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August 12, 2017 18:06

Siding with your hands

Siding type is becoming increasingly popular in the exterior facades.This is justified, since it renews the building and gives them a completely different look. Saydingovye panels are made of different materials, and each kind of such finishes has its pros and cons. But there is a "common denominator» - they are easy to install, so the transformation of the house fast enough.Besides the aesthetic appearance, siding advantage over other surfacing materials is that the finished facade does not require a special care for many years.

Siding with your hands

Siding with your hands

Saidy ng St. oimi hands just enough to mount.Home - right to carry out preparatory work, study the instructions for its installation and adhere to all full-time manufacturing operations.

However, you first need to understand, what types of siding are the most popular, and what qualities they possess.

types of modern siding

Article Contents

  • 1 types of modern siding
    • 1.1 Metal siding
    • 1.2 polymeric siding
    • 1.3 fiber cement siding
  • 2 Preparations
    • 2.1 Carrying out the necessary calculations
    • 2.2 Tools and accessories for
    • 2.3 Preparing walls
    • 2.4 Mounting batten
  • 3 Installation fitting strips
  • 4 Installation of the main saydingovyh panels
    • 4.1 Video: master class for installation of vinyl siding
  • 5 Sheathing gable
    • 5.1 species: any installation errors to be avoided

If nottaking into account natural wood, for the outer skin of the house are considered the most popular three types of siding - metal, polymer and fiber cement .

Metal siding

This type of finishing material is made of galvanized steel sheet, which is then coated with resistant to external influences polymer compositions.This coating has a variety of colors, can mimic the texture patterns other finishing materials - wood or stone .

Металлический сайдинг под "корабельную доску"

Metal siding under the "ship's board»

Metal siding can have different relief forms.In addition to the traditional « herringbone », produced panels that mimic the shape of the board, timber (block-house) or natural stone chips of various breeds.

Металлический "блок-хаус"

Metal "house block»

Metal siding is used not only for covering unsightly walls of old houses, but also to create interesting fences around plots.

Metal siding with imitation masonry

Metal siding with imitation masonry

The advantages of finishing material can be attributed to the heat resistance, durability and sufficient strength.Siding has a double anti-corrosion coating (polymer + zinc), so he is not afraid of moisture and reliably protects the wall of the house for 35 ÷ 50 years.The material is resistant to ultraviolet rays and low temperatures, it does not crack and does not fade, retaining its original appearance throughout the entire operation.

However, to paneling lasts a long time, the installation of siding you need to carefully handle attachment points and lots of cuts because the damage of the polymer coating will provoke the appearance of rust on the metal, which can spread to nearby areas of the siding.

polymeric siding

polymeric siding is made of acrylic and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic, so it is often called vinyl.This finishing material is great for tidying up the house walls with insulation them ventilated façade technology.It protects heating material from moisture, but its installation over warm layer, you must be sure to leave a ventilation gap.It can provide wooden crate , which is fixed and finish of the siding.

Vinyl siding - the most popular of all the other

Vinyl siding - the most popular of all the other

produced such Saidy ng plural ogochislennyh colors, as well as an imitation of stone, bricks, planks and timber with relevant structural drawings and reliefs.

A variety of colors and textures - an extremely high

variety of colors and textures - an extremely high

To finish cap made special ground polymeric siding option.It differs in that it has a greater thickness, but smaller panels, as compared with wall material.

These factors are very important for the reliability finishing bottom of the house, as it was on her negative impacts are most - mechanical and against dirt, rain, snow, etc .

Types of ground plastic siding

kinds of plastic siding basement

The most common ground vinyl siding mimics the rough natural stone or brickwork in different colors, which makes the lower part of the house more visually heavy , giving « reliable » exterior construction.

Tse on on ground Siding higher than conventional vinyl panels in two ÷ three times, but it is justified, since it is more durable and long-lasting.

Using ground siding gives the house a thorough view

Using ground siding gives the house a thorough view

Vinyl siding does not separate and is not subject to corrosion and rot.It is non-toxic and non-flammable, easy to install and has aesthetically neat appearance.

However, it should be noted that low-quality siding can not withstand exposure to low temperatures and becomes brittle, and with little mechanical stress it may cause cracks and chipped.Therefore , selecting it, it is very important to pay attention to the basic characteristics, which must be in the data sheet.If the technical documents on the party of siding from the seller not, from such a product should be abandoned.

fiber cement siding

fiber cement siding is made of cement and cellulose fibers.Because of this it is able to withstand high and low temperatures, resistant to deformation and various external influences.

fiber cement siding

fiber cement siding

fiber cement has a pronounced heat resistance, does not rot and corrosion, it is environmentally friendly.This siding has some good noise insulation qualities - on this indicator it is superior to vinyl or metal counterparts several times.

By cons include some hygroscopic material, so before installing it on the wall is necessary to fix the moisture proof film , especially if it is mounted on top of the heater.

In addition, you can not call it the advantages of a large weight and high cost.That he securely held on crate, it should be done under the most durable frame, which must be hard mounted on the wall.

Installation of fiber cement siding is complicated by the weight of the material

Installation of fiber cement siding is complicated by the weight of the material

produced fiber cement siding as flat panels width 190 mm, 10 mm, 3600 mm long.Complicating his wall mounting lack of interlocks, which always have a siding made from other materials.

Cutting this siding is performed using special equipment or disc sander on the stone.Cutting should be done, as precisely as possible and be careful, because large errors when cutting and installation, can significantly reduce the strength and moisture resistance finishing.

word, fiber cement siding good, but its installation is better to "give" to the professionals.

Staying at one of the types of siding, you can proceed to the preparatory activities to be carried out on the surface of walls and gables of the roof.


preparatory work include the following activities:

  • of measurements of the gable walls and roof of the house and the calculation of their areas;
  • determining the required amount of material for finishing;
  • preparation tools and accessories;
  • acquisition of all necessary for high-grade finishes;
  • preparation wall - dismantling wall elements, minor repairs, priming and installation crates .

Conducting the necessary calculations

Since vinyl siding - most popular for decoration of homes, thanks ease of installation and affordable price, in as Prima Dr. possiblecalculations show specifically for this material.

First you need to determine the area of ​​each of the buildings walls and gable roof parts, if they are planned also to sheathe siding.

  • Define a rectangular area of ​​the wall is easy - need to multiply the height by the length.If located on the wall or window (s) of the door, and the area is calculated and then subtracted from the total area of ​​the wall.The resulting value will be equal to the number of the desired coating material.

In the event that the base and the corners of the building will be finished siding with other invoice or other colors, these areas are calculated separately.

Any form of finishing material is recommended to buy 15% more than estimates obtained by .

Calculate the area of ​​the panel - easy

Calculate the area of ​​the panel - easy

  • Knowing the area of ​​each of the walls of the house, you can count how many siding panels need to her skin.To do this, you need to specify the area of ​​one panel finishing material. calculation is made using the same formula as the wall area, ie .height multiplied by the length of the panel, for example

0,23 × 3,66 = 0,84 m².

By the way, very often it is the value of (useful area of ​​one panel) is indicated in the data sheet.

  • Further, the total wall area received (after deduction of window and door sizes), is divided into a bar area. The result is a number of panels, which must be purchased for covering one wall.Such calculations must be repeated for each of the walls - the only way to get the required number of panels for the whole of the house trim.
  • Next made calculation square gable roof parts.It is recommended to make an accurate drawing gable at 1:20 and it properly distribute the siding panel, with respect to their length and direction.
To calculate the required length of the gable area of the triangle sides

To calculate the area of ​​the gable necessary lengths of the sides of the triangle

Area gable calculated by Heron's formula :

S = √ p × ( p - a ) × ( p - b ) × ( p - c )

where p - it semiperimeter which, respectively, is

p = (a + b + c ) : 2.

For example: let's say that our pediment triangle has sides for 7 m , and at the bottom - 8m .

semiperimeter is: p = (7 + 7 + 8 ) : 2 = 11 m

now easy calculate and the very area:

S = √11 × (11 - 7) × (11 - 7) × (11 - 8) = √ 528 ≈ 23 m²

So gable area is 23 square meters.meters.Gables usually two, so the found parameter is doubled.

  • Next, you need to calculate all the elements of the auxiliary fitting.

They are necessary for ease of installation of panels perfectly smoothly and accurately to one another, and to make plating finished species - closing all gaps and inconsistencies in the joints.

Thumbnail Profile name and mission profile Thumbnail Profile name and mission profile
starting starting strip - with its installation, as a rule, begins the general assembly J strap Profile, chamfer, for finishing end eaves
finishing strip finishing lath - completes the series of siding top jamb Plat - for finishing the transition from the wall to the walling and window apertures
exterior angle Profilefor lining the outer corners priokonnaya strap Priokonnaya (for doors) strap - for finishing the appropriate slopes
internal angle profile for docking panels in the inner corners connective connecting rod - for registration of vertical joints of panels
Prof. J. J-profile wide - installed on planes crossings or on their completion edging strip edging strip - for the design of transitions, stepped level drops vertically
soffit Spotlights - for filing the bottom eaves attachments drain bracket - to provide free drainage of rain water on the benches, for example, at the transition to the cap

for example, the starting strip exhibiting perfect right on the construction and the level fixed in the bottom of the wall.On how she will installed depends on horizontal mounting all subsequent panels of siding, that is, it will set the direction of the entire casing.

In this scheme, you can see the different profiles, which are designed for different areas of skin decoration - this frame of window and door openings , spotlights, joints separate panels, corners and etc .

Additional fitting elements

more fitting elements

How much and what is necessary to acquire the profiles for interior and exterior angles and other elements of the facade, is calculated depending on the structure of the design, the number of windows and doors, the presence of canopy over the entrance, and others.

Window Decorating sidingFrames siding - this is the most difficult element of the mounting structure.So about Frames material we decided to bring in a separate article, which you can see here.

recommend another way to get acquainted with the material for the installation of siding with insulation.

measurement window and door openings must be done carefully, and the resulting size of each of the species needed slats necessary to add 15% of their length - this supply is needed if made unsuccessful slit and one of the fitting elements be spoiled.

usually siding manufacturers each model is accompanied by a complete set of profiles fitting.The technical documentation is required to put down the length of each element.So to make the necessary calculations will be easy.

  • For crates need timber size 20 ÷ 25 × 80 ÷ 100 mm or, alternatively - galvanized profiles 60 × 27 mm, which are used for drywall.Guides are mounted on the walls of the house with a step of 400 ÷ 600 mm from each other (depending on the specific model and siding must be indicated in the installation manual).The length of each of the elements crates will match the height of the walls in this place.In the same way is calculated the number and length of the guide battens on each of the walls and on the pediment.