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August 12, 2017 18:07

Select the fixtures for suspended ceilings

Stretch ceilings are gaining popularity with each passing year, because they are easy to install and hide all the flaws of the room geometry.However, we all know how important proper lighting in the home and how important it is for the comfort and amenities of the apartment.That is why the topic we will tell you how to choose lighting for suspended ceilings, to share with you certain nuances and rules.

for suspended ceilings fit 3 types of products - spot, and suspended pripotolochnye.Let us examine each of them in detail for the correct choice.

  • Point
  • Suspended
  • Pripotolochnye
  • What else you need to know


Spotlights suitable for any room, whether it's a bathroom, bedroom, living room orkitchen.Design with lighting can dramatically change the flat, because the light can be made from different angles, in different locations and even different colors!What could be better for fans of experimental and bold decisions?

However, for high-quality installation spotlights need to choose an experienced and proven master.Together with a specialist is required to consider all the technology prior to installation work, choose the design of lighting fixtures, to determine their number and color.By the way, it is believed that the rate of product placement - 1 piece 2 square meters.

Selecting a point version - not an easy task, but it's worth it!For example, we offer you a small photo gallery with design ideas such lighting:


If you are looking for an easy and inexpensive option for lighting, we recommend to choose pendant lights.Be sure to check that hook into the rough ceiling corresponded to an aperture in the tensioning and can safely be taken for the selection of a suitable lighting device.

The only thing we should not forget about is that the ceilings in any case can not overheat.Therefore, you need to choose a product to cover his share with the ceiling.It is not always an option if you are comfortable with and still decided to buy a lamp, where light is directed upwards, we suggest to choose for a fluorescent lamp.In addition, make sure that the distance between them is not less than 40 cm (this also applies to pripotolochnym fixtures), in order to avoid overheating.

options beautiful lighting hanging lamps, you can also look at photos:


By pripotolochnym fixtures often include a variety of products that attach directly to the ceiling.A good option is to install a large beautiful chandelier in the middle of the room, around the perimeter can also install a small dot devices.It also has its own specific nuances of how to choose the appropriate model, in particular, should be placed as a lamp.It is best to pick up the energy saving lamp chandelier to avoid excessive heating.If you have chosen a different look, buy the unit in which the cover-up will be sent.

Interesting design ideas pripotolochnymi products, can be seen on the following photos:

Very important is the choice of lamp for suspended ceilings.The best solution is to buy halogen and LED products.Such lamps, when properly placed luminaires can visually enlarge the room, have a bright light and are energy efficient.Do not use incandescent bulbs, as it has become hot property and may damage the fabric.

What else you need to know

Now you know what are the fixtures for suspended ceilings and how they differ each other.We offer you some more secrets of how to choose the correct light unit:

  • before purchase and installation of a stretch ceiling is required to draw a plan diagram of the placement of lighting fixtures and wiring, just imagine what you need;
  • when selecting consider selected Reliability.Remember that when damage to the product, established in stretch ceilings, a replacement will be very problematic;

positive reviews and gained popularity Ecola firm, thanks to the appropriateness of the combination of price, quality and a huge choice of models.It makes sense to stop your choice on these lamps.

  • extraordinary lighting will be combined with glossy ceilings, to the classical version suitable matte film;
  • need to pick up moisture resistant luminaires in a special sealed housing for the bathroom;
  • whatever type of product you choose, be sure to find out their size and method of attachment.These factors are important for high-quality installation.

Finally we recommend that you familiarize yourself with useful video recommendations on the proper selection of lighting fixtures for suspended ceilings:

YouTube Preview

YouTube Preview

That's all the tips on howhow to select fixtures for suspended ceilings.We hope that the information was interesting and you learned for yourself something new.Follow our recommendations, choose high-quality products and boldly takes for repairs!

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