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August 12, 2017 18:07

Welding - an indispensable tool in places without electricity

About Welders

Welder is a standalone installation for electric arc welding and cutting.The main elements of the machine is an internal combustion engine and a generator which generates a welding current.Besides these two, the main, there are a number of supporting elements, such as a generator for supplying electrical appliances energy unit for drying of electrodes, a system that controls the welding current and the settings, the device for plasma cutting, as well as a special unit to warm up frozensoil, concrete, ice.

Note!Stand-alone units are equipped with absolutely everything you need for an independent operation in all conditions. operating principle is that the generator converts the motor torque into a current for welding.Autonomous welding machine is widely used, due to the possibility to carry out welding work in the field.

Also the reason for choosing these devices is the poor condition of power grids, which leads to over-voltages when it is turned on.Often referred to Fitting welder, which are powered by a separate motor is not, as the power takeoff from the vehicle or the tractor.Such devices are welding attachments, since they are not completely autonomous.

two engines - one goal

Power supplies for welding are divided into two types: diesel and gasoline.Diesel welder is used to power one or more welding machines.It provides DC feed for any piece electrode.It consists of the drive motor and welding generator.The engine supplies the DC welding generator.Additionally, it is equipped with a device for powering the lighting and power tools, as well as for drying electrodes.For ease of movement going on a chassis that makes it a wheel welder.

Welder gasoline used to supply power to the post of manual arc welding.A DC current that is used to work with any electrodes in locations where electricity is not available.Similarly, as the diesel, gasoline apparatus consists of the drive motor and the welding generator.Current control is carried out in steps.The unit can act as mini power plants and provide voltage support and power light.

Important!Cooling of air units, so in hot weather is necessary to monitor their temperature.

Which type is best?

Welding mobile unit on both types of fuel has its drawbacks and advantages.Diesel is more economical compared to gasoline.This, as well as the price of fuel should be taken into account, because the devices are often used in remote locations, and the Shuttle fuel can cause some problems.An important factor is the purity of diesel fuel, which is filled into cans.

At low temperatures, the petrol motor is much more efficient, since it is easy to run on their own, without the use of assistive devices.Diesel engines in heavy frosts require special winter fuel is more expensive than usual. Tip! For winter time it is possible to use a mixture of kerosene and diesel, which will allow better motor start.

general lack of both engine types - is the need to ensure that the output of the exhaust gases from the closed premises.There are also spaces in which prohibited the use of the device in such a fuel, so you have to use the machine with the engine on LPG.The flammable areas is required to use the spark arrester, which is attached to the exhaust pipe.

Thus, the advantages of the diesel engine:

  • Economy;
  • High power;
  • lower price.
    • petrol Advantages:

      • Less requirements to quality of fuel;
      • Stable operation at low temperatures.