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August 12, 2017 18:08

Silicon enamel - create a durable coating with your hands

Silicon enamel: the scope and features

Due to their operational characteristics, this material has become popular in the construction and the economy.It is used for finishing brick, asbestos cement, concrete, wood, plastic, glass surfaces.Also it is applied to the plaster walls, both inside and outside the premises.

Enamel has high heat resistance and corrosion resistance, and therefore is widely used to protect metal surfaces: boilers, pipes, motors, heaters, furnaces, pumps, heat exchangers, silencers, evaporators, wall ovens, and other household Teplopribor devices.

And thanks to the unique protection from the heat and humidity, composition and use for bridges, various reservoirs, signaling and medical equipment. Of the remaining characteristics of the enamel can also be distinguished: frost and UV resistant, quick drying, durable, high adhesion, ease of application.

Silicon enamel: composition

In creating this material are used all kinds of organic resins.They form a solid layer, which prevents the surface abrasion.Plus contain certain additives as acrylic, urea resin, ethylcellulose coatings that provide the necessary hardness.

To make the composition of a certain color pigments used.Shades of the mixture may be quite different (yellow, white, cream, pink, blue, etc.).To save the color for a long time are added hardeners.Speaking of enamel KO-174, it consists of the same silicone lacquer fillers and pigments.

Application silicone enamel

depending on whether the surface to be processed, and different ways to prepare the ground.For example, in the preparation of corrosion-resistant and heat-resistant coatings (enamel on metal) is important to avoid the presence of grease, because they reduce the adhesion.

addition, may be formed under the enamel humectants, whereby the protective properties of the coating will also decrease.Therefore, the surface previously purified abrasives, alkalis or organic solvents.If

will dismiss facades (concrete and absotsementnye surface), it is carried out without primer and uses a special silicone enamel KO-174.The base was purified on a old coating, as well as dust and dirt.In general, it should be smooth and dry (moisture must not be more than 8%).

Then proceed to the preparation of the mixture.To do this, it is diluted with a special solvent (eg, solvents or P-5 ).The approximate composition of consumption per layer is 60 to 140 g / m2.Apply the enamel can be applied by brush or spray.Coating dries in one hour at an average temperature of 18-22 ° C.For quality coating must be 2-3 layers.

Attention! When using enamel KO-174 should follow some precautions.This material is explosive, because you should not use it near a fire source.

Also, it is harmful if inhaled.In case of contact on the body is thoroughly rinse the area with water and soap.