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August 12, 2017 18:07

What should be the lighting on the balcony ?

We have already looked at how to make a light on the balcony, where it touched the electrical work.This article is no longer devoted to general issues balcony lighting, namely lamps which need to choose what to consider when designing lights and lamps which options are the most popular to date.Thus, we consider each question in order.

  • basic requirements
  • Options fixtures
  • Photo examples

basic requirements

Make lighting on the balcony is not difficult, becausethe room is small and the backlight is enough to install a few lights.Use wall sconces

from the conditions of fire and electrical safety to the laying of light meet the following requirements:

  1. Lamps must be dust and water.
  2. not install fluorescent lamps, sincethey do not work well at low temperatures (balcony, as a rule, is not heated).
  3. junction box, actually like a light switch, must be brought outside the room in accordance with EU standards.
  4. order not to spoil the interior wiring is necessary to lay a hidden way.
  5. If using external wiring method, the cable must be placed in a protective corrugated self-extinguishing material (in the ignition wiring corrugation prevents the combustion process).
  6. Lamps should be compact.Bulky chandeliers on the whole ceiling would only worsen the interior.
  7. If the balcony is combined with the kitchen, set several groups of lamps, each of which will be responsible for a specific functional area.

also recommend that you take care about the quality natural lighting.To do this, place the large windows or even completely glazed structure.In this case, during the day, even in cloudy weather, turn on the lights will not be necessary.

fixtures options most reasonable and effective solution is to install the spotlights with his hands.They are economical, have an attractive appearance and also easy to install.The only drawback of such products - the high price, but over time, this problem disappears, becauseenergy-efficient LED lamps will significantly reduce the cost of electricity and thus pay for itself.

Spot lights can be installed in a plasterboard ceiling, and in the wood.All that is needed - to bring the wires inside the casing and cut Stroebe under the cabinet, as shown in the photo above.

Video instructions how to install LED lighting on the balcony
YouTube Preview

The alternative - installing sconces or wall and ceiling lampshades.In this case, the product can be operated from the mains and from the socket.This method of lighting the balcony is used quite often, because there is no need to stretch a wire from the junction box to the room.

If balcony would act as a winter garden or a private office, it is recommended to install a directional light lamps and even compact fluorescent lamps.The latter option can be used, because the room is heated, and thus, the temperature does not affect the efficiency of light sources.

modern idea is to connect LED strip lighting balcony.Glowing LED strip can be mounted not only on the perimeter of the ceiling, but also under the glazed part in the middle design in this case is unusual becauserarely holds hidden on the balcony light.

If you decide to make the loggia green corner, lamps for lighting plants and flowers have to be suitable: sodium or LED.Connect incandescent bulbs do not recommend, becausethey consume a lot of electricity and dried plants because of the high heat output.

To extend the wiring from the adjacent rooms or combined to the lodge, you can buy a battery-powered lights.In this case, turn the lighting on the balcony without electricity, which is also a good decision.

Photo examples

And finally I would like to give to your attention interesting photo examples of how you can make the lighting on the balcony with his hands:

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