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August 12, 2017 18:07

Principles of vapor barrier : IZOSPAN in action.Overview

scheme use a vapor barrier

as vapor barrier tape is often used IZOSPAN.First, let's consider the instructions for use parogermetichnoy tape.Its use requires tools:

  • fasteners: screws, stapler, slats of wood, metal profile;
  • scissors with sharp blades for cutting metal pieces;
  • adhesive tape, adhesive tape;
  • insulation film with a spare, taking into account the overlap of 15 centimeters.

The required materials must be of high quality

Incremental rules:

  1. Vapor mounted mainly only on the inside of the building.However, as an exception it is possible to install and from the outside, it is permitted in excessively low temperature (about 20 degrees with a minus mark) and extremely thin walls, unable to keep warm room.For the roof, steam, mounted exclusively on the inside.
    Installing a vapor barrier
  2. process of fixing the vapor barrier is due to the staple gun around the perimeter of all the walls.The film is sure to fit lap, keeping the seal.Overlap - 15 centimeters.The joints are sealed with tape.In addition, vapor barrier material is fastened strips of wood and nailed or screws.
    It is important to take into account the imposition of a vapor barrier
  3. fastening distance not less than 30 centimeters.
  4. On the insulation layer of the pair is laid a layer of insulation.Izospan - a convenient and practical means to achieve the vents to remove harmful moisture and steam.
  5. mount isolation from the pair should take place on a special frame made of profiled belts.Their attachment is provided by screws to the wall.vapor barrier sheets are stacked tight manner.The gaps between them are eliminated adhesive strip.
    Compliance tightness - the key to quality roof
  6. For outdoor installation IZOSPAN applied twice (before and after teplogermetizatsiey).

Important note: During the construction of structures made of material that resists corrosion, the use of a vapor barrier is the primary moment.This will prolong the life of the railway system.

Specific characteristic vapor barrier materials varieties IZOSPAN

There are many tools that eliminate the formation of vapor and moisture on the walls, roof, ceiling.The leader is considered IZOSPAN consider its types and qualities:

  • Izospan A. Represents a protective shell of the roof of buildings, walls and ceiling from condensation.Izospan A promotes evaporation of moisture inside the structure without causing damage to the structure of the building material.Use this tool when building roofs with a slope of no more than 30-35 degrees.
    A Izospan
  • Izospan V. It has two layers of protection.It used only mandatory in the interior space.Izospan The high quality and efficiency.
    In Izospan
  • Izospan C. It contains a protective shell of the two layers.It can be used for roofs with no insulation layer.It is used in the attic.Excellent removes moisture and condensation.
    With Izospan
  • Izospan D. Suitable for all kinds of buildings and to cope with different types of problems.Multifunctional protective agent.
    Izospan D
  • Izospan AM.The main purpose - to cover the insulation layer from the wet impact and wind gusts.
    AM Izospan

Why choose IZOSPAN in different forms?

Izospan is moisture, it is easy to handle and can withstand different temperature load.It increases the operation of the buildings, protecting them from moisture, rot, mold and corrosion.

  1. Izospan And you should choose because of its high strength.It can withstand the power load and does not lose its shape.Marking A mark made with "Eco-material".It does not risk a fire.Easy to install, it can be used independently.
    Izospan A is used to protect the basement and attic rooms.Its density is 110 g per 1 square meter.Manufactured in rolls of 140 centimeters wide and 50 meters in length.Able to withstand the influence of ultraviolet rays.
  2. Izospan B. Non-purpose use.It is used indoors.The order of stacking IZOSPAN B: coating a building material - IZOSPAN A - mounting rail - IZOSPAN V - Truss - interior fittings of the roof.In
    Izospan has a density of 72 grams per 1 square meter.Produced rolls of a width of 140 centimeters and 50 meters long.
  3. Izospan C. The peculiarity of it is to use - only used when the roof is tilted at 35 degrees.Protects attic space from moisture (and in the absence of heating).The order of stacking IZOSPAN With the following:
  4. vapor barrier layer (from the inside) is secured around the perimeter of a stapler and fix the edges with tape;
  5. do overlap of 20 centimeters;
  6. Reinforce strips (parameters rails 4/5 centimeters);
  7. Reiki fix nails or screws.

Installation adhesive tape from the vapor is easy to install.After laying her likelihood of mold, damp, rotting walls, condensation, insects will be reduced to a minimum.vapor barrier shell will extend the service life of building materials.It is important before buying IZOSPAN thoroughly familiar with its instructions and the use of rules and select the type suitable house structure.

Vapor izospanom