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August 12, 2017 18:07

Overview of the characteristics of the sodium lamp HPS

Deciphering abbreviations HPS lamps as follows: "D" - arc, "H" - sodium, "T" - tube.These light sources are in great demand both in domestic and in industrial applications.Next we'll talk about where sodium bulbs used, and to give you the most important technical characteristics of HPS lamps.

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  • Basic parameters


So, as we have said, the sodium light bulbs can be used not only at home, but also for industrial purposes.As for the home environment, HPS lamps used for growing plants in greenhouses and sometimes even for street lighting.Yet the first version of the application is more common, due to the technical characteristics of products, which will be discussed later.Sodium lights

addition to living conditions, sodium lamps are used to illuminate the gym, underground passages and even streets.However, at the same time the use of these light sources for high-quality illumination of certain areas is a highly contentious issue, sinceBulbs have a color rendering index is very small, and thus a high ripple.

Parameter overview sodium bulbs of 250 watts
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Basic parameters

So now we look at the tables the main technical characteristics of the most popular models of light bulbs HPS, namely: 70, 100, 150, 250, 400, 1000. For a start, it was clear to you, talk a little bit about all the most important data and then collect some of these in a handy chart.

  • operating temperature from -30 ° C to + 40 ° C;
  • service life (life) from 6 to 25 thousand hours.;
  • type of cap screw E27 or E40;
  • efficiency (efficiency) - 30%;
  • power (power consumption) from 70 to 1000 W (these figures after alphabetic labeling, for example, the lamp HPS 150);
  • lamp voltage from 100 to 120 volts;
  • luminous flux of 3700 lm to 130,000;
  • light output from 80 to 130 lm / W;
  • wavelengths of 550-640 nm;
  • color temperature of 2000 K;
  • rendition 20-30 Ra;
  • ripple luminous flux of up to 70%;
  • time switch from 6 to 10 minutes;

Here we provide an overview of the technical characteristics of the sodium HPS lamps.Now we offer you to get acquainted in detail with the description of the most important parameters of existing models: Overview of the main parameters of popular models Table of important values

In the tables, we have provided even the size of cylindrical tubes that you can take them into account when calculating lighting for plants.As regards weight, it may be different and not always the technical parameter indicated by the manufacturer.To you focused about the meaning, we can only say that the weight of the lamp HPS 250 is 0.23 kg, and a model with a capacity of 400 W - 0.4 kg.

That's all that I wanted to tell you about the characteristics of the sodium lights.We hope that provided general information to the tables were for you useful and handy in clearing work!
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