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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to make the light in the bathroom ?

We have already discussed with you lighting in the bathroom, where dwell on such things as the requirements for wiring and electrical appliances, the main options used lamps, as well as installation tips.In this article I would like to pay more attention to the very light connecting technology to readers' electrician himself "knew how to make the lighting in the bathroom with their hands.

  • Where to start?
  • basic process
  • Summing up

Where to start?

So, the first thing you need to do - to create an electric lighting scheme, which noted the number and location of all fixtures desired.Note that the junction box is usually taken out of the premises, so you need to hold the line from another room, where he installed electric this point.Settlement of the

Of all the existing variants of fixtures we recommend to give preference to a point and sconces.Their installation does not take so much time to the same items do not take up much space.You can also make a hidden ceiling lights using LED strip, which is especially popular today (see the photo to see all the originality of the idea).

Photo LED ceiling lights

As for bulbs, it is better to buy the LED, which, despite its high cost, save energy for 30-50 thousand. Hours (as assured manufacturers).Do not forget that the fixtures for the bathroom must be water proof and at the same time it is desirable to put them away from water.

waterproof spotlight

also need to calculate the number of lamps and power, not to pay the extra money for electricity and at the same time does not suffer from the dim light.A simple calculation algorithm that can be used is provided in the article: the installation of lighting in the apartment.

should be noted that in this manual we consider the instructions on how to make the lighting in the bathroom at a time when already will be the replacement of electrical wiring in the apartment.Questions regarding the choice of circuit breakers, RCD, socket wire for groups consider only in general terms.

As for the other components (perhaps it is useful to you), be sure to select the following items:

  • 25-amp socket on the RCD tripping with residual current of 10 mA;
  • breaker 25 A (if you will be installing an electric boiler and washing machine);
  • to light and need a 10-amp automatic, if it is derived from a separate line of the electrical panel;
  • wire for lighting VVGng three-wire, cross-section of at least 1.5 mm2.

Once the wiring diagram is created, you can go further - to connect lighting in the bathroom with their hands.

basic process

Immediately I would like to draw your attention to the fact that this statement is most often used if you need to replace or upgrade the system with their own hands the bathroom light.For example, if you decide to connect a sconce on the wall or make designer lamps illuminated mirror.

Removing the old power

So, in order to to make the lighting in the bathroom, you will need to perform the following activities:

  1. Turn off electricity at the introductory panel
  2. began to search for the junction box (if required), if not -remove the cover to gain access to the connection wires.
  3. Get into the junction box the wires from your chosen luminaires and connect them in parallel to the input cable from the panel (this applies to the ground and the ground).Be sure to follow the color-coded wires to avoid troubles such as a short circuit.
  4. If necessary, install the switch, although sometimes the control can be built-in lamp switch (for example, rope).
  5. wires from the switch, connect to the terminal blocks on the chandelier body (or lamps).
  6. Carefully insulate all connections are live and close the lid of the box.
  7. Turn the opening gun and RCD to check properly whether you have completed the wiring.

That's all you need to know about how to make the light in the bathroom with their hands.See illustrative example of proper lighting you can video tutorial provided below.

Properly placed lights on the ceiling and next to the mirror
YouTube Preview

Summing up

How to hold the light in the bathroom, we have told you.Finally I would like to pay a little bit of your attention to some features that you should consider when creating modern lighting.

  • desirable to use a low-voltage devices (operating on 12 volts instead of 220);
  • when switching wires in a box necessarily Mark all groups (sockets, ceiling light, wall), so that later it was easier to make the revision and repair the damaged area;
  • choosing which make the lighting in the bathroom, stop at modern solutions, which will emphasize the design space.The best by far are the spotlights, the more so that they are easy to install in a suspension, and the suspended ceiling.A successful alternative - directional light lamps, which can be directed to the mirror while shaving (girls when applying makeup) and to the bathroom when bathing;Ceiling spotlights
  • in any case do not use incandescent bulbs, asthey can rupture at high humidity.Consequence - twisting a broken light bulb from its socket, can take you a long time if you do not know how to do it properly;
  • sure to use products with a degree of protection not less than IP44, which is sufficient if the light sources placed close to the water;
  • cable should be laid hidden way (under tiles), it is desirable to protect the corrugated pipe.

recommend also see another video, which demonstrates the original lights bathing areas:

do unusual lighting in the bathroom
YouTube Preview

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