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August 12, 2017 18:07

An order of dismantling of the boiler for cleaning and maintenance

We have already told you how to repair the boiler with his hands, giving detailed instructions with video tutorials.Today I would like to focus more on the order of disassembly and assembly of water heating tank, becauseThere are several design variants which differ from each other.The urgency of the matter is that if properly extract the TAN or electronic elements, you can break them, which, of course, is undesirable.Then we'll show you how to disassemble water heater with different types of fixing heaters manufacturers such as Thermex, Ariston, Combustion, etc.

  • central nut 55
  • Oval flange
  • bolt circle

central nut 55

If you need to perform disassembly water heating tank, whose bottom heating element mounted large hex nut, as in the photo below, you will still be able to do quickly.

Locking nut 55

First disconnect the boiler from the power and water supply.Before you unscrew the hoses do not forget to shut off the cold water.After disconnecting you need to drain the water from the water heating tank that can be easily done on this video instructions:

correct draining

YouTube Preview
When the water is removed, you need to disassemble the bottom cover of the heater body, which is usually mounted on the 2 screw.Under the hood you will find this big nut and a thermostat, which also must be removed by disconnecting the terminals suitable for him.Now that you've got easy access to the nut, take a pipe wrench №2 or the hub 55, both can be seen in the photo:

Hub- key 55

Gas key number 2

wriggle heater heater for self-repair is necessary counterclockwise.To make it easier to completely disassemble the storage heater with your hands, remove it from the wall and turn it upside down.When the nut is unscrewed, gently remove the heater shaking it slightly from side to side.Excerpted heater

Since after draining the water from the tank may be left inside a small part of it, it is recommended when dismantling substitute a boiler bucket to flow out into it, rather than on the floor.And another tip - if the scale will prevent the extraction of the heating element, with solid non-metallic object, try a little hole to clear himself heater.

Oval flange

If you have a new water heater, its design will be different.TEN in this case can be removed by loosening the clamp.Features of dismantling the housing of this model lies in the fact that in any case it is impossible to disassemble the boiler, turning it upside down, as the "unfortunate master" in this video:

So you can not do!

YouTube Preview
You can see that after the dismantling of the heating element down into the container, which is coated with enamel to not rust inside the tank.Of course, the metal hitting the metal can damage the heater and the heater and the inner coating, which can not be repaired by yourself.

Removing photos thermostat

On this basis, to dismantle the water heater with an oval flange is necessary to do everything without having to remove the boiler.Assembling the product is carried out in reverse order.

bolt circle

Quite popular design that is common in heaters Thermex brands Ariston, Polaris and Burning, considered mounting flange bolts PETN in a circle.These bolts may be 4, 5 or 6, depending on the model.

To disassemble electric boiler of this type, it is necessary, as in previous cases, turn off the mains and drain the water.After that better unscrew the check valve, which can interfere with.One of the frequent difficulties encountered in the complete dismantling of the heater with your hands can be searched screws that hold the plastic cover.If you can not find the attachment points, tear off the label on the cover of this.Sometimes manufacturers hide the cap screws just under the "name plate".The design of the lid

When you disassemble the thermostat and all the disturbing wires can start unwinding bolts on the cylinder.They are best to twist the socket wrench of the appropriate size.

Removing the thermostat from the tank photo

How to remove all the parts for cleaning or repair?
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tank repair 15 liters

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way, Ariston in some of its storage water heaters of this design uses no screws, and vice versa - the nuts, which are wound on the pins as shown in the photohigher.

The more expensive models of water heaters with the complete disassembly you can see a bunch of wires and 2 heating element mounted next to each other.Disassemble such a device can be similar to the previous instructions, but we recommend you to take a picture of the correct connection of all wires to disable them, so you do not get confused and collect the tank quickly.

Model 2 PETN

device with a dry heater can make out exactly the same procedure, so questions about how to proceed, arise you should not.

Appearance of dry PETN

That's all that I wanted to tell you how to disassemble water heater Thermex, Ariston or Polaris.We hope that the procedure for dismantling was understandable for you.If you have any questions, ask them to contact our group or right here in the comments!

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