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August 12, 2017 18:07

Advice to parents to highlight the child's room

Each family knows that the child is the most important room in the entire apartment.Parents with special awe belong to this room, because there is the kid most of his time until he grows up: a rest, physically and mentally developed, playing with toys, making lessons, draws, writes, sculpts figures out of plasticine, etc.Therefore, the correct distribution of furniture, interior details help to create the most comfortable environment for a child of any age, from newborn up to primary school pupils.Psychologists insist that the leading role in the design of children's bedroom occupies the lighting: it directly and indirectly affects the psyche, thereby determining the mood and internal state of the child.Therefore, in this paper, we propose to learn about what should be the lighting in the nursery, leaving the original photo ideas and recommendations to parents.

  • Types of light sources
  • What are the requirements you need to consider?

Types of light sources

There are 2 kinds of sources.The first relates daylight that enters the room in the form of sunlight.The second - artificial light sources:. Lamp spot ceiling lights, wall lamps, chandeliers, floor lamps, etc. None of the children's room is not without windows, which should help to give the child the joy of the sun, especially in summer, well, and, of course,without sources of artificial light needed in both summer and winter.Comfort your child will provide lighting for children's rooms: table, bedside, ceiling and placed on the wall.We have previously written about how to make the lighting in the apartment, so do not refuse to take advantage of our advice and recommendations.

A good example of how kids should be illuminated room

What are the requirements you need to consider?

to properly distribute the lighting in the nursery, consider the following rules:

  • For a child is recommended to use soft light.Avoid overly bright LED lamps, chandeliers and their bright glare on reflective surfaces.However, gloom also not advised.It considered a suitable lighting, using which you will avoid swings from light to dark, and all the objects in the room will be equally covered.
  • Note the choice of forms and dimensions of the light sources that you want to install in the children's room with his hands.На фото: оригинальный дизайн источников света в "детской"
  • big and clumsy chandeliers and lamps will be the first that will break as a result of active children's games, such as a ball.So when choosing a chandelier from the catalog prefer those that are round and flat shape.
  • Avoid models with crystal or mirror pieces to avoid glare.
  • ideal spot to install ceiling light: good "filling" stretch and suspended ceilings, it remains comfortable and nerazdrazhitelnym for children's eyes.In the previous article "Wiring spotlights" You can learn how to self-install them in the teen room.
Variety of lighting fixtures for "Child»

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  • today often use fluorescent lights, but in the children's best not to use them.Lamps of this type of negative impact on people, quickly exhausting them and causing irritation.If you do not want to expose the child to such states, renounce the use of such lamps, the more room for the baby.
  • For young fans to read a good book for the night we recommend to buy a bedside lamp type.If its functions include regulation of brightness and direction of light, it can be for the young boy or girl a convenient night light.In this case, pay attention to how many watts lamp is designed to light was quite comfortable to read.
  • study process must occur at the child in the most comfortable conditions.Writing desk, behind which will train your child should be put as close as possible to the window, so that it is better illuminated by sunlight.Speaking about the sources of artificial lighting child's room, it should be noted that the leader remains a desk lamp here.It is better to have a mount, and can be located on the edge of the table.For children who write with his right hand, place the light source in front and to the left.Prevent strong light load on the organs of the baby can be at the expense of the lampshade on the lamp or table lamp, as shown in the picture below.

Unconventional solutions when creating a table lamp for children
Pay attention to safety lights.The child must not have easy access to wiring or to the lamp!manufacturing materials must be durable and reliable!If you decide to organize in light of children's wooden house, make sure that the lamp was fireproof.Look what the manufacturer cares about the safety of your baby's health.

In this article, we have provided recommendations to parents to highlight a child's room, telling how it should be and providing the original photo ideas.It does not matter whether you live in Khrushchev, or in apartments of modern planning, requirements for coverage of a child's bedroom are applicable to all.Read reviews on forums, compare prices and buy children's sources of good quality light.
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