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August 12, 2017 18:07

Why outlets two phases and how to fix it ?

One of the most popular wiring faults in the apartment is the emergence of so-called second phase outlet.If the light was gone in the rooms, but all the instruments work, then you are a victim of such damage.Then we'll show you what to do, if two phase outlet and why this could happen!

  • How does this happen?
  • main causes of the problem
  • Helpful Hint readers

How does this happen?

In order for you to understand the problem, provide a visual connection diagram socket switch-lamp:

Wiring Socket - switch - lamp

As you know, the voltage is supplied via phase conductor and the return on a zero.Now imagine what would happen if the open ground:

Damage to the circuit

If you turn on a light switch, voltage passes through the filament or included electrical, goes into neutral, and becausezero bound, go to the outlet of the second loop.The result - when checking the stresses in the wall socket probe you will see two phases.If you take care about grounding apartments, danger to life will not just have to find a neutral conductor breakage and re-establish contact.However, if used in a flat earth and neutral wiring, the effects may not be the best.

main causes of the problem

As you may have realized, the reason for the appearance of two phases at the outlet is often a zero breakage.Loss of contact can occur on the floor panel, on entering the apartment, in one of the junction boxes and even just in the wall.

Electrical panel on the floor

otgorel If the wire in the switchboard, the light will turn off in the apartment, but all sockets will also work, but only when one of the devices or the lighting in the room is included.If you turn off and check all power in the socket, you will see that the phase will be only one.

apartment shield

Another case where there is an open ground in the junction box ode of the rooms.In this case, the light stops flashing only in this room, all the rest will work as before.To solve the problem, you will need to reveal the junction box and reconnect wires.

Junction box photo

Another frequent reason why the two phases in the socket - the old wiring in which instead of the circuit-breakers at the input screwed plugs.If he knocks out only one plug, the zero voltage appears in two nests.To this did not happen, replace the wiring in an apartment on the modern - with a neutral bus.

Ceramic plug on input

also often happens when breakage occurs directly in the wall because of your lack of professionalism.Before you hang a picture it is imperative to find the wiring in the wall so as not to damage the nail (and myself included).If you pereb'ete only the neutral conductor, there will be two phases in the sockets.This may also include damage to the wires and rodents that may exist in the interstices of panels of apartment buildings.For information on how to protect the wiring from rodents, we are told in the corresponding article.

recommend videos, which clearly provides fault:

YouTube Preview

So we told why you may receive the voltage in the two wall socket, as it happenswhat to do to solve the problem.Now I would like to explain how to immediately understand that there is damage to the wire N and this is not the two phases, and the one that flowed by the second power line.

Helpful Hint readers

situation is clear - missing light in the apartment and you immediately decided to check the voltage probe into the socket.Noticing that the indicator shows the phase two wires, you thought it was a two phase wires in your electrical wiring.As we have said, all is not so convinced of this as follows:

Using a multimeter, check the voltage at the wall outlet, if the reads 0, then the phase you have only one, flows to the neutral conductor.

Use a multimeter to check wiring

This is the surest way to detect a fault, because the indicator screwdriver is extremely accurate testing method.The indicator can work on a tip-off and show the second phase, when in fact it is one.

That's all that I wanted to tell you about a wiring fault.Please note that the effects of the emergence of this type of failure can be very noticeable - if in your apartment used vanishing, the voltage can go to housing electrical appliances, which is extremely dangerous.Hopefully, you now know what to do, if two phase outlet, and why this happens!