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August 12, 2017 18:07

Why spark plug when the appliance ?

So, one day, you notice that one of the rooms spark plug when the power plug from the laptop or on its own.Do not immediately seek the help of the wizard or go to the store and buy a new one, becauseperhaps the reason is not in it, or the drive has to be repaired with his own hands.Next, we look at the main causes of failure, how to repair the damage and operating rules to this problem no longer occurs.

  • substandard
  • Low quality
  • Depreciation
  • wiring screw terminals are loose
  • Overloaded
  • How to avoid problems?
  • What could be the consequences?


One of the simplest reasons sparking can be considered distinct standards between the plug and the socket itself.The fact is that since the Soviet times, there were two main standards: Soviet (C) and Schuko.The difference between the sectional plug electrodes.At first sight the difference is not too great, but at the same time, this causes the run loose contact between objects.If Shuko-plug closely BCRA will go down in the Soviet nest, no problems, but the feedback can cause the spark plug that when the plug is switched on.

Electric plug Soviet standard

Electric plug standard Schuko

optimal solution can be achieved by replacing the old Soviet-cal wiring elements to modern standards.

Low quality

second, not less obvious contributing factor - low-quality products.It refers to the reason for such a cheap Chinese products.Assembling the product in this case is quite bad: bad contacts are tightened, the metal parts are very thin, soft plastic, and fixing themselves unreliable.The result - a bad fork contact with the electrical source, from what and spark plug when the plug is switched on.Faulty core

solution to this problem is simple - replace Chinese products more expensive.Preference is given to encourage such manufacturers of sockets and switches as ABB, Legrand and Jang.

Depreciation posting

next base to exit the outlet of the system is worn-out wiring in the house (or apartment).

Old wiring If the core diameter is small, the powerful plug appliances (eg microwave) it is not necessary, or simply line will not sustain the load current, resulting in a socket will begin to sparkle.Here, you must first do an audit of the old current-carrying line and implement the replacement of electrical wiring in the house, if necessary.Correct replacement is carried out by calculating the current and power cable section.

Loose screw terminals

Any collapsible product tends to wear out over time.All screws, latches, springs unscrewed and loosened for the entire period of operation.The result becomes, again, poor contact with the network of electrodes as a result can be seen as the spark plug by itself (without sticking the fork).Installation of wiring in the bathroom

If the wiring is represented by aluminum conductors, the screw terminals should be tightened several times a year sincealuminum has a "flow" property, with the result that weakens the contact that begins to spark.They can also be worn connectors themselves, where the plug is inserted.Fixing plug occurs with the aid of special jaws which when frequent connect / disconnect unbent.In this case, you need pliers bend them inwards.

These two reasons are the most popular, and if the time to detect arcing, the situation can be saved in the usual repair.If you already disassembled the socket, carefully check all the other elements of the design: perhaps somewhere else require intervention.

Video instructions for repair outlet sparked
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Another, no less banal reason that the spark plug is to inattention when buying a new device.Each product has its own alphabetic label, as shown in the photo below.The main body must be indicated rated current (eg 16 A).This means that the current load of electrical appliances should not exceed 16 amperes.Otherwise, problems may arise, including the products of arcing when inserting the plug into it.If you connect a socket between a train and noticed that one of them is heated when removing or connecting the cable, electrical means was wrong (for example, chosen too small cross-section of wire or poorly tightened loop).Nearby outlet is advisable not to connect with each other and make the branch wires on each point of the electrical junction box.Marking on the case

To properly select the right product, remember the following calculation: 1 amp can withstand no more than 220 watts of power.Total, 16-amp device can withstand about 3.5 kW, which is enough for a washing machine or electric boiler.

Immediately note a few important points.If you buy, for example, a double socket and it will be written on 16A, this does not mean that each slot is able to withstand this current.In this case, the rated current is divided into both slots.The second, no less important point - note the current setting when connecting an extension cord.Very often people connect portability to 5 outputs, each of which operates a powerful appliance.If the power is greater than the maximum possible - the unit starts to spark and quickly goes down!

How to avoid problems?

Above we have provided the main reasons why the spark plug when the plug and how to repair the product yourself.Now I talk about how to avoid these problems, in other words - on preventive measures.Installation device for electrical protection

  1. At least once a year, do an audit of the wiring.Visual inspection will allow time to prevent trouble.
  2. Insertion and removal of the plug should be done only when the appliance is switched off power.The course of action is as follows (in the example of the TV) connected to the network, turn on the button, and vice versa - off button, unplug.
  3. Replace rosette line circuit breaker, which will prevent current overload and save not only a source of power, but also household appliances.
  4. in wet areas (eg bathroom or sauna) install only waterproof device.

What could be the consequences?

If time does not detect that the spark plug itself or heated, the result can be dire consequences.First, the plastic casing begins to melt at the same time contact will burn slowly.Later ignite wiring that will cause a fire.

Besides one does not exclude an electric shock or a short circuit, which can be harmful enough scale.

illustrative example of failure
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That's all that I wanted to talk about what to do if the spark plug when turning the plug.Make sure before starting any repair work you need to de-energize the room, so as not to get an electric shock.We hope that the information has been helpful to you and is used only for self-development!
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