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August 12, 2017 18:07

What are the electrical outlets ?

When we talked about how to choose the socket, then briefly to review species devices.There is a wide range of types and kinds of electrical outlets, but the living conditions are most commonly used plug-in model.Then we'll show you what are the kinds of products in Russia and other countries of the world.

  • Variety connectors
  • Specifications
  • Mounting Type
  • Additional features

Variety connectors

One major difference between the types of products is how to construct connectorsfor connecting an electrical plug.The fact that each state's own connector standards.Visually see the types of outlets around the world, you can in the photo below:

description of each type:

  • A - American.Besides the US such embodiment is used in Japan.The grounding pin is missing.
  • B - the American model, with grounding.
  • C - European standard.Earthing-pin is used not only in Europe but also in the CIS, including Russia.The only drawback of this species - the absence of grounding.Note, however, that there is no ground contact in the Soviet models C5, but the Euro version of the C6 is present.
  • D - a type of electrical outlets can be found in Britain.
  • E - French standard.
  • F - earthing-pin to ground.Modern type of execution that is most often used in European countries and the CIS.
  • G - English version of the runtime.
  • H - Israeli.
  • I - Australian.
  • J - Switzerland.
  • K - Danish.
  • I - the original type of execution, which is used in Italy.
  • M - South Africa.

Here you have learned and what sockets are in different countries.Next, we will focus in more detail on the types of electric plug-in products such as C and F.


As you already know, the operating voltage of the network can be 220-240 or 380 Volt in America and Japan decided to use a voltage 100-127Volt.Earthing-pin to 220 are used to connect electrical appliances, power not exceeding 3.5 kW.This is due to the fact that the power socket can withstand the current not exceeding 16A.In these types of models it is possible to connect a TV, refrigerator and other, not too powerful appliances.

Industrial three-phase sockets are designed for amperage of 32 A and therefore is used in everyday life to connect powerful technique.

Connecting 380V

outlet are also designed for AC frequency 50 or 60 Hz.the first type of execution used in Russia and the CIS countries.

Mounting Type

next type of electrical outlets - embodiment of the body.There are overhead items that are used in outdoor wiring, and recessed - mounting wiring hidden way.

latter type, in turn, can be mounted not only on the wall, and even on the floor or countertop in the kitchen.Outdoor home appliances to connect equipment as follows:

outdoor version

separate type of electrical outlets - portable.A very convenient option, however, the special popularity in Russia, he has not scored.


Additional features

Also, electrical outlets can be divided into types depending on the additional features that they possess.For example:

  1. Weatherproof.Earthing-pin with protection class IP 44 and above have a cover that protects the connectors from water.This kind of outlets is most often used in bathrooms.waterproof case
  2. Model with protective devices - switches off the electricity when it detects dangerous electrical current leakage.Local RCD photos
  3. model with a timer.Using this type of outlet you can simply set the time after which the power turns off.It is very convenient for the connection of heaters that do not have a sleep timer.Socket - Timer
  4. Power socket with power meter.The original solution, which allows you to see how much electricity the appliance consumes connected.Display changes depending on the power consumption: blue minimal power consumption, red - maximum.A separate counter on the appliance
  5. With ejector fork.If you have frequent breaks away from the wall outlet, be sure to choose a model with a special ejector, which will gently pull the power plug from the socket.Housing with plug ejector
  6. earthing-pin illuminated.This type of product is very convenient because in the dark you can effortlessly find where to plug in the charger from the phone, or other device.A device with a backlit
  7. model with USB output.Perfect solution for charging mobile devices.USB socket in the earthing-pin

learn for yourself some more information about the kinds of products you can in the video below:

What are the switches and electrical outlets?
YouTube Preview

So we reviewed all types and kinds of electrical sockets, which can be used for domestic needs today.By the way, in addition to plug-in devices, there are telephone, television (cable TV), and others, but they will be discussed in a separate article!

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