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August 12, 2017 18:06

Reiling for the kitchen - a popular kitchen paraphernalia .Varieties and installation rules

hard to imagine that just a pipe attached to the wall with two brackets and dressed her hooks can be as functional.Roof came to us from the restaurant kitchens and were immediately appreciated by the housewives.About that, what is the roof rails, its varieties and assembly rules will be discussed in this article.


  • Types railing kitchen
  • Advantages railing or why they are so popular
  • for railing
    • Accessories What made
  • Roof and the overall design of the kitchen
  • How to install railskitchen
    • Required tools
    • Installation
  • What are rails for the kitchen to buy better
    • Roof Germany
    • Italian rails
    • Czech rails

for women the kitchen has a special significance.It spends most of the time, so it would be desirable to make the most comfortable and cozy.In order to optimize the allocation and convenient organization kitchen space, use the rails.

Types railing kitchen

Construction «Rail» although simple, they are produced in several versions:

  • most popular is the fulfillment of horizontal.In some kitchens rails run along the walls under all functional cupboards, somewhere are demarcated sections.On hooks hung all kinds of holders, shelves for various purposes, some small kitchen utensils.


to horizontal systems include roof rails and magnetic - a handy tool for storing metal objects without hooks;


  • rails in the vertical version can connect the ceiling or hanging shelves from the table top or floor.Here special stylish stand, shelf systems are used instead of hooks.Elegant looks glasses and glasses stored here in a specially designed for this purpose, the holders.Optionally, you can buy a vertical rails on to the top, imitating the rack bar;


  • and for those who have a kitchen island type, at the time the suspension rails on.This whole railing system for the kitchen, where there is room for dishes, and other necessary kitchen appliances.Bars, hanging rails, used for a long time.

Advantages railing or why they are so popular

These storage systems like our mistresses at once.And what is surprising, because they have many advantages.It:

  • mobility - where required, and there hanged;
  • everything you need in a prominent place, do not need to delve into the table and spend time searching.From now on all graters and knives, beaters and the blade open view and will not be lost.A spoon and fork in a special stand-glass?It's so convenient - reached out and picked up or washed and set.And no drawers and bustle around them;
  • utensils can be swapped, to rearrange the way you think it appropriate at this time;
  • All seasonings and spices that you use in cooking, can be placed directly at the stove, using a special shelf, which is very convenient;
  • important - the table is released completely;
  • kitchen interior, they add the order, comfort and extreme elegance;
  • care reylingovymi systems simple.

possible to use the kitchen of two or even 3 types of railings.For example:

  • near the sink - a horizontal shelf for detergents;
  • along the desktop to accommodate horizontal roof rail and forks spoons and ladles with a slotted spoon, and the shovels, and sunflower oil, vinegar, pot holders and even small coffee maker or blender.There will be a place for a cookbook ,null, if you purchase a special sloping shelf;
  • if there is an island table, above it is convenient to hang pots and pans.

Accessories for railing

Reylingovye systems involve the use of a large number of accessories.These include:

  • shelves of various shapes;
  • holders;
  • Towel with serrated edge, allowing exactly tear from the roll;
  • dryers;
  • removable and non-removable hooks;
  • plastic or metal cups;
  • jar with a lid in the form of a hook;
  • ryumochnitsy;
  • basket where you can put fruit;
  • bread bins.

Some accessories, such as baskets, bread bins, place, if it is more convenient, on a table or on a windowsill.They fit well in the selected style.

What made

Roof for the kitchen and their accessories are made mainly of steel and then:

  • covered with shiny chrome, but also make the rails for the kitchen mat;
  • trim, brass or bronze;
  • mimic gold or silver coating;
  • are even covered with leather;
  • can find the rails, which are used for the manufacture of safety glass - transparent or colored.They look almost weightless, they often mounted lights.


Roof and the overall design of the kitchen

If you do not just make the kitchen user-friendly operation, but also decided to stick with a certain well-defined style, then you should know that:

  • in minimalist orJapanese style does not fit the kitchen roof rails, as the law of the genre: "no frills", eliminates small details, and the details, namely those are hanging on the hook of the spatula, terochki, jars with spices and potholders.So: or follow the story, or create maximum comfort for themselves;
  • but very supportive of the details in the interior design styles: classic, country, Provence, retro, vintage.For each of these styles, of course it has its own set of accessories placed in the roof rail.For example:
  1. kitchen in the style of Provence are relevant capacity for coffee or tea with simple shapes, small flowers on the towels and on the material of the sewn pot holders;
  2. retro style - these are natural materials.If the mortar, the copper if the pepper mill, the wood.
  • In urban kitchen, decorated in a modern style, roof rails quite appropriate.But, still, supercharge their abundance of detail is not necessary.But a small room decorative flower on the shelf will be a highlight in the interior.

How to install rails on the kitchen

The simplest reylingovaya system includes:

  1. tube whose diameter is often equal to 1 inch;
  2. 2 fastenings;
  3. plugs;
  4. The corner kitchen to go to the other wall of the railing is used more and rotary tube.They can be performed at 90 and 135 °.Transitions stronger coupling.

That is what constitutes the typical railing kit for the kitchen photo, you can see:


mounting- rails on

To install the railing in the kitchen can hardly invite specialists.This is how easy it is, that the power of any.

Required tools

You will benefit from:

  1. Building levels;
  2. a Punch with acute pobeditovym or diamond drill;
  3. Hacksaw or grinder when suddenly the rod is longer than required.


The process itself can be described as follows:

  1. Take the level and draw a horizontal line;
  2. to conduct line mark up the holes.If the roof rail has a length of less than a meter, it is only two points of support, and if more - add a third;
  3. Getting the openings, being careful as allowing some mistake can damage the tiles;
  4. laid in the holes of the plastic plugs;
  5. The cork is screwed screws;
  6. cogs fastened to the tube is already mounted parts;
  7. edges of the bar make out the plugs.

Good to know: 1 .A The line railing height in the kitchen, if it is horizontal, typically is marked by 8-10 centimeters below from bottom hinged locker.

2. Hanging rails on mounted on the same principle as the horizontal, but the strength mounting need to pay special attention, he still hangs over his head .

What are rails for the kitchen to buy better

Purchase railing and accessories made on the following criteria:

  • price;
  • quality;
  • design.

Roof kitchen you can buy imported from Germany, Italy, Czech Republic.

Roof Germany

So: if the 2nd criterion for you to prevail over the former, buy German, and in particular, manufactured by KESSEBOHMER (Kessebohmer).The advantage of that is the:

  1. coating is applied galvanically, which allows for a long time to maintain the original appearance;
  2. produces not only the rails with a circular cross section, but also with a square, for example: LINERO-2000 on which the accessories are mounted very compact;


3. A wide range of decorative coatings:

  • glossy chrome;
  • matt chrome;
  • brushed nickel;
  • gold gloss.

Italian rails

Compared to released in Germany, Italian rails for the kitchen price two times lower than, but not limited to the price - quality, too.The difference in coating technology:

  • Italians used sputtering, and therefore cover Rowling wears much faster;
  • mainly as LEMI here by using the color of aged bronze and copper.


Czech rails

Roof of the Czech Republic supplies company TESCOMA (Tescoma).In appearance, quality and price they meet Italian.