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August 12, 2017 18:07

What chandeliers are fashionable in 2016 ?

Fashion trends in design of ceiling light fixtures over the years is not too much modified.Like it or not, the main criterion for selection of chandeliers is not its "trendy", and the combination with the interior of the apartment or house.However, there are 4 main trends in fashion, which are popular for many years.Among the most pressing isolated classic styles, retro (antique), modern and high-tech (techno).Look below what chandeliers in fashion in 2016, and select the most suitable option for the hall, living room, bedroom and kitchen!

  • Classic
  • Antique
  • Modern
  • Hi-tech
  • Photo examples of current trends


Classic style, and in a simple way - a classicIt never goes out of fashion.Designed in classic style has its own idiosyncrasies:

  • manufacturing material most often crystal, glass and bronze.
  • luminaire design cumbersome, may be in some circles, is suspended on the hook.
  • luxurious design, which gives the interior a rich look.

A modern classic in dark colors

Silver classic chandelier

Classic style is recommended only in rooms with high ceilings, asLight itself is bulky and also hangs on the ceiling.Most often, a classic complement the interior of the living room and the hall, at least - in the bedroom.Kitchen lighting is not very good option for reasons of practicality in nursing.In relation to the 2016 classic chandeliers can have a fashionable shade of black or golden crystal, purple lampshades, etc.


vintage retro style of another embodiment, which is unlikely to go out of fashion.Antique chandeliers as well as classical, are bulky appearance and are hung on hooks.The main difference - instead of luxury crystal manufacturing material act, especially fashionable in 2016, artificially aged wood and glass.Another fashion trend - lights with vintage lamps.Such lamps often used in retro interior room, bedroom and hallway.Use them in the kitchen, and there is no point in the bathroom.Worth to see the most fashionable chandeliers 2016 retro style in the photo examples: Vintage design

Vintage lamps in interior


In the last decade, it is considered very popular fixtures in the Art Nouveau style.The main feature of this trend in fashion - faired lampshades arranged symmetrically or asymmetrically on the contrary (but only if the asymmetry goes smoothly).These fashionable chandeliers that can blend in beautifully, as in the classic interior of the apartment, and a modern, what you can see by looking at the photo below.modern

Crystal in modernity


And the last, the most fashionable embodiment of chandeliers in 2016 - techno style.Lights in the high-tech style - it is the current trend, which creates in the interior of the original and at the same time, simple atmosphere.Plafonds techno ceiling fixtures are made of nickel-plated metal, bright plastic and glass.As a result - bedroom, living room or even the kitchen is becoming more fashionable.The advantage of the chandeliers in the style of hi-tech is that they are easy to clean and also suitable even for rooms with low ceilings, becausedesign can be "drawn to the ceiling."Techno form

Modern style

Photo examples of current trends

And finally, that I wanted to show you - Photo of the chandeliers, which are now in vogue, and are very popular:

also watch the video an example which shows the current versions downlights:

overview of contemporary production
YouTube Preview

Here we areWe provide the most fashionable trends in design downlights.Now you probably know what to chandelier fashion in 2016!Recommended necessarily read a similar article - how to choose a chandelier!