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August 12, 2017 18:06

Grid antikoshka on the window with his hands

Cats are one of the most active pupils, who live in apartments and houses.Therefore, animal protection is very important for any owner.Throughout the spring and summer periods owners often wide open windows.A curious pets learn what is happening outside the home.Grid antikoshka on the windows, made with his own hands, will allow to warn pet from falling, which is especially important for residents of multi-storey buildings.


  1. Required tools and materials
  2. The ongoing work
  3. Video installation antikoshki on the window with his hands

Required tools and materials

The basis will take an ordinary mosquitoNet installed on plastic windows.Remove thin net cover is not necessary, it is, as before, and will be on the frame and prevent the entry of insects in the room.But because of its protective functions are insignificant, require a strengthening of metal analog, which is called antikoshka or antikot.Contractor must be purchased for the net cages with a mesh size of 2.5-3 cm. For fixing screws will need a length of 1 cm, aluminum threshold (for the manufacture of lateral fixings), clippers and hacksaw.

Proper installation antikoshka nets on windows requires installation of side mounts, ensuring its sound and a secure fit.Therefore need for mounting screws and nuts (best to choose a sheep) M4 18 mm in diameter.Manufactures will mount aluminum threshold, so you should use regular wire cutters or any other instrument that allows you to smoothly and gently bend the cut strip.

The ongoing work

Metal mesh is cut according to the size of the frame.To mesh window on antikoshka fulfill the functional requirements necessary to fix the element with screws on the inside.Step between adjacent fasteners is 1-2 cells.

outer plastic mount may crack from dryness and cracked, you can replace them with new ones, and you can supplement them with aluminum brackets for greater reliability.

If you choose the latter option, you will need to make a side mount, which will help to fix the grid antikoshku on the plastic box.Aluminum threshold strips are cut, drilled holes, and a zigzag bend.

accompanying photo antikoshki mesh on the windows allow you to see the exact shape of the required elements.On the outer side of the frame in the central crossbar is screwed screw M4, on the inside it wears prepared from fixing the threshold.At the very tip of the screw is screwed the nut-lamb of the appropriate size.

After fitting antikoshku grid can be cleaned and put it in place.First, it is set in the upper and lower backup outside.Then worn screw fasteners and is biased as long as the net will not be tight against the frame.Rate the work done can be tasted, how firmly protected.If necessary, put the squeeze nut lambs.

detailed video on the grid on antikoshke window describes the installation steps.It will allow much quicker to understand the peculiarities of operation.With careful preparation for performance will need about 1 hour.And then set the protection will protect your pet from falling and allow peace to ventilate the room and leave the window open, even when one of the owners are not at home.

antikoshki installation Video on the window with his hands