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August 12, 2017 18:07

Reasons for heating cable wiring and appliances

heating electric cable is very dangerous, becauseentails the subsequent melting of the insulation and the ignition wiring.If you find that the heated cable or wiring from electrical appliances in the home, an urgent need to move on to search for the fault and eliminate it.Then we'll show you what to do if the wire is heated and why this may occur.

  • main reasons for heating
  • Ways to solve the problem
  • Appliances
  • Wiring
  • few words about extension cords

main reasons for heating

There are several possible causes of overheatingthe conductors, namely:

  • section of the cable or wire is not able to withstand the load of the connected home appliances;
  • wrong wiring is formed, resulting in an overheating of the cable line;
  • substandard wiring;
  • the poor quality of the cable itself.

we now consider the instructions for determining a fault and will tell you what to do if the cable is heated in a particular case.

Ways to solve the problem

So, there is a difference between what the house is heated by electric or plug from the household appliances.In connection with this technology and the repair will vary.To you was clear material, consider the anecdotal, and what to do.


If you notice that the wire is heated by a water heater or washing machine, the first thing you need to determine how the heat: in a certain place or along the entire length.Most often, hot plug is connected to the outlet.This is due to the fact that between the terminals of the socket and wiring harness feeding poor contact.Due to this heating occurs socket terminals and all of the heat transferred to the plug.In addition to poor contact may cause faults to be weak outlet (for example, is designed for 10 A).The fact that the powerful electric appliances: stove, boiler, heater, but even some kettles normally function only when connected to a 16-ampere power outlet or directly from the panel (if the power exceeds 3.5 kW).As you may already have guessed, 10-ampere socket will not sustain high loads and starts to heat up, melt (as in the photo below), and then after a short time, a short circuit can occur.

The reason for a short-circuit

second reason the heating wire from household appliances - bad contact in plug itself or on the other hand, where the wires are connected to the terminal strip of the appliance.You will need to disassemble the power plug and check the reliability of the connection contacts, if the plug itself is heated.If the wire is heated by the equipment, check how you are connected to the opposite end of the conductor.

Oplavilis wires on the iron

And finally, what can be - the heater cable or any other powerful technology heats up due to the fact that the producers decided to save on the conductor and did it with a smaller cross section.As a result, the cord is heated throughout its length.For example, if the water heater capacity is 4.5 kW, wire cross-section must be at least 2.5 mm2.Accordingly, if the cable cross-section 1.5 mm2, which is why he and heated.All you need to do - replace an unreliable guide to the more powerful.For information on how to calculate the cross-section of the cable for power, we are told.

Useful videos on the topic:

technology calculation section conductor
YouTube Preview


not know what to do if heated wiring in a house or apartment?Solve the problem can be the same way.As a rule, the power cable can be heated in a cabinet or distribution boxes.And in the first and in the second case, the cause strong heating is weak contact, but this is in order.

In this photo shows that the melted wire insulation due to the fact that he has long been overheated:

Bad connection in the panel

reason - poor contact, or more precisely - the wrong connection stranded conductor to the bus.Stranded wire may be connected only after the crimping sleeve, otherwise the connection reliability will be very low.Also, the heating may occur in the machines, indicating that poor-quality installation.For information on how to connect the circuit breaker, we were told in the corresponding article.It is possible that the machines in the panel are heated due to the fact that you have chosen the wrong denomination of the product.In this case, you need to replace the AV to the one that corresponds to the group serviced (lighting or socket).

As for junction boxes in these places are usually heated to cable twisting because of a bad connection.To fix the heating is recommended to replace the twist on the more robust terminal blocks.

Please note that connecting aluminum conductors with copper strand is strictly prohibited.In this case, clearly is heated wire melts and fire insulation will no longer be avoided.Joining aluminum and copper only permitted terminal blocks WAGO.

Well, the last reason the heated cable line in the house - you have an old aluminum wiring, which is not capable of withstanding the load of modern household appliances.For information on how to replace the electrical wiring in the apartment, we talked in detail.About replacement wiring in a private home also has a separate article, which strongly recommend that you read.

few words about extension cords

Another problem that often arises - heated extender when connecting the electric stove or washing machine.We have repeatedly said that the use of extension cords - it's not the best option, becauseToday on the market a lot of electrical goods of poor quality Chinese products.From personal experience we can say that there were occasions when the extender is not something that is heated and melted all over the entire length at the first connection of the washing machine.The fact was that the cross-section of extension cable is only 0.75 mm 2, when it was necessary to not less than 1.5.When carrying hot, be sure to make an extension cord with your hands, using PVA wire cross-section of at least 2.5 mm2.

Risk of Chinese perenosok

way, even high-quality extension cords can get warm if they are on the coil.The fact that the coiled cable is heated faster due to the fact that there is inductance, so powerful connecting electrical appliances, for example, the welding apparatus or deep-well pump must-unwinding reel!

That's all that I wanted to tell you on this issue.We hope that now you know why the cable heats up and what to do in this case!

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