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August 12, 2017 18:07

Causes of the frequent blown LED lamps

one thing when incandescent lamps burn out, which is quite low cost.In this case, we, as a rule, does not attach great importance to the issue and just change the faulty products with new ones.However, an entirely different matter if a lamp burns often LED light bulb, the cost of which is several times higher.In this case, it makes no sense humble, becausethe cost of frequent replacement can significantly hit the budget.We need to understand the possible causes of faults and eliminate them.Then we'll show you why LED bulbs burn out in an apartment and what to do to solve the problem.

  • substandard products
  • Problems with wiring
  • What else could it be?

substandard products

Unfortunately, the main cause of burnout LEDs is the low build quality.In search of cheap LED products, we often get to trick the Chinese brand - bright lights that shine as an advertisement is good enough to stand and still have a stylish design.The fact that the majority of LED products in China is made in such a budget option that bulbs burn out due to lack of security features in the driver circuit of the LED current surges.As a result - when the current increases the voltage jumps due to light-emitting diodes which are heated above the nominal temperature and, of course, burn.

addition will come back to the same reason, which is closely linked with the advertising course at the demonstration bulbs glow on the stand.When choosing an LED lamp for home, we all try to find an option that will shine well and still be cheap.That is why some manufacturers are selected resistors and capacitors in the bulbs so that the LEDs are operated at full power, but bright.As a result, the service life of products is reduced rapidly, and they are burned.

Advertising stand

also another reason for the frequent burning of LED lamps is defective soldering equipment and violation of technology, which is typical of cheap Chinese products.

Ensure said above, you can see these videos:

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YouTube Preview

Problems with wiring

If you are sure that the light bulb in the chandelier-quality and, moreover,they burn out in only one room, for example, in a bathroom, the most likely reason wiring.First, check the quality of the connection wires in the junction box, from which wires go to the switch and a chandelier.In addition, check the connection of the ceiling lamp.There should be no twists and the more exposed connections, as in the photo below.It is recommended to connect the wires of special terminal blocks WAGO.

Faulty wiring in apartment

If the wiring is OK but the LEDs burn out, check the cartridges in the chandelier.They should not be burnt or completely destroyed.If the case is in the cartridge, you can try to recover it - clean and bend contacts.Otherwise it is necessary to replace the cartridge in the chandelier in the new.

This we have provided two of the most basic causes of burnout LED lamps.If it's not quality, then most likely somewhere whiling away the wiring, and vice versa.If you are sure that the bulb and wiring are not the culprits, you can check a few more things that we told below.

What else could it be?

When we considered the technical specifications of LED lamps, then pointed to such parameter as the number of inclusions.The LED light bulbs, as a rule, the number of inclusions, the manufacturer, is limitless.But in practice, frequent switching of light affects the life of the LED and if you ten times a day zadeystvuete light switch in the room, it may well be that the lamps burn for that reason, especially if they are Chinese.

Immediately should tell and switches with illumination.If the fixture is controlled in such a switch, then most likely, you will notice that the LED lamp flickering or even sometimes dimly lit with the lights off.In most cases, the LEDs are incompatible with backlit switches, so they can burn out during continuous operation.The solution is to simply turning off the backlight on the switch.

Well, the last is rare situation - when the LEDs burn out at 12 volts spotlights.Then this may not be either incorrect wiring diagram lighting or in the power supply (properly selected power or poor quality).Correct wiring diagrams spotlights we provide.As for the power supply, its power should be chosen with a margin (minimum 20%).

draw your attention to the fact that sometimes landlords think they have to stretch ceilings burned all the LED lamp for 12 volts.The first step is better to check the power supply, asmost likely it is burned, rather than the bulb!

That's all causes of burnout LED products.We hope our information was useful to you, and now you know why LED bulbs burn out, and what to do in this case!Please note important nuance - each lamp has its warranty period, so if your case of burnout occurred immediately after purchase due to poor build quality - you can boldly go, where to buy and solve the problem with the seller!

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