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August 12, 2017 18:07

Simple ways to repair the electric floor heating

reason underfloor heating failure can be broken heating cable, failure of the thermostat or temperature sensor.In all these cases it is possible to repair the system, important to first determine the correct damage.Then we will tell readers "electrician himself" how to repair electric floor heating with his own hands!

  • How to repair a damaged cable?
  • How to repair the thermostat?
  • How to check the sensor?
  • How to solve the problem of low voltage?

How to repair a damaged cable?

If the electric floor heating is not switched on or not after the heats, the first step is to ensure efficiency of the heating cable.To do this, measure the resistance of the cable with a multimeter.Ideally the value should not differ from the nominal by more than 5%.If you find a significant difference between the nominal and actual resistance, you must go to look for an open circuit location and further repair.You can use special devices to find hidden wiring in the wall.In a place where there is an electrical circuit, the device will react multimeter Search

As soon as the exact location of the fault is detected, you must proceed to the repair of the electric floor heating with his hands.All that is necessary - to remove the flooring in place breakage, carefully dismantle the section of the concrete screed (if any) and the problem area connected using copper crimp sleeve.After that, place the cable connection is protected by the shrink tube and carried out testing of the system.The damaged section


recommend immediately view the video instructions for troubleshooting and repairing its own hands:

How to find an open circuit using the device?
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Repair of the heating cable
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How to repair the thermostat?

may even be a situation that electric floor heating is not heated to the required temperature (set on the controller).One of the reasons for failure - poor connection wires in the terminal block thermostat.Check winding connections and tighten them as shown in the photo if necessary.Sometimes even bad contact conductor can result in a simpler form of repair of electric underfloor heating, which does not work.Pulling up living in the terminal block In addition, check the temperature sensor itself, by process of elimination to ensure the temperature controller malfunctions.If all the other elements of the circuit are OK - just replace the thermostat with a new one becauseits cost is very small, and the hassle of repairs can be quite a lot.

Video instructions for repairing the thermostat own hands

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immediately draw your attention to the fact that the temperature control can be released sooner turn off the system due to improper installation of a temperature sensor.If the sensor is located close to the heating cable (or far away), the temperature readings inside the screed will differ by 2-3 degrees, that will cause a false alarm!

How to check the sensor?

Check temperature sensor also is nothing complicated in the repair of electric underfloor heating.To do this, again you need to ping the device a multimeter to ensure compliance of the passport and the actual resistance.When the temperature sensor failure, it needs to be replaced.If you comply with the recommendations for installing floor heating under the tiles and placed a temperature sensor in the corrugation, get him out of the tie will be a snap.Otherwise, if the sensor is stuck under the floor, it is better not to touch it and to solve the problem in a simpler way - by setting air temperature sensor.This unit will give a signal to turn on / off temperature control based on the temperature in the room, and not under the screed, as it was earlier.Removal of broken temperature sensor

can also do without the repair, buying a thermostat with a timer that will be setting to enable / disable the system.In addition, there are infrared temperature sensors that analyze heating electric underfloor heating by infrared radiation.

How to solve the problem of low voltage?

If you notice that the electric floor heating warms the poor at a low voltage or a race, then get out of the situation is to install a stabilizer for the home network.This device will ensure the normal operation of the heating system, both at low and at high voltage.Voltage stabilizer

That's all that I wanted to tell you how to repair electric floor heating with his hands.As you can see, everything is quite simple and trouble to solve the problem not require special knowledge of electrics.At the same time, if you are too lazy to repair the system, the master of it will take not less than 5000 rubles (the average cost of the coupling installed on the damaged portion of the heating cable).

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