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August 12, 2017 18:07

Schemes of connection to the network film underfloor heating

Typically, a film coating is used for installation under laminate flooring and linoleum.His bed on the surface is a snap, just place the butt joint of the sheets.The only thing that can cause difficulty - to connect the system to the mains 220V.For you did not have issues with the installation works, we advise view the 2 simple wiring diagrams Infrared floor heating via thermostat.

immediately draw your attention to the fact that to make a connection without thermostat unreasonable.This device makes an automatic heating system and also saves up to 40% of the electricity, and this is quite a high figure in the calculation of the electricity consumption of a warm floor.

So, a typical wiring diagram of the film material through the thermostat as follows: Standard connection

As you can see, everything is quite simple - the introductory phase and zero are connected to the terminal blocks on the temperature controller.Of the remaining four slots are located on the sensor wires and infrared heaters directly.A small drawback of this scheme is that the wires intersect each other and be confused.To this did not happen, we recommend using an alternative scheme to connect the infrared heat-insulated floor with their hands:

An improved version

In this case, the connection wires are not so confused.All phase conductors get turned on, and the zeros - bottom.On the performance of the system is not affected, but at the same time, this option will protect the electrical wiring novice reversal phase and zero.A very important requirement - be careful and only connect the connectors of the same name, as shown in the diagram.

That's all that I wanted to tell you about this issue.We hope that provided electrical wiring diagrams film underfloor heating via thermostat are clear and useful to you.We also recommend you to get acquainted with the technology of laying the material on video examples provided below.

Video instructions for assembling the material from the company Caleo own hands
YouTube Preview

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