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August 12, 2017 18:06

Design pink bathroom , decorated with bright ceramic tiles

Bathroom has a rectangular shape and small size.There are all conditions not only for washing, but also for taking a shower.You can also enjoy the smell of incense and a touch of foam, bathing in a bath of acrylic.Despite the fact that it is sedentary, it is quite enough space to fully bathe or just relax.

Photo 1 - Design pink bathroom.Bathtub seat

well laid out all the elements of the interior, creating an atmosphere of comfort and relaxation.Gloss chrome elements, not only does not interfere with the overall perception of the interior, but also highlights the originality of the pitch.

Photo 2 - The interior of a small bathroom.Gypsum duct pipe tiled

Interesting design solution allows to expand the space visually, give it a more correct form.There was a place around that is usually installed in the bathrooms, and the room looks light, not cluttered.Of course the box from moisture-resistant gypsum board, which are hidden in the water pipes and ventilation system is consuming a certain space of the room, but look very aesthetically pleasing.

original front door with horizontal stripes on the left side of the dense highlights architraves, the same color itself.It is combined with ceramic tiles, laid on the walls and boxes, closing the pipe.Gentle and warm light beige tone successfully diluted with two kinds of inserts:
Bright, saturated colors of the coral.This tile is laid in the form of a rectangle on the wall near the bathroom.Flooring tiles have the same color, but different size and shape

Photo 3 - Finish the bathroom tiles.Pink wardrobe.Mirror with integrated lamp

looks very attractive so-called Moidodyr representing the cabinet, on which a sink is not quite the usual form - in the form of a deep bowl.This cabinet is painted in coral color and has two doors, behind which hides the siphon and shelves on which you can place your items, such as towels.Worktop cabinet is decorated with tiles of the same color per se.

Photo 4 - Making the bathroom.Photos pink bathroom.

original sliding glass partition, do not allow water spray and looks attractive.You almost get a shower.Its chrome heated towel rack in common with, faucet and shower stand.Mirror with integrated lighting, which is located opposite the entrance, visually make the room larger.

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