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August 12, 2017 18:07

5 reasons to frequent burnout light bulbs

not know why burn an incandescent lamp when the light in the room?This problem has several explanations that are easily solved without having to call an electrician.Below we list the main causes of burnout, as well as talk about how to fix this or that problem with their own hands.

So, to bring to your attention the list of "perpetrators" because of which burned incandescent at the time of inclusion:

  1. overvoltage in the network.Scientists have proved that if the voltage deviates from the nominal (which is indicated on the packaging) even at 1%, life of the bulb may be reduced to 14%.If you do this there is a problem, fix it in two ways: connect a voltage regulator or buy fluorescent lamps, which can operate at a higher voltage in the mains.In the first case, you overpay money though, but entirely eliminate burnout light bulbs, in the second only slightly get away from the problem.Energy savings
  2. Bad electrical connection between the wires and the cartridge.Another reason for which the burn incandescent, can occur if the cartridge is made of cheap plastic.Burnt contacts contribute additional heat bulbs, resulting in it can burn.All you need to do - to disassemble the lamp, check the socket and if the problem is really in it, then it is necessary to carry out the replacement of the cartridge to a new, higher quality.In addition, do not forget to clean up the metal wire colors to the new contact was reliable.
    A cartridge
  3. Faulty wiring.If voltage is normal and a cartridge, but still when the incandescent light bulb burns out, you need to check all the possible connection of electric wires from the junction box and ending with the lamp itself.The fault can be anywhere: in the light switch in the junction box, and even on the chandelier.Check out all the twisted wires, disassemble the light switch, and after finding the problem area eliminate the problem novel compound.To do this it is best to use the WAGO terminals.Photos bad wiring
  4. Frequent on / off light.When we looked at the technical characteristics of incandescent lamps, then we talked about the index such as the maximum number of inclusions, the achievement of which a tungsten filament burns out.There has not do anything, and simply have to replace the bulb with a new one.Photo Burned tungsten filament
  5. Improper use.And the last reason why quickly burned bulb in the chandelier, is the high humidity, temperature or vibration in the room.Observe the requirements specified on the package and then the light will have a normal lifespan.
Video that explains the reason for the combustion
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That's all that I wanted to tell you about this issue.We hope that from these reasons you found your version of faults and quickly solved the problem.Recommended necessarily set in the home network surge protective device, and at least once a year to do an audit of the wiring.In this case, the filament lamp will not often blow when switched on, and all home appliances will be protected against power surges.