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August 12, 2017 18:06

Rigid hoses for the mixer : advantages, disadvantages , types and installation

Rigid hoses for the mixer
  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Types
  • Tips for Choosing
  • Installation
  • How to put in place a flexible
  • Safety

distinctive feature of such a liner is rigidly attached mixer andpipes.Some experts believe it aesthetically flexible liner, although it is more a question of personal preferences and tastes.


the positive side, the hard liner types include:

  • looks quite stylish as compared to flexible;
  • Long service life, which is about 20 years;
  • High quality materials that do not corrode;
  • Mounting comfortable enough (although it has its own nuances, so it can not be considered purely a plus);
  • product is reliable;Due
  • smooth surface, maintaining clean liner does not become a problem.Dirt on the tube does not accumulate;
  • device is not afraid of thermal and chemical stresses, is able to withstand higher temperatures and fluctuations than flexible counterparts.
Advantages of rigid liner mixer


Like it or not, but without the disadvantages can not do.

We have noted that the installation - a moot point, because it is also attributed to the minuses.Perform it quite difficult, because you are limited in moving liner.Actually, it creates another drawback - stationary.The product does not bend, not even amenable to easy deformation, which would allow to carry out a correct installation of aesthetic.

the rest, even experienced experts do not find serious deficiencies, which could be described rigid liner.

Disadvantages rigid liner mixers


classify varieties rigid liner can be based on the materials from which it is made nowadays.It is a metal tube. these metals, in turn, can be:

  • Brass;
  • Steel;
  • Copper.

Which option safer - you decide.Much of this depends on the manufacturer and its degree of responsibility for their own products. Most importantly, the metal has anti-corrosion properties, and not a cheap imitation.Unfortunately, some companies use ordinary black metal that rusts over time.And to hide this fact, it is covered with special paints and compositions.As a result, the tube looks like steel, copper or brass.

, try to follow a few simple rules
Hard brass eyeliner mixer
Rigid steel hoses for the mixer
Rigid copper eyeliner mixer

Tips for Choosing

Choosing rigid liner for your mixer.They are advisory in nature, however, allow us to do the right purchase.

  • material. Carefully review the material from which made eyeliner.In fact, steel, brass and copper have their own advantages and some of the nuances, because the most important thing - this is no fake.If you say it's brass, you must be sure of the validity of these words.
  • size. Hard eyeliner a bit problematic in that it is demanding on the correct choice of size.Taking into account the need diameter of the water pipes and the entrance to the mixer.Some homes are equipped with non-standard communications, because before going to the store is sure to make measurements.
  • length. different story.The bottom line is that you need to choose the right length.If the tube will be short, will have to buy a new or weld the missing element that does is a solution of last resort.If long tube, you can not install it fully, because the material does not bend.This is the main problem of choosing rigid liner.
  • manufacturer. Now the market has formed its own elite manufacturers of plumbing and sanitary equipment.Also probably in your town there is a shop that enjoys the greatest authority.Acquired products it is desirable to have them.As a manufacturer and implementer are not interested to lose credibility and customers.Because they are trying to offer high quality goods.He'll just need.
  • external aspects. Usually eyeliner try to hide from the eyes by running trim, installing bathroom furniture and so on.But in some situations hoses remain visible, and therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to its design.
  • price. say only one thing - a good eyeliner rigid type can not cost a penny.
Tips for choosing a rigid liner mixers - how to choose the hard wiring


observing sequence assembly work, you connect a hard liner to your mixer without problems.

  • Determine the location for the mixer.
  • Prepare the wall for the subsequent installation of pipes.Schedule special lanes to accommodate the pipes.Make Stroebe.Some tubes may pass through the wall, the other - with a recess.Do not forget, the system will have the knee, because the pre-mark them on the wall.
  • Assemble pipe.Advantageously, even experienced handyman entrust this task to the professionals.Anyway, do not forget at this point to wind eccentric.Preroll until required.
  • Fix the old faucet to verify the accuracy of positioning the system.Do not worry, all models of mixers has an identical distance between the landing points.
  • If you realize that everything is correct and smoothly, proceed to sealing of cutting grooves.To do this you will need a cement mixture.Also, a layer for the subsequent application of finishing material (as it is a private bathroom, most of us have used ceramic tiles).
  • When the cement mix is ​​dry, you can remove the old faucet, install in its place a new one.
  • The final stage will be the treatment of the surface of the walls and the installation of tiles.Make sure all fasteners density, lest there be leaks during operation.
Mounting the hard liner to the mixer

How to put in place a flexible

You probably can see for yourself that the flexible connection is everywhere, almost everyone in the home, office and so on.Mount it easily, it costs a little bit.

But how many know that it should be replaced every 3-5 years?

This is because the hoses were aged hoses inside covered with cracks, seals fail, the elasticity is broken.As a result, leakage is almost inevitable.

In this component, the hard liner analogue reliable, able to work with higher pressure and service life is several times higher.

Experts recommend the repair of a bathroom be possible in the future to connect the rigid liner , even if we now plan to install flexible. Vodorozetki located under the sink, should not be more than 0.5 m from the mixer.Failure to comply with this condition, you can use an alternative solution - corrugated tube.But they must be made of stainless steel.

Remove all the old tube, remove the mixer and expand the corner valves.Screw in the tube mixer and place make sure that all goes well in size.If not, gently unbend the product or select a point to cut the unnecessary elements.

Once you have adjusted the tube at the desired size, check out the ratio of the axes and collect system.The first mixer is fixed to the sink, and then tightened the collet.Turn on the water and make sure that everything is working properly.Also be sure to check the system for leaks after a few days.If the provided decorative trim or furniture covering the system until it is set.Only when you realize that everything is working properly, close the liner.

Replacement of stiff flexibles


recommends during the installation of the mixer with a hard liner to use a tube bender.This device allows you to take the tube, without bending them too much.The bending can lead to undesirable consequences.

Of course, one of the most important conditions for personal safety is an overlap of water before starting repairs.Observe safety rules, wear protective clothing, gloves when working with metal.

Security measures for the establishment of a rigid liner to the mixer