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August 12, 2017 18:06

Hanging sink for bathroom with pedestal and without

Hanging sink for bathroom
  • Features
  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Types
  • shapes and sizes
  • Materials
    • Earthenware
    • Steel
    • Glass
    • Cast
    • Marble
    • of artificial stone orcomposite
    • acrylic
  • mounting options
  • Features selection
  • Manufacturers and prices

The need to use the bathroom every day, including the sink, made mandatory the presence of comfortable and functional shell.This, in turn, has forced designers and manufacturers to come up with new models of washbasins.

In today's market you can find sinks plumbing three main types:

  • Suspended sinks.Otherwise referred to as the console-shells.They are attached to the wall and are in a suspended state.
  • Sinks with a stand or pedestal.Another name tulip shells.
  • Embedded or embedded shells.Mounted on the furniture.
Suspended glass sink in bathroom
Hanging in the bathroom sink


Suspended sinks are not a novelty even for the Soviet interior.These easily mounted sinks are found almost everywhere.However, they were not very aesthetic as well as pipes and drain were visible, and the sink was very uncomplicated.Today, their appearance, their shape and installation methods have become much better.Today's suspension sinks have such features:

  • compact form.
  • easy to install.
  • neat and presentable appearance.
  • suitable to the style of minimalism.
Hanging sink for bathroom


  • Installation of suspension sinks is carried out easily and quickly.
  • They can be placed in almost any part of the premises vannogo.
  • No barriers to recruitment not only to the interior (the color, the material and the shape of the texture), but to the room (in size, installation methods, the number of holes, etc.).
  • forms almost all modern suspended washbasins have a compact.They do not cover a lot of space and are ideal for small bathrooms.
  • under the sink is empty space, which can take a variety of objects: a basket for linen, low whatnot, etc.
  • not peep out of communication, which makes the shell presentable and aesthetic.
Hanging corner sink


The only negative, which have suspended shells, due to the fact that their installation requires a solid concrete wall, since they are mounted on the wall and a weak partition or plasterboard notperfect for installing them.


Hanging sinks are divided into five main varieties.A common feature of all types is that they all are attached to the wall, and their differences are discussed below.

  • Classic Hanging washbasin. is a conventional shell, attached to the wall.
  • Suspended washbasin with extra features.There sink to serve not only as a washbasin, and a place to put the soap, cosmetics and other toiletries.In this washbasin is fastened as sinks and other suspended without the wall elements and other constructions.
  • washbasin with polupedestalom or pedestal. pedestal or stand attached to the wall at the same time chashoy.They can serve as a surface for additional things.In addition, siphon cover and pedestal sink and hide the pipes and keep things inside.
  • Surface washbasin. superimposed on an overhead rack or furniture.
  • Recessed hanging washbasin.There hanging furniture is required, because the cup is built into it and creates a unified workspace.Furniture conceals pipes and drain, and at the same time serves for the maintenance of various bath and toiletries.

Thus, today the market suspended basins you can get a huge amount of shells of different shapes, colors, sizes and methods of attachment.Well, if you can not find a suitable option for your bathroom, making the shell can be ordered.Then your bathroom will not only be comfortable, functional, stylish, but also exclusive with unique in-kind items.

Hanging sink with cupboard
Hanging sink

shapes and sizes

Currently suspended washbasins are carried out in the following forms:

  • rectangular;
  • oval;
  • round;
  • square;
  • asymmetric;
  • double;
  • corner.
Hanging washbasin in the bathroom mirror

In addition, the shell can be made with countertop or nightstand.

Sink with countertop
Sink with countertop in the bathroom

The most popular among them are basins with rectangular and oval shapes.Rectangular sinks are suitable mainly for the spacious bathroom facilities.They are very easy to wash, first of all, for the reason that the washing water is sprayed on the sides and water treatment will be without prejudice to the clothes and the furniture around.Suspended sinks with rounded contours - the most ergonomic device of this kind for the bathroom.

Hanging sink

Suspended shells are mainly produced in standard sizes.And buyers purchase them in accordance with the size of their bathrooms.

Sinks of different widths have a purpose:

  • 55-centimeter shell is considered the way, as they comfortably wash.
  • 50-centimeter shell is considered non-standard and is suitable for small bathrooms and small rooms.For example, these sinks can be found in hotels.


material for suspended bowls are:

  • all kinds of sanitary ware;
  • Acrylic Stone;
  • glass;
  • steel;
  • artificial stones;
  • iron;
  • marble.

on the market suspended basins are common and combination options.For example, the cup is made of glass, and the console - of ceramics.Glass sinks look stylish and beautiful, endow the room lightness and transparency.Such shells few people indifferent.


The most popular are the shells of sanitary porcelain.Most sanitary items made just out of this material.All ceramic products outside the covered glazed enamel, which protects them from damage and prolong their useful lives.Moreover, it smoothes the surface of the porous material and thereby prevents it from rapidly contaminated.

Earthenware hanging sink
Earthenware hanging sink


Except in kitchens they can be applied in bathrooms and rooms.They made a special model of the steel sinks.Steel sinks are well suited to the style of hi-tech.They help to create a strict and ascetic environment.One of the disadvantages of steel shells are sounds of running water on the metal surface.There are structures made of steel sinks, complete with whom are suspended shelves or glass top.

Steel suspension sink


Thanks to its unusual sight are very popular at the moment.Make the interior is quite beautiful and stylish.Glass, which made bowls for washing, are subject to special hardening procedure in mind that it is not necessary to fear that it may break.The disadvantage of glass washbasins considered the need for careful, thorough and regular care, as the glass is subject to divorce and quickly loses its luster.

Suspended glass sink
Suspended glass sink


This is another classic material from which the shell is made.It is characterized by durability and reliability.Relatively quiet and inexpensive.The disadvantage is that the cast is too heavy.The surface of some iron shells covered with acrylic.This prolongs the life of shells and shell for easy cleaning.

Cast iron hanging sink


are expensive, but have remarkable performance.For the manufacture of shells used marble chips, but to order exclusive models carved from a single stone.Such sinks are very durable, shock-proof, and what else is important - water drops on them almost without a sound.The only drawback is a very high price of marble products.

Marble sink hanging
Marble sink hanging
Marble sink hanging

of artificial stone or composite

Artificial stone is an alternative to marble.It has the same qualities as marble, but it is more acceptable for the cost.

advantages are:

  • impact resistance;
  • easy to clean;
  • aesthetics;
  • low cost in comparison with marble.

The disadvantages are: high price compared with other materials and weight.

Hanging sink made ​​of artificial stone


Plumbing of this material is very popular today.It has many positive qualities, which made from acrylic sanitary ware quite famous:

  • smooth surface.Lack then makes care easy.
  • robust, but not heavy.
  • Does not emit a lot of noise.
  • Acrylic, in the event of damage, subject to restoration.
  • abundance offers different models of acrylic shells.
Acrylic shell
Acrylic sink in bathroom

mounting options

There are two ways to mount the suspension sinks:

  1. shell mount on the wall - is the easiest way.Installation is performed by using the retaining bracket, with additional wall arrangement and embedded not required.Cocks and valves are installed in the wash basin, and pipes and the drain will be visible.
  2. The second option requires a thorough pre-training, for example in cosmetic repairs.The plot is a wall sink pre-equipped with a special plaster boxes for pipes, carefully executed water carts.
Fixing suspended shell wall
Concealed fixing outboard shell wall

Features selection

Choice pendant shell depends on many nuances:

  1. is necessary to take into account the size of a bathroom.If the bathroom is small, the ideal option would be a corner sink.If the dimensions of the room allows, you can choose a sink with a pedestal, which will create additional space for storage.
  2. Pay attention to the quality and strength of the wall on which you intend to install the sink.It is heavier than the material from which the shell is made, the stronger and more reliable to be a wall.
  3. material quality and product price.
  4. method of fastening and related products for installation (faucets, pipes, screws, brackets, etc.)
Hanging in the bathroom sink

Manufacturers and prices

most popular brands of suspension shells are:

  • Cersanit;
  • Villeroy & amp;Boch;
  • Jacob Delafon;
  • Kolo;
  • ORAS;
  • Duravit;
  • Roca.
Suspended glass sink Villeroy & amp;Boch
Hanging in the bathroom sink
suspended washbasin Villeroy & amp;Boch

Prices pendant shell varies depending on the material from which they are made, the size and design of the product.Today the market of sanitary ware quality suspension can be bought in the range of 5 500 - 200 000 rubles.

list of materials ordered, depending on the price of the material is as follows (the list is presented by more expensive to less expensive):

  • Marble;
  • artificial stone;
  • Glass.
  • Pottery;
  • Metal.