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August 12, 2017 18:07

What should be the lighting in the bathroom ?

Today I would like to talk to you about what should be the lighting in the bathroom and what options are best to use.Be sure to read the below recommendations, which affect not only the connection of the light in the bathroom, but also the general nuances of electrical work!

  • basic requirements
  • most effective options
  • Useful tips

basic requirements

Since the bathroom is an area of ​​high humidity, then the installation of wiring and lightingyou need to take care of security, which is to protect against electric shock.

Interior light room

It should also be borne in mind that here, in addition to the bathing process, the girl applied make-up, and the men shave.Accordingly, the light should be suitable, that is as close to reality as possible.

When electrical work must meet the following requirements for the coverage of the bathroom:

  1. wiring layout should be a hidden way.
  2. Install the junction box in accordance with GOST produced outside the room (switches with the same requirements).
  3. All appliances must be waterproof, with a degree of protection at least IP 44 (IP 67 but better).
  4. sure to perform the installation of the RCD, which protects against leakage current.
  5. Make quality grounding and wiring of all electrical components (sockets, switches, etc.).
  6. For wiring use a sealed terminals.
  7. If you decide to carry out cable laying open way (for example, in cornice ceiling), protect the plastic tube or sleeve.
  8. Fixtures for the bathroom should be not only the ceilings but also the wall (above the mirror).More to find out more about them you can, by clicking on the appropriate link.
  9. for lighting use only LED and halogen lamps.They are safer to have the same durability and have energy-saving properties.
  10. Sockets, switches and electrical appliances should be kept away from water for at least 2.5 meters.Weatherproof products can be installed closer (to 0.6 meters)
  11. important rule - no extensions (on a simple - perenosok) should not be, appliances should be connected directly to the outlet.

most effective options

s requirements understood, now let's talk about lighting options bathroom.As we have already said, they can be mounted on the ceiling and on the walls.The spacious rooms it is recommended to place additional floor products (lamps and floor lamps).

Ceiling lamps should be placed at several locations."Old-fashioned way" - to set the lights in the middle of the room is not reasonable, becausea major amount of light can not reach to the desired area.For example, if the bath has a shower curtain, the light output will not reach fully to the place of bathing and make the process less comfortable.It is best to install ceiling lights above the bath and on the mirror if the area allows.Because it is recommended to give preference to products spotlights (below photo), waterproof Bowl and spotlights.

Photo Ceiling Lights

As for the wall lamps, they must be in areas that are in need of high-quality lighting.Typically, this place a mirror above the shelves and, if there is one.In this case it is best to carry out the installation of lamps, as well as wall and ceiling lampshades.

Use wall sconces

draw your attention to the fact that it is prohibited to install sconces above the bath.In some cases, bulbs are broken due to contact with hot water bubble (if the product is Chinese).Remove the bursting of the bulb is a bit problematic.

Floor lamps used solely for decorative purposes.They may have a creative design that is a "highlight" of the interior.Most often used tablets, mounted in the floor, and chrome fixtures.For bathroom lighting small room lamps are not relevant, sincetake up much space.

The use of floor spotlights

To your attention a vivid video example:

Video instructions for proper lighting bathroom
YouTube Preview

Useful tips

Often when electrical work electricians novice allow many simple mistakes thatthe future can cause big problems.To readers of "electrician himself" were calm for the work, to give you the following tips for creating lighting in the bathroom:

  1. Follow connect pins correctly when connected to a phase of zero, there will be a short circuit or electric shock.To prevent such an error, refer to the color-coded wires.Proper connection of the wires by color
  2. If you decide to install an outlet near the sink (for connecting the dryer), buy a product with a protective cover, as shown in the picture.Spill-resistant socket with a protective cover
  3. for lighting in the bathroom, purchase cable inflated section.The most common use for the female group VVGng cable 3 * 2.5, and for fixtures VVGng 3 * 1.5.If the cross section is smaller than is necessary according to the calculations by the time the wiring begins to melt, and it will lead to its spontaneous combustion (and thus the short-circuit).Cross-section of cables VVGng
  4. sure Mark all tags group of wires with the words "socket", "lights", etc.Very often, during repair work electricians spend a lot of time searching for lines of the failed.For marks is best to use end sleeves (colored heat shrink tubing) and conventional paper notes.Signed group of wires
  5. If you install spotlights in the ceiling, or tension, for a standard bath, there should be at least 6. Ceiling spotlights
  6. To visually enlarge the room and make the lighting more efficient, install a mirror and send him a few light bulbs, as shown inexample.This option is ideal for the bathroom in the Khrushchev with a low ceiling.Magnification space via mirrors
  7. Another important point - create additional potential equalization system.This system is the auxiliary electrical grounding.It consists of a wire, which is attached to the body art, shells and risers in the bathroom.The wire is laid bare and is attached to the metal parts that need to be grounded.Scheme potential control system
  8. Install outlet at a height of 100 cm from the floor.This height outlets most convenient and safe for the use of its products.Recommended socket mounting height
  9. the Additional gyrostat, which will control the humidity in the room.If this value is high (or rather unsafe for operation of electrical appliances), gyrostat launch a fan that will dry the room.Hygrostat
  10. also plug leakage protection system, which will automatically block the flow of water in the event of leaks in pipes.The system of protection against leaks

That's all that I wanted to tell you about the requirements and advice when installing lighting in the bathroom with their hands.We hope that the information is accessible and useful for you.We also recommend you to read the article: the installation of lighting in the apartment!