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August 12, 2017 18:07

Why floor heating does not heat up and how to solve this problem?

This article will focus on the infrared and cable systems of heating floor.If you notice that the electric floor heating does not heat or heats the room slightly, you should immediately proceed to search for the cause.On why there is no heat and what to do in this case, we described below.

  • No power
  • Damage
  • system Improper installation

No power

first thing is to make sure that the heating system is suitable for food.Typically, a film or a heating cable is connected through the thermostat, to which a voltage is applied.If the temperature control display lights are lit, then the power is, if the indicators are not available or do not burn, it is necessary to manually check why floor heating does not heat.You need to take a multimeter to check whether there is voltage on the input contacts.To learn how to use a multimeter, we are told in detail in the relevant article.


way, the low voltage network is also the reason for the warm floor is not heated to the desired temperature.When comes to the terminals 200 volts rather than 220, heating efficiency is reduced by 20%.To solve this problem you need to install in the house of a voltage regulator.

The video shows yet another means of checking the regulator:

Check thermostat
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If the input voltage is, you need to make sure that it is normally served on a self heating cable or infrared film.To do this, make sure that no one accidentally touched the settings, asmay simply set to minimum temperature, resulting in the inclusion of heating does not occur.Also check the reliability of the connection wires to the terminals.Poor contact is also the reason why electric floor heating does not warm or slightly warm.

With the connections and settings all right?Measure the voltage at the output of the controller (terminals, which connects itself heating system).When enabled, it must match the network.If not, the thermostat will have to be replaced.

Ensure trouble connecting the thermostat can be heated floor directly to the network.If the floor starts to heat up, then the matter is in the controller.


system Next you need to check the temperature sensor and the very system of the electric floor heating.For this multimeter measured thermistor resistance and the cable (or film).If not the passport, it means the device out of service."0" on the display of the tester will indicate a short circuit, a "1" or an open circuit infinity (may occur as a result of mechanical damage).For information on how to repair a warm floor with their hands, we are told in the corresponding article!

resistance Measurement

Check the nominal resistance of the heating element can be, using the formula: R = U2 / P, where U - 220 V, and P - power electric floor (you can see in the passport or using approximate rate of 150 W / m2).

also like to draw your attention to the fact that the temperature sensor resistance decreases when heated, so if the difference compared to the nameplate data is small, it indicates it is working properly.If the resistance is significantly different from the manufacturer, then faulty sensor.

Check the resistance of the heating cable
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Determination of resistance temperature sensor
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Improper installation

In that case, if you checked all items and they were serviceable, but a warm floor is not heated above 22 or,for example, 30 degrees, then the cause of one of the three:

  1. incorrectly calculated heating capacity, resulting in infrared or cable coverage is not enough warm.
  2. poorly insulated room.Large heat loss prevent warming.
  3. you are not following the rules complied with the installation of the heating elements: they have made a big step styling thick screed or temperature sensors placed close to the warm floor.

In this case, will have to redo everything becausethe system does not heat up on your error and will be replaced in the best location of the sensor, if it is really the cause of it.To learn how to make an electric field under the tiles, we were told in detail in the relevant article.About infrared film laying under laminate, we also spoke.

That's all that we want to talk about why electric floor heating does not heat, and what to do to fix the problem.As you can see, everything is quite simple to define, the main thing - to be able to use a multimeter!

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