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August 12, 2017 18:07

Tips for choosing a good humidifier

Humidifier - a device that allows you to create an optimal indoor climate, flat.It is very important for a child's room, as it allows to reduce the risk of diseases of children.The device is indispensable, if the baby is often sick.Keep in mind that most heaters dry the air, thus contributing to propagation of pathogenic bacteria, so the device will be useful not only for children but also for adults.It disinfects the air in the room and is a barrier to the propagation of harmful microorganisms.In this article, we will tell readers site itself Electricians, how to choose a humidifier for a better apartment and in 2016.

  • Species devices
  • Additional features
  • Summing up
  • Models Rating

Species devices

Before giving any advice on choosing a humidifier,you need to understand what kinds of devices exist:

  • humidifier operating on the principle of natural evaporation.The device unit in this case is extremely simple - the water tank with a cooler that blows the evaporating water, thereby obtaining a cold steam.This species has a low level of efficiency and is a poor choice for homes with small children, because the air is humidified slowly.
  • steam - into the air enters the apartment moisture in the form of hot steam.The principle of operation of this type is quite simple - hydration is carried out by heating the water.Clear example is the kettle boiling.The steam humidifier has two significant drawbacks:
  1. more energy.The heating elements are characterized by high energy consumption.
  2. low level of security, you must ensure that the humidifier was in reach of a small child, as the child can get burned.And adults need to be careful.

Variety of models

advantage of the choice of this type is the ability to combine the moisturizing and flavoring.

  • ultrasonic type - principle of operation of such a device is based on the vibration of the membrane, which turns the water into the smallest aerosol.Water dust and moistens the air in an apartment or house.This technology is considered to be the most effective in terms of hydration, energy, security.The advantage is also the speed, increasing the humidity starts immediately after switching on.Disadvantage - the use of water with impurities will result in an apartment in a white raid;
  • Air cleaning - is nanotechnology.The complex, which automatically creates the best microclimate in the apartment: purifies and ionizes the air.Selecting the device variants with purifier and ionizer is complicated by the high cost.It is several times the price of these three species.

bytvoyh All varieties of humidifiers are united only by one feature - no noise.With views understood, now let's talk about what features to look out for if you want to choose an inexpensive but good humidifier in 2016.

Additional features

Selecting the device may be caused by additional functions:

  • display, which indicates the temperature in the apartment, the room humidity level.This function is useful and very convenient.
  • remote control.You can turn on and off with the remote humidifier from a distance.This so-called option for the lazy.But it is widely believed that this feature - an excess and you can easily take a few steps to turn on the device.Here the choice depends solely on the customer's preferences.Remember, the more functions in the model you decide to choose, the more expensive it will cost.

Summing up

Obviously, the best in terms of usability for the house will choose the ultrasonic humidifier.But the choice is also determined by the cost.And here the situation is somewhat difficult, as all kinds of humidifiers have different costs.For example, an instrument based on the principle of natural evaporation can be more expensive than ultrasound and vice versa.

Child care

Here the determining factor is the manufacturer.In order not to overpay for the untwisted name should be chosen based on technical characteristics, needs and financial capabilities.Selling first-class data sets are considered Boneco Air-o-Swiss, Timberk, Electrolux, Sharp, Philips, and Ballu.If you want to choose a quality moisturizer and if it does not overpay, we recommend to give preference to the data producer.However, note that the price will be higher than the Chinese counterparts.From inexpensive domestic brands would like to highlight the Atmos, whose production is gradually gaining the Russian market.

Despite the fact that the need to pay special attention to the producer, in most cases, the choice is as follows: ultrasonic or steam.But what is better, if both options have the same parameters and the cost?Here comes to the fore the desirability and practicality.

The first factor - the right choice for the area.For a child's room enough moisturizer, designed to 25m2, but if it is necessary to humidify a large area, such as an apartment, you should choose a more powerful device.There are models, targeted at humidification in the room to 60m2.

second factor - security.For children aged 2 to 10 years is better to buy an ultrasonic humidifier to avoid injuries or burns.

third factor - the possibility of various types of reactions, such as the sudden appearance of cough in children.This factor is the most controversial and scantily explored.Here to give any advice is difficult.One solution may be a variety of high-quality production of the humidifier famous brand.In this case, the overpayment will be appropriate.Another factor influencing the work of the unit - water.It is desirable to use purified as a liquid from the tap contains many different elements, not always useful.It is especially important to consider in allergy and pregnancy.

Important! Note that ultrasonic or steam, and the device works on the principle of natural evaporation, does not in itself solve the problem of the air disinfection.Household humidifier will become an effective helper if implement complex of measures, which includes systematic ventilation and carrying wet cleanings.Only in this case it will be achieved the maximum benefit for the newborn and not have problems with allergies and pregnancy.In addition, the risk of such reactions is significantly reduced.

It is equally important to carry out a systematic maintenance of the device.Guidance on this is in its literature.The vast majority of people ignore the instructions or learn only the "Management" section.This is a very important part of the normal work of the efficiency (efficiency).

The filters are going to different substances and bacteria, which periodically must be removed by replacing the filter element.The maximum practical in this regard is the microclimate complex air cleaning.this class of devices are equipped with LEDs that indicate the need to replace the filter and ionizing bar.

As a result, in order to choose the right humidifier the following factors be taken into account and find the arithmetic mean between:

  • specifications - selection by type, area, range of additional functions;
  • value - the choice depends on the financial capabilities;
  • safety - concerns steam humidifiers, as well as the manufacturer (if you choose an expensive model, the more there is a guarantee the absence of unforeseen reactions, such as allergic).

Models Rating

Well, the last thing I would like to tell - what models humidifiers are considered the best by far.If you do not know which device to choose between price and quality, you can safely give preference to the most suitable variant of our top 10:

Scarlett SC-AH986M04 .Ultrasonic model that can serve 50 square squares.The average price of 3,000 rubles, while there are switching indication and adjustment of the rate of evaporation.Convenient, inexpensive, practical.

Scarlett SC - AH98shT04

SUPRA HDS-111 .The cost is about the same, in fact, as characteristics.We advise to choose this model to work, becausethe appearance of the body is quite attractive and well fit into the office design.


Atmos UVOI .It can work both in the home and in the car.When low power is able to humidify air within the room.

Atmos UVOI

AIC ST2850 .The original design, with the remote control, the presence of flavoring function, ultrasonic humidification.If you want to choose the model to 10,000 rubles, suggest a closer look at this device.

AIS ST2850

Boneco U201A .The leading company has a range of budget moisturizer with stylish design and the availability of all necessary functions.The quality and price of this option is the best, besides, it is a function of aromatization.
Boniek U201A

Ballu UHB-240 Disney .The original of the housing, which is recommended to choose for a child's room.Judging by the reviews we can say that the machine does its work and justify the price.

Ballou NSA - 240 Disney

AiRTe KM-310 .Suitable as a job and an apartment.Able to serve 50 sq.m.premises.Ultrasonic humidification, the cost of not more than 6 thousand. Rubles.

Airtam KM - 310

Timberk THU UL 12 .Good enough humidifier with ioniser.If you want to select the unit in a room with an area no more than 35 square meters, take a look at this model.

Timberk TCA UL 12

Electrolux EHU-3710D / 3715D .The most expensive representative of our ranking.High-quality assembly, interesting design, the presence of a remote control and air ionization.We would like to mention a very convenient instrument control.
Electrolux Yahoos - 3710D - 3715D

Finally recommend that you review the video, in which experts give their own recommendations on the choice of these devices:

TV show "Live healthy!ยป
YouTube Preview
School Dr. Komarovsky
YouTube Preview

Here we areWe provide advice on the selection of devices for air humidification.We hope these tips have helped you and now you know how to choose a humidifier for an apartment and a better price and quality in 2016!

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