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August 12, 2017 18:06

Tips for self- installation of the washing machine

When buying a washing machine there is a question: entrust it to professionals install or connect the machine yourself?Many believe the connection of the washing machine difficult, therefore overpaid money and cause a specialist service center.In fact, it is quite simple to connect, you need only a standard set of tools and attentiveness.

Set the washing machine with his own hands

Installing the washing machine with his own hands

Washing machines are equipped with drain hose and the water supply hose and electrical cord.Everything else will need to purchase.In addition to the basic configuration, you will need:

  • Tee tapping into the pipe cold water;
  • ball valve to shut off the water supply to the machine;
  • Siphon for sink with a tap to connect the drain hose;
  • Spill-resistant receptacle.

Connect the washing machine can be divided into 4 stages:

  • Unpacking and transit fasteners;
  • Connecting to the water supply;
  • connection to the sewer;
  • connection to the mains.

In addition, prior to the connection, you must read the instructions to the machine and instructions for its connection, the data producer.

Unpacking the machine and installing it in place

Upon delivery of the washing machine should immediately unpack it checked for dents, scratches and other external damage.Also, check the integrity of the supply cord and drain hose - they are as shipped already installed on the machine.If damaged, the car was better to give back to the store for a replacement.

Check all hoses and drain hoses for defects

Check all hoses and drain hoses for defects

  1. Washing machines with frontal load during transport secured by special screws or bolts and spacers in order to avoid imbalance.Conveyor screws are located below the machine.They spun a wrench, slightly lifting the first one and then the other side of the machine.At the same time twisting the maximum adjustable feet.
  2. On the back of some models are also available with transport screws spacers - they are intended for fixing the drum.They also need to unscrew, remove the spacers and close the holes with the plugs with the apparatus.
  3. machine is installed on a constant, and the distance from the back wall to wall should be at least 5 cm. Check with the level of its provisions governing twisting the legs if necessary.Leveling the machine it is necessary, otherwise the increase vibration and reduce the life of the machine.

Connecting the machine to the water supply

Difficulty connecting to the water supply depends on how the pipes are made of cold water.If the repair has been pre-assembled separate circuit for the washing machine with a ball valve, the connection is limited to the installation of the hose, the bundled with the machine.If the connection is not provided, it is necessary to make a frame into a pipe tee or install in place of the pipe connection to the flexible liner shell.

When buying a tee must take into account the form of thread (internal or external) and the diameter of all the connected pipes.Hose, bundled, a nut with an internal thread on both sides, so tap on the tee must have an external thread with a diameter of ½ inch.

Taps to connect the washing machine to the water supply

taps to connect the washing machine to the water supply

  1. Before starting to connect the machine to the water supply must be cut off the water in the apartment with the help of the opening of the valve and drain the remaining water from the pipes by opening the valves.Then saw off or cut the pipe at the desired level, or disassemble the connection pipes and flexibles.If the pipe had to be cut, then depending on the type of threaded connection or fix fittings.
  2. Tee is wound on the tube using tape FUM, with the help of an adjustable wrench plumbing, and then connect the flexible hoses and hose from the machine.The hose is equipped at both ends of the plastic nut for connection to the tee using straight his end.If the machine is not equipped with protection against leakage between the tee and the hose must install the ball valve.
  3. bent at 90 ° end of the hose is attached to the machine after installing it strainer convex side towards the machine.The nuts on the hose are tightened by hand, without any special effort - thanks to the rubber gasket connection thus remains tight.

connection to the sewer

Draining water from the machine can be carried out in a bath, and once in the sewer system.The first method does not require any connection, it is sufficient to lower end of the corrugated hose in the tub before turning on the machine.However, this method has significant drawbacks: for the duration of the wash can not use the bathroom, in addition, the machine is necessary to constantly monitor - under the pressure of the water hose can break away from the edge of the tub, and you risk to flood its neighbors.

Elements of connecting structures for connecting the machine to the sewer

elements connecting structures for connecting the machine to the sewer

drain to the sewer connection is carried out via the siphon with a special challenge, or connect it directly to the pipe.It is necessary to comply with certain requirements.The hose must be bent so that the top part of the distance to the floor is not less than 70-80 cm, and formed a water seal.If the drain is connected to the siphon, it is also necessary to ensure good clearance of sewer pipes and lack of obstructions.

Electrical connection

Washing machines installed in potentially hazardous areas with high humidity.Therefore, the socket for the washing machine should be sure to waterproof performance.Furthermore, the metal casing of the washing machine, which means that it is necessary the presence in the outlet of the grounding conductor.The new houses are usually grounded performed in compliance with all the rules, if the house is old, and connected to the power outlet only two wires, you must perform the wiring to connect the washing machine through the RCD leakage current not exceeding 30 mA.

Wiring diagram of the washing machine to the electrical wiring

Wiring diagram of the washing machine to the electrical wiring

Getting Started

machine to make sure that everything is properly connected, it is necessary to conduct a test laundry.In the passport on the washing machine usually indicate loading weight and mode in which the trial is conducted dry, so it is necessary to follow these recommendations.

The first connection of the washing machine

first connection of the washing machine

  1. Before turning on again, make sure that the machine is level and does not wobble.If necessary, adjust its setting.
  2. Connect the machine to a power outlet, open the ball valve on the hose, if fitted.Select the mode, pour or fill the detergent according to the instructions and start the machine.
  3. Throughout wash follow the hose connection to the car, to the water supply, and for drainage hose - there should be no leaks, the buzz in the taps and other extraneous sounds.
  4. If there are leaks, after the end of the regime is necessary to unplug the machine and check the locations of leaks: there are no skew nuts tightly whether adjacent pads.

Washing machine with the correct installation and operation is long and trouble-free.Periodically clean the filter in the inlet hose, for that shut off the water using a ball valve, twist the nut on the hose at the point of connection to the machine, take out the filter and wash it under running water.The frequency of cleaning depends on the quality of tap water.