances!

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