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August 12, 2017 18:07

Separation of the account for payment of utility services in the privatized and non-privatized apartment

Separation of account for payment of utility services in the privatized and non-privatized apartment in

when living in an apartment two or more families, except for a set of household problems can rise sharply the question of the division of communal payments.This issue has many nuances that must be considered in order to reduce time and cost.

The first step is to determine the legal nature of the concept of "personal account".This concept defines a specific person - the recipient, which makes Utilities receipt for payment of utility services in the event of non-payment in his name he will be declared the lawsuit.
There are two ways to share personal accounts: the first way is the voluntary agreement of the parties (tenants) on the separation of accounts for utilities, the second - through the courts.

Since January 1, 2011 increased fees for utility services

Separation personal account in privatized apartment with the consent of the parties takes place through the provision of statements of all homeowners in the management organization for the provision of public services or public utilities.The statement must specify the request for the division of bills for utilities to all residents or select the account for a specific tenant within a certain area.In this case, it is necessary that part of the apartment, allocated under a separate personal account for payment of utility bills, meet certain legal requirements and be suitable for living.At the same time the provision of public services performed with respect to the number prescribed by the tenants, and tenants after the division of receipts converted into neighbors.After separation of personal accounts in the apartment can not be privatized, that would be housing some of the tenants have deteriorated, the apartment is in common ownership, but each of the tenants to become the owner of its share of the apartment.


separation of accounts procedure

following documents need to partition personal accounts in privatized apartment:

  1. documents confirming the right to share the private ownership of housing.If the share in ownership are not allocated can be determined by agreement of the tenants through a notary or in the absence of consent - through the courts.
  2. provide documents of ownership in managing the organization and wrote a statement.The statement must be clearly defined number of shares and their size, these data will be made recalculation payments for utilities.
    Next month residents will receive individual receipts.


After separation, utilities accounts, privatized the apartment there is a possibility to privatize selected share.