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August 12, 2017 18:07

Select the fixtures for the bathroom

Today readers site electrician himself would like to talk about how to choose the fixtures for the bathroom.The urgency of the matter due to the fact that the bathroom lighting to imposed certain requirements regarding safety, brightness and design.Next, we consider in detail all the important details and give their own recommendations on what lighting is best suited for the application of these terms and conditions.

  • basic requirements
  • Regarding security
  • relative brightness
  • Regarding design
  • degree IP
  • Species
  • Ceiling
  • Wall
  • Floor
  • Which is better?

basic requirements

Regarding security

Since in the bathroom humidity, all the elements of the wiring, and including lighting, should be safe for use.Accordingly, the fixtures must have a sealed housing closed type that will prevent the ingress of moisture to the contacts (an example is shown in the photo).In addition, the products must be installed at a safe distance from the water - at least half a meter in accordance with GOST.Better, of course, to alienate them as far as possible to certainly protect yourself.More details about the moments related to security with respect to moisture, will be discussed later, when the classification of the products will be considered by the index «IP».

waterproof case

relative brightness

Another important requirement - the lighting of the room should be comfortable to stay in it.This is due to the fact that the girl in the bathroom is usually applied mask, men shave, except himself bathing process.Light sources must necessarily have a high brightness, which depends on the power of the product.

Functional room lighting

Recommended wattage (W / m2):

  • incandescent lamp (20-30);
  • halogen lamp (23-28);
  • LED lamp (6-9).

Note that the values ​​have a small range.The first value is recommended to choose if wall decoration in the room light.For dark bathroom is necessary to use the highest recommended wattage.

Regarding design

Well, the last of the requirements for the design.To the interior of the room was not spoiled with cheap plastic shades, you need to choose the design of the product is correct.Today, there are a lot of beautiful lamps of different manufacturing materials, shapes, colors and the setting method.You need to give preference to those who are in harmony with the interior and at the same time not violate the safety recommendations.A beautifully complement the interior as lights antique (retro), and modern minimalist lamp with nickel-plated.

Immediately it should be noted that it is better to give preference to plastic and glass products.Metal (eg, bronze) with high humidity will resist corrosion, which negatively displayed on their service life and appearance.

Contemporary chandelier

degree IP

Special attention should be paid to the degree of IP, is responsible for the protection of products against moisture and dust (in this case, interest is the first element).

To your attention decoding IP rating:

Degree of protection IP

fixtures for the bathroom must have a degree of not less than 44 (for the 2nd and 3rd zones, which are shown in the picture), but it is better to choose products with a degree of IP55.Ceiling lighting should be IP65 index (quality protection against splashes).

Zoning facilities


To answer the question: "Which lamp is best to choose and buy for the bathroom?", You must first deal with their kind.Today used for ceiling, wall and floor objects, look at each of them.

Examples lighting
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Ceiling Fixtures for the bathroom on the ceiling are responsible for the main lighting.Waterproof ceiling diffusers are used most often, as well as point products.The advantage of the first is the low price and high brightness is enough.In addition, practical ceiling of care, so replace the bulb on the wall is not difficult.

Installing spotlights is more modern, and most importantly - the safest option.LEDs consume very little electricity and also virtually no stand on the ceiling.They are often used for spot lighting bathroom.For example, a single LED lamp mounted above the bath, and the other above the mirror.Dvuhklavishnym controlled by a switch.In this case, you can include only the necessary part of the room, if its size is large.

also like to draw your attention to the fact that in most of the modern furniture and bathroom accessories, the manufacturer has provided spotlights placed in suitable locations (for example, a shelf above the mirror).


gives the room maximum light, you can use water-resistant wall luminaires.More often than not carried out the installation of lamps and lampshades, even though the candelabra used in some cases (if the corresponding interior).The advantage of wall products that their connection is made easier (on some devices simply plug the cord into an electrical outlet).It should also be noted that this type of lamps is much easier to maintain, becauseinstallation height of 1.5 meters.

main purpose of the wall lamps - zoning areas, as well as the lights of the mirror.Therefore, in a small room to install them makes no sense.It is recommended to choose a product with an area of ​​the bathroom for at least 6 m2.


This type of lighting can also be present, but is rarely used.This is due to the fact that the products occupy a certain volume in the room, which usually and so little.The most popular are the representatives of the lamps, but they must be placed as far away from the water.

Floor lamp

Which is better?

If you do not know how to choose the fixtures for the bathroom, something to give you personal recommendations:

  1. degree of protection IP55 and should be more.
  2. Ceiling light point, use (energy saving, attractive appearance, long service life).
  3. If for any reason it is impossible to use point products that give preference to ceiling spotlights.They will cover a particular object, for example, the area near the mirror.
  4. If possible, purchase a 12-volt lamps, sincethey are safe for humans.The only negative in this case - the mandatory purchase of step-down transformer.You can also select the wireless lights with batteries, which, like the 12-volt version does not carry the danger of leakage current.
  5. Prefer products from popular companies.Cheap Chinese products will break down faster and also have a low security level (weak tightness, poor wiring, etc.)
best models damp proof luminaires
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That's all that I wanted to talk abouthow to choose the fixtures for the bathroom, and what they are today.If you have any questions on this topic, ask our specialists in the comments or special category "FAQ"!


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