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August 12, 2017 18:06

Adjustable PVC windows with their hands

Adjusting windows P BX St. oimi hands possible only after learning the basics of their design, principles of operation of the internal mechanical system and provided knowledge of the rules of this process.

Adjustable PVC windows with their hands

adjustment PVC windows with their hands

PVC gained very wide popularity, as easy to use, require minimal maintenance, create a house or apartment a comfortable environment of peace and heat.They do not require painting or applying putty or filler , but minimal care them still needs.

windows will last a long time if their time to lubricate, and if necessary even and carry out preventive adjustment of their individual elements.To be able to cope with all the serving or minor repairs, you need to know the order of execution of certain manipulations and to have the necessary tools .

Tools for

Article Contents

  • 1 Tools for
  • 2 adjustment
    • mechanisms 2.1 Video: Adjust the upper hinge plastic window
    • 2.2 Video: Adjustlevel clamping window sashes
    • 2.3 Video: Adjust the lower hinge PVC windows
  • 3 adjustment or replacement handles
  • 4 lubrication mechanisms PVC windows
    • 4.1 Video: preparations for PVCthe window for the winter

to begin the adjustment process is necessary to prepare the necessary tools.The standard set for these events:

The simple Allen key - the primary tool for adjusting

The simple key Allen - the primary tool for adjusting

  • Allen key, having a size of 4 mm.The easiest way, if it is not in the home arsenal, acquire a key to store furniture accessories: it is - penny , and benefit from it a lot.
  • Screwdriver with a set of bits.Most often used in the process of adjusting the types cruciform screwdriver bits marked TX and T.
  • For some departments windows fit Easy curly screwdriver , having a size of 3 - 4mm ;
  • For lubrication need a special spray WD-40 or conventional motor oil, which is used for sewing machines.
  • pliers.

main regulatory tool is still a hexagon, which is mainly used for the assembly of furniture, so him and stuck the name "furniture".Crosspoint screwdriver tips on and the same type of screwdriver useful for working with the bolt that fastens to profile almost all elements of hardware.When adjusting the sliding window of options is tuned distances roller carriages that are mount for mobile leaf.

pliers needed as auxiliary tools nt etc. and the need for disassembly of some components.

adjustment mechanisms

The main components of PVC windows to be adjusted

main components of PVC windows to be adjusted

hardware adjustment is needed mainly in some of the sites that have movable parts, which sometimes appear to malfunction or damage.Replacement of parts accessories are best left to skilled craftsmen and minor problems you can try to solve on their own.Parts window system can be purchased from the same manufacturer that engaged in the assembly of glass themselves.

You may need to purchase some hardware parts to replace

may need to purchase some hardware parts to replace

to solve specific problems, it is necessary to consider the various issues arising from the operation of PVC windows, as well as preventive measures to help operate the system for longer.The following can be attributed to the most common problems:

  • appearance of sagging shutters doors and windows.
  • Difficult proce ss dd izheniya shutters doors or windows.
  • seal failure (occurrence of cracks) glass when the sash is closed.
  • Difficulty translated window from one mode to another.
  • need to replace certain hardware elements in their heavy wear or deterioration.
  • Loosening door or window handles.
  • Seized handles in any position.
  • The need for replacement of one pen to another, for example, having a fuse or a built-in lock.This version is installed for security purposes, in the event that there are small children among the tenants of the house (apartment).

base point window Adjustment mechanisms are considered:

- sash horizontally;

Adjusting the sash horizontally

Adjusting sash horizontally

- sash vertically;

sash position Vertical adjustment

sash position Adjust the vertical

- clamp the window sash;

Adjustment press the sash

adjustment press the sash

- bottom corner of the window horizontally;

Adjusting the angle of opening of the window sash

Adjusting the angle of tilt

sash Turn the screw, it is possible to achieve more pressing in or out of the lower corner of the sash to the frame or her .

Movement key installed at the right node, depending on which way he turned, wing will gradually shift.

Video: Adjust the upper hinge plastic window

Moving the sash by turning the key in one or half a turn of the screw, it is necessary each time to close and open window frame, checking her work.If necessary, turn the screw a little bit back.It is recommended to move it slowly one to two millimeters, so as not to spoil the chance that one of the mechanisms of the system.

addition, subjected to adjustment and fastening, which remain on the bolts with Phillips.Therefore, this process will need the appropriate screwdriver , which is sometimes used in conjunction with Allen.Tools to help tighten or loosen slightly move one of the elements.For example, thus regulate :

Driving Pressure Adjustment window level

Driving adjust the level of the window pressing

  • journals, a shift which will help to strengthen or weaken the force press the sash.This proce ss etc. gadfly translating glazed windows for the winter or summer mode.

Video: Adjust the level of the window sashes pressing

  • system "scissors".
  • mount the upper and lower canopy.
Adjustable upper and lower canopies

Adjusting the upper and lower canopies

  • Magnetic latch on the balcony door.
Latch balcony door

Latch balcony door

Video: Adjust the lower hinge PVC windows

adjustment or replacement handles

adjustment or reinstallation of the handle may be required in different situations that may occur in thethe operation of even the most high-quality double-glazed windows.

1. For example, the handle on the door or window, with time can become loose, and if you do not solve the problem immediately, it could jam, and then will understand even harder. Especially because this problem is solved in the initial stage is easy enough - it can be called a very simple operation of all adjustment work.

Lift handle mounts

lift fixtures handles

To address this shortcoming will need a Phillips screwdriver , which tightened fasteners.Any pen to double-glazed windows installed on on masonry, having an upper cover made of plastic, under which the hidden fixing bolts.To reach them, the cover is rotated 90 degrees, and then carry out tightening bolts using a Phillips screwdriver .The cover turns easy enough, so it is not necessary to hook it screwdriver or other sharp instrument.This can cause damage to the plastic frame or the cover itself, and further it will be difficult to close or open.

2. Another case that requires intervention in the mechanical gp Article eklopaketa - a replacement handle for a perfect model having a fuse.

This precaution is necessary in the event that the apartment is home to a small child , which with ease can open a normal pen glass.This - is extremely dangerous, if the apartment is located above the first floor.Protective gear is mounted on the handle, do not allow this.

Handle with lock - fuse

Handle with lock-fuse

Perform reinstallation process this element is also quite simple.As in the first situation, on to clutch rotates the upper lid, which opens attachment.Then, the bolts can be turned out, stick a little swinging from side to side and removed.

Then, set a new handle with a fuse.It is important to establish its in the same position as the previous installed.Produced fixing bolts on the handle and test the operation of the system. At the end of the work decorative cover is put in place.

3. More one fairly common situation , when it is difficult to handle is turned, or comes to the desired level at her turn.

solution to this problem - more difficult task, as this situation has several causes.

  • may swivel mechanism pen requires cleaning and lubrication, if the window is operated by more than one year.
  • Maybe that the pressing mechanism is mounted in an awkward position or too loose, in which case it is necessary to weaken.In this case, apply the processes which have already been mentioned above - held adjustment pins and configurable frames adjustment bolts on on -equilibrium hinges.

4. It happens, that window can not be opened because, that jammed the handle in the same position.From this situation, too, there is a way.The reason for this phenomenon lies in the wrong triggered or a failure lock, which does not give possible to change the position of the handle in the open position of the window. To remedy the situation, you must manually take the lock lever and the handle will still rotate freely.

Lever locking window handle

lever lock window handle

lever is on the accessible front side of the sash and is a metal plate which is in the open position of the window is reserved for certain angle from a sealing gum and attached to the end so that it is able to move.

In carrying out this manipulation does not need to unscrew the screws and remove the handle.

Lubrication PVC windows

mechanisms Not many people know, that some unpleasant situations that result in the need to adjust to arise from the fact, that time not grease moving parts and window mechanisms were held,inside the frame.

If PVC windows are operated for several years, especially if they are installed in homes located near roads with heavy traffic, the mechanism clogged with dust, which is mixed with the grease, turning into mud.This substance not only hampers the smooth movement of the flaps when they are opened, and turns the handle.This "paste" has a strong abrasive effect and thus - friction mechanisms wear out quickly begin to creak, and then all can come into disrepair.In addition, dust deteriorate the rubber seals to ensure sealing insulating glass and window lose their positive qualities and means , their have changed over time.

and therefore requires periodic cleaning and replacement mechanisms in their lubrication, as well as the processing of rubber seals, so they do not lose their elasticity.Such processing is carried out all the necessary components at least once a year, but it is better to carry them out immediately after the end of winter and before the onset of cold weather.

Special maintenance kit PVC windows

Special maintenance kit PVC windows

industrial oils can be used for preventive measures, which are used for the lubrication of the moving mechanisms.For example, it may well come up engine oil used for sewing machines.In addition, the lubricant is sometimes used, made of silicone-based.On sale are also presented special funds intended for the treatment of rubber seals and lubrication of moving mechanisms.They are manufactured in plastic bottles with nozzles suitable for lubrication and bottled.

treatment process includes the following process steps:

  • All sash windows are opened and inspected.
  • then wiped off with a soft cloth, all visible elements of accessories as fresh grease should be coated on the on dry and clean surface. to clean inaccessible tissue sections are used brush or sponge.
  • The next step is the application of the lubricant composition on mounting, latches, bolts, and rotating mechanism of the handle.
Application of the nodes window mechanism lubrication

Applying lubricant to the nodes window mechanism

  • Recommended for lubrication use means , produced in the cylinders, as a means of spray lubricant is able to penetrate into the most remote corners of the mechanisms.
  • If lubricant formulations used in bottles, it must be applied to every detail 2 - 4 drops, and then give the work mechanism, closing and opening sash and by turning the handle in different positions.
  • Rubber seals are treated specifically designed for rubber composition, which will maintain its in an elastic state, preventing crack.
  • should not be used for preventive maintenance of oil, not intended for the maintenance arrangements, for example, vegetable or cosmetic.
  • very important to all lubricants procedures simultaneously - this time strengthen the overall preventive effect.

If you do not forget to carry out lubrication work on time, all the elements of glass will last long enough without fail.

mechanisms in windows P BX Sun ex fi rm, etc. Practical identical, so the adjustment is carried out for the most part the same.The manufacturer purchased the windows on his site usually gives description of its products and instructions for its operation.Therefore, this information can always be accessed in the event of any difficulties.

prepared the instruments and structures for lubrication, you can continue with the work that should be done without haste, thoroughly understanding in design.If you come to the process responsibly, it is quite possible to hold their own, and he does not takes a lot of time.

Video: preparations for PVC windows for the winter