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August 12, 2017 18:07

Methods of checking performance of PETN

Popular malfunction of household appliances and heaters is a failure of the heating element.If you have a home washing machine does not heat the water in the wash or does not heat up the iron spiral, be sure to ping this item tester circuit.In this article, we'll show you how to check the heater multimeter at home, as well as provide some useful instruction videos on the topic.

  • verification technology
  • Visual video tutorials

testing technology First, consider how an continuity of the heating element, and then deepened in practical aspects related to repairshousehold appliances.So, check the heater can be as follows:

  1. Calculate the resistance heater.To do this, use the formula: R = U2 / P, where U - voltage network (220), and P - rated power of PETN, which can be found in the device data sheet.
  2. Then be sure to disconnect from the electrical device under test, go to the heating element and disconnect the wires.
  3. Turn multimeter (range 200 ohms) resistance measurement mode and touch probes to the terminals as shown in the photo below:

Using the measuring device

who can not use the tester, be sure to read the article - how to use a multimeter.Once you touch the probes to the terminals, can occur a few situations, namely:

  • value on the display is approximately the same as estimated, indicating that the performance of PETN.
  • displayed "0", which means the closure, require replacement.
  • displayed "1" or infinity - there was a break in the chain, you need to replace the heater.

also need to check the heater breakdown (leakage current) with a multimeter.To do this, put the unit in the buzzer mode, one touch a probe output and the other to the housing of the heating element, as shown in the photo below:

Check the washing machine

buzzer beeped - the breakdown is, which means that without the replacement parts will not do.

also advisable to check Megger insulation resistance heater.To do this, you need to include it in the measurement "500" range.One probe touch the contact heater, the second to the appliance housing.The normal insulation resistance of more than 0.5 MW.

more to learn in detail about how to check the heater megger and the multimeter, you can by viewing video data:

Job Wizard
YouTube Preview
Driving continuity
YouTube Preview

way, as before exercisea dial, you must visually check the condition of the heating element.To do this, remove the scum of PETN and check the surface for blisters, cracks and other mechanical damages.If there are any, the item must be replaced.

Another way to check for an open heater - use a test lamp electrician.For this purpose, one contact PETN zero supplied from the network and the second phase through the lamp.If the light is on, it means there is no break.Make a test light can anyone improvised, we wrote about it in detail in the article, which referred to.

Here, actually, and all the ways to check the integrity of PETN.As you can see, in some cases, you can check the heating element even without the meter.Below we look at a video that explain lucidly how to ring heater washing machine, water heater, dishwasher, kettle and other electrical appliances used in the home.

Visual video tutorials

If the boiler does not heat water or knocks RCD when it is turned on, check the heater the water heater as follows:

checks the condition of the heater in the boiler
YouTube Preview
reason the water heater can beat current
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If you want to ring heater washing machine before it will have to get to him.All the instructions given step by step in this video:

disassemble the cabinet of the washing machine and prozvanivatsya TEN
YouTube Preview

To check iron multimeter to disassemble the cabinet is enough to touch the probes to the terminals, as shown here:

Repairing iron

YouTube Preview
With regard to the kettle, his ping is possible using the following procedure:

Repair kettle with his hands
YouTube Preview

Similarly, you can check the heating element serviceability in the dishwasher, heater (for example, a heat gun in a spiral)or other appliances.We hope our guide helped you and now it is clear how to verify the heater multimeter at home!