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August 12, 2017 18:07

Top 5 TV with a diagonal of 40-43 inches

not know which is better to buy a TV with a diagonal of 40-43 inches with no bells and whistles, because they are now a huge number?This diversity concerns both models, and manufacturers.To facilitate the selection, the following is a list of devices, the optimal price and quality.Here are collected from different manufacturers around the same set of functions.He is today considered standard, no frills, it can be considered the golden mean for the modern model with a flat-screen TV.So, we present to you a list of the best TVs of 40 inches for the 2015-2016 year.

  • Sony KDL-43W755C
  • LG 42LB677V
  • Samsung UE40H6230
  • LG 43LF510V
  • Samsung UE40JU7000

Sony KDL-43W755C

Sony KDL-43W755C -LCD TV from a Japanese brand, one of the world leaders in the production of electronics parts and appliances.Sony products always are in the top rankings on functionality and reliability.Is no exception LCD TV Sony KDL-43W755C.This is evidenced by its specifications.

Sony KDL - 43V755S

model mass-produced beginning in 2015, and has such parameters, functional and technical features:

  • diagonal - 43 inches or 109 cm;
  • resolution - 1920x1080px;
  • stereo, surround sound, audio decoders (Dolby Digital) - 2 speakers;
  • progressive scan;
  • smart TV;
  • viewing angle - 178º;
  • supported formats: MP3, WMA, MPEG4, JPEG.

TV is based on the Android OS, which leads to the ability to connect to the Internet.Image bright and realistic thanks to 1080p Full HD function.The cost of Sony KDL-43W755C varies between 40 632- 47 700 rubles.This is the price for 2016.

Attention! Features of this model will be a benchmark for the evaluation and determination of the best examples of the art 40-inch screen and more.

TV has a stylish design that contributes to this frame and matte metallic colors stand that does not glare.The model has a high-quality sound and images.Drivers are regularly updated accordingly eliminated the shortcomings of previous versions.Disadvantage - slow switching channels sometimes hangs the picture when watching video.Despite this, the model is the leader in price and quality in the ranking of the best TVs 40-43 inches.

LG 42LB677V

LG 42LB677V - LCD panel with a diagonal of 42 inches or 107 cm screen with a viewing angle of 178º.It has 3D support feature (there is a possibility of converting 2D to 3D), which is enhanced HD-format screen and progressive scan.Resolution 1920x1080px screen.Sound - sound system 24 W, consisting of three speakers, endowed with such functional features:

  • surround sound;
  • audio in Dolby Digital decoder;
  • subwoofer;
  • automatic alignment of the sound.

TV LG 42LB677V combines high picture and sound quality, is equipped with a standard set of connectors, it supports Wi-Fi, so it takes a leading position in the ranking of the best LCD panels.An additional advantage is the functional Teletext 2000 pages.Cost LG 42LB677V - 44 879 rubles.Many users report that a 42-inch screen size is optimal for apartments a standard layout.

LH 42LV677V

model claims to be the best in the ranking of price and quality, as well as feature set, if not for one significant disadvantage - low speed when viewing videos online.That is why only the second place.

If you want to choose a technique worth up to 30,000 rubles, recommend a look at our rating TVs with 32-inch.All 5 models provided does not exceed the cost!

Samsung UE40H6230

Samsung UE40H6230 - TV with a diagonal of 40 inches or 102 cm, with the function and Full HD screen resolution of 1920 × 1080 px.There are smart TV, Wi-Fi support and the ability to connect to the Internet.The previous model is inferior in terms of audio performance.This 2 speakers 20W total power.Other characteristics are at two models described above.

Samsung - manufacturer, one of the first who came to the domestic market, and firmly holds the top position in terms of sales and the quality of its products.One of the samples of the medium price segment is a TV Samsung UE40H6230.It is characterized by good performance speed (switching on, the implementation of various operations), easy to learn.A nice bonus is the automated adaptation of 2D images into 3D.

Samsung UE40H6230

Of the minuses can be noted a slow Internet, just 100 megabits.This leads to some problems while watching a video online.The rest of Samsung UE40H6230, judging by the reviews, fully satisfies the consumer price and quality, and feature set.It is quite possible to buy in 2016 to 40,000 rubles.

LG 43LF510V

LG 43LF510V - one more representative of the best rated TV average price segment.Screen size 43 inch, Full HD feature, the screen resolution of 1920 × 1080 px.There is a function Teletext 2000 pages.Other characteristics are similar to the best models presented in the rankings.

LH 43LF510V

Among the shortcomings can be noted a mediocre power of the speakers, only 10W to 2 speakers.None of features in support of Smart TV, Wi-Fi and 3D.A practical disadvantage is the decrease in comfort watching videos when you connect bulk carriers, for example, hard disk drive (going podvisanie pictures).With flash drives no such problems.The sound can be enhanced by using the settings.

Compensates functional disadvantages the cost model, it is in the range of 19 363-22 000.This is the absolute leader of the rating in the categories "best price" and "no frills".Regarding quality no complaints, so if you want to select the TV for the house up to 25,000 rubles, pay attention to this option!

Samsung UE40JU7000

Samsung UE40JU7000 - closes the ranking of the best TVs.This screen is 40 inches with a maximum resolution of 3840 × 2160, 3D format support by converting 2D, improves image quality 4K UHD format, progressive scan.Sound Standard - 2 speakers 20W total power.

TV boasts the highest image quality.This applies even to the analog standard.Another advantage is watching videos online and with media without any problems.

Samsung UE40YU7000

disadvantage is the lack of automatic scaling memory channels.Some problems have been seen with the image in 3D.This includes smooth frame rates, but this nuance is quite difficult to see with the naked eye.The downside is the cost, with a diagonal of 40 inches, it is in the range 54 494-64 117 rubles.That is why the TV closes the list of the most good with LCD TV models.

offer finally see a video overview of the model, which takes the first place in our Top 5:

Review Sony KDL-43W755C
YouTube Preview

Here we have provided you with the best rating TVs 40 inches in 2015-2016.We hope you now know which model is selected, focusing on the best price and quality!

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