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August 12, 2017 18:07

2 simple wiring diagrams illuminated light switch

LED or neon indication helps at night to quickly determine where the power button light.If you have the room set simple switch, and you want to convert it to a model with a backlit, below we provide some simple examples.Immediately we draw your attention to an important point - for the light with incandescent lamps can be used wiring diagram LED, however, if the LED chandelier, you must use a simpler version - to the neon bulb.So, to your attention simple switch wiring diagrams illuminated.

  • on neon lamp
  • The LEDs

on neon lamp

scheme switch backlit with neon lamp:

The circuit connecting the network of illumination

As you can see, in thisconnection options when key breaks the basic lighting circuit, current flows through the resistor to the neon lamp, which lights up.The resistor is needed in order to lower the voltage to a value at which the display will be normal light, but the light does not turn on.This point is very important, becauseeven when the light is switched off, as you can see, the neon lamp closes the circuit.When the key is switched to "On.", The current begins to flow through the primary circuit, because we still remember with school books on physics, electric current always passes through the circuit with less resistance (resistor in this case an obstacle to inclusionbacklight).

This wiring diagram-button switch with illumination is very simple and it can be used in even the novice electrician.In all models dvuhklavishnyh similarly, instead of just one lamp will be installed 2, on each key as shown in the diagram below:

If you want to make a LED display, below is provided a more sophisticated version of the connection.We also recommend to watch the video tutorial, which clearly shows the process of connecting a light switch:

Installation and connecting wires
YouTube Preview

The LEDs

Wiring LED to Single switch as follows:

Wiring on the LED

Resistanceresistor R1 should be 100 ohms.LED it is necessary to protect against the breakdown voltage by a diode.As we have said above - this type of connection will not work if LED lamps are installed in the chandelier.The reason - the resistance in the chandelier will be too high and as a result - the lamp will flash continuously.Learn why the flashing energy-saving lamp in the chandelier, you can in the corresponding article.

Here we provide a method for connecting the display.Determine which connection circuit breaker illuminated suits you best and is already based on this go to the alteration of the product!Also, be sure to check with how to connect a motion sensor to light!