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August 12, 2017 18:06

Sink - tulip : sink with a pedestal on the leg : the price setting

sink in the bathroom on legs
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  • Types
  • Materials
  • Manufacturers
  • Tips for Choosing
  • Installation tulip shells

Bathroom - this is the room in which each holdsa little time, but with enviable regularity.Because of this, everyone wants to be comfortable and cozy in his bathroom.Regardless of the size of a bathroom in it must necessarily be a sink.

Now manufacturers have developed a number of models that each user can choose for themselves the best option for beauty and convenience.

Sink tulip

One of the most common options, which has been known for a long time, is a sink in the leg or in another way - sink "tulip".Let us consider it in more detail.

раковина "Тюльпан" в ванной
Shell - tulip device


positive qualities in this shell a lot.The main ones are:

  • large sink, through which the water does not scatter in different directions on the walls and furniture.
  • foot shell tulip hide and siphon pipe - this will give the cultural view of the bathroom.
  • Designs Washbasin huge amount, each can choose for themselves the appropriate option to the interior.
  • relatively low price category, but only if you do not consider the option of manufacturing the shell of glass or stone.
  • Easy to install, even an inexperienced person it would be easy to mount.
designer sink
Sink - tulip in green color
rectangular sink


With a huge number of advantages, it is worth noting that after all is one drawback it has.If the bathroom small, and every bit of space is set under the sink "tulip" will not succeed to install any additional shelves or washing machine.

stylish shell


Washbasin differ by type, according to the material of which is made in color.Consider everything in order.

By type of construction can be distinguished:

  • -piece design - in this case, a sink and a leg are one.Once installed on the foot rests the entire load from the shell weight.
  • tulip-CD. In this case, a sink and a leg separated from each other, and they are mounted alternately.The foot is a decorative design that allows you to hide the pipe.
  • Polutyulpan - This design, in which the leg is not in contact with the floor.This shell can be mounted at the desired height.
one-piece shell
snow-white shell - tulip
tulip - CD

in color often can be found a white, cream or pink shell.Slightly less common black or painted.But if you ask for, you can find kits and other shades.

Sink - tulip
Sink - tulip
Sink - tulip
Black Tulip sinks
shell pink tulip
sink in the bathroom tulip


Depending on the material from which made sinkwill be different price.Moreover, the spread will be very great.Arrange them in ascending order of price:

  • most economical option was the sanitary ware.It is easily washed from the dirt using a cleaning agent, but is unstable to mechanical damage.From bumps are chipped and cracked.
  • Porcelain will cost more, but will be more reliable assistant.
  • material refers to an elite natural stone, sometimes glass, acrylic and artificial.
porcelain sinks
glass sink
oval earthenware sink


not the last role in the pricing plays a manufacturer of shells "Tulip".Here are some of them:

  • Vietnamese manufacturer of Monaco is one of the most expensive producers.The average price for 7700 will be the sink p.bowl width - 0.65 m, depth - 0.46 m, and the total height -. 0.82 m
  • In second place is located the Swedish manufacturer Gustavsberg «Nordic 2600".Price will cost 6300 p.Shell width - 0.6 m, depth - 0.45 m, and the total height -. 0.81 m
  • Keramin Belarussian city is a manufacturer that offers this option corner sink.This is convenient, since most of the corners are not occupied, and therefore more space available.The price of a set amount to 4,500 p.The width and depth of the sink - 0.32 m
  • The most economical option is a domestic manufacturer SANTEK Breeze..The price of the sink is 4000 p.Foot height - 0.66 m

This is the most well-known manufacturers, but not all..So, if this list does not suit you, you can always find other manufacturers.

shell of porcelain
Sink made ​​of porcelain
triangular sink
exquisite shell

Tips for Choosing

To make the right choice, you need to pay attention to several points:

  1. to decide on the price you are willing to pay.
  2. Decide what color and size suitable for your bathroom.
  3. Select material.
  4. determine where the sink (in a corner or elsewhere) will be installed.
  5. Explore manufacturers and read reviews about them.
Sink tulip interior
Sink - tulip in a classic design bathroom

Installing sinks Tulip

installation, tulip shells can be made independently. necessary to prepare several tools: level, drill, wrench, hammer and screwdriver.

  • necessary to determine the place of installation of the product, thus it is necessary to take into account not only the placement of the sink, but the connection to water and sanitation.If you put new tile on the floor and then to install the sink can proceed only after it is completely dry.
  • is necessary to put the sink, where it will be mounted.Due to the level to check the evenness of the surface.
  • With a simple pencil to do two marks for the future of the sink on the wall mount.Remember that the height of the legs must be identical to the sink installation height.
  • Then remove the bowl and proceed to drill holes in the wall for mounting.Please be aware that the diameter of the dowels and drills should be the same size.When the holes are ready, you need a hammer to hammer plugs into the wall and screw the studs in them.
  • Then it is necessary to fix the sink tulip on the studs, and then put on a plastic lining and tighten the screws.When tightening the screws need to be very careful not to damage the sink with a strong tightening.
  • Then you need to install a siphon.During the twisting is to hold the rubber rings, so that they are not moved out of the way.The installation of the siphon can be made before the beginning of the shell attachment to the wall, but then it will be inconvenient to perform the installation shell.Next, connect the hose to the water drain siphon.
  • Next you need to install the basin mixer and check it for leaks.For example, if there are no blender, then pour enough into the sink a bucket of water.If the wash basin was dry, the entire installation is performed correctly after this action.If there are water droplets, then why not look at the location of the rubber rings.It should be slightly unscrew the siphon and fix them.

To install the sink with a pedestal, refer to the video channel MrPromka.