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August 12, 2017 18:06

Install the door for the bathroom and toilet

Installation of doors in the bathroom - it is very responsible.These differ from the other room in an apartment or home, especially high humidity that affects the choice of material.Installing the door to the bathroom and toilet should be performed flawlessly.Otherwise, an increase in humidity, door can "skew", and it will lose its form.The installation of the door block with his hands there is nothing difficult.This work is under the power of any man who has ever held a level and a chisel in his hand.So, how to properly install the door to the toilet and bathroom - on.


  • Selection of material
  • Installation of doors with their hands
    • Preparation door unit
    • Installing door block box
    • Installing leaf
  • doors to the toilet and bathroom: photo

selection of material


Today in specialized stores Construction materials you can find a huge selection of door models.The price of the door for the toilet and bathroom depends on the material from which they are made, as well as dimensions.

today in stores offered the following options of doors:

  • Wooden.Doors made of natural wood is rarely installed in bathrooms because of their high cost.In addition, these doors are very heavy, so they tend not to apply.Of the merits of a wooden door can be distinguished durability, water resistance and an attractive appearance.
  • ¬ęCanada's" - the door leaf, which consists of a wooden frame and two cover plates of MDF.This is the cheapest option the door, which can be installed in the bathroom.However, MDF unprocessed very badly resists moisture, can swell and exfoliate with poor ventilation.Moreover, this material is not well withstand mechanical damage.Buying such an option, it is necessary to be prepared, at least to his painting in 2 layers.Typically, these doors are sold covered with a white primer.This option may well be suitable for temporary installation, when the "draw in" the time of repair.
  • Laminated doors and MDF.The average cost for an option between a tree and "Canadian girl."Special coating door linings allows her more time to keep the presentation.These doors are easy to clean and are not afraid of moisture, do not require further treatment, and have a relatively low weight, which will save on the curtains too powerful.
  • doors to the bathroom and toilet made of PVC.PVC - a very practical material.He brings excellent moisture vapor temperature drop, easy to clean and for many years, does not lose his sight.However, for private homes plastic doors for the toilet and the bathroom will look not very aesthetically pleasing, so use them mainly in public places, where practicality is more important than beauty.

Sometimes install the door in the bathroom and toilet glass.However, they have a rather high price.

plastic doors

recommendations on the selection of interior doors for bathroom and toilet:

  1. When buying doors pay attention to models that are equipped with ventilation grilles.They will not leave a gap between the threshold and the web for air circulation.Otherwise, the minimum gap should be at least 20 mm.
  2. During repair work should be chosen door panels of the same color and texture which will be released in one corridor.
  3. Box bathrooms, given the high humidity of the room should be made entirely of wood.Now most of the building materials stores sell veneered box.They do not require painting and varnishing, however, with a layer of veneer you must be extremely careful during the work on the infeed seats for hinges.Option of cardboard will not work, because, saving now have to spend on the work on its replacement.
  4. choosing locks and fittings, should be guided by the golden mean "price-quality."Standard doors equipment configuration for bathrooms: handle with latch and lock.The first will not allow the door to open and the lock is needed to ensure that when you wish you could close the premises.Experts advise to install locks to be opened from the outside.This will allow us to open the door during an extraordinary situation.
  5. When choosing the loop should be guided by the door weight.The greater its weight, the stronger should be the loop.
  6. sure to accurately determine the size of the door aperture and thickness to choose the right size of the door to the bathroom and toilet.

Installation of doors with their hands

Preparation door unit


So, the beginning of work on the installation of the door to the bathroom or toilet training should begin with a door unit and its assembly.Ready unit much easier to install.Many stores that sell door panels and accessories for their installation, offer their customers a door assembly unit with the installation of locks and hinges.Naturally, having a special milling machines and circular saws, it can be done in a few minutes.However, they do it is not free, so to save money, you can do this work yourself.

first step is to assemble the box door unit.You will need:

  • jigsaw,
  • Roulette,
  • screwdriver,
  • electric,
  • set of stainless steel screws on wood 4 mm in diameter.

Work procedure:

  1. door frame height must be equal to the dimensions of the door plus the gap between the threshold and the web.Mark up the height of the side plates of the box and cut them off.
  2. then decompose desk and the bar on the floor and are putting them painting.In simple words, you need to collect all the door unit to cut the length of the threshold and the crossbar.
  3. between the bar, the blade and the side pillars laid pieces of hardboard to withstand the backlash.Even if the door is a little swell from moisture, it is thanks to them it will be great to close.
  4. assembled unit, outline the length of the crossbar and the threshold and cut it with a jigsaw.
  5. bar is then applied to the posts and drill holes in it.
  6. Use the screwdriver and screws fasten the bar to the racks.Similarly, the threshold set at the bottom of the box.
  7. collected in a box to be cut under the seats loop.To do this, attach it to the canvas with a pencil outline the cutout space on the canvas and the rack.Be sure to do it with a cloth, so the probability of error will be less.
  8. After marking the fabric can be removed and begin to cut the space for the loop.Do it with a chisel.Gently tapping with a hammer on the chisel tool is carried out in the direction of wood fibers, thereby removing the tree layers.Since this tool is very sharp and work with them must be careful.From time to time apply a loop in place to cut was uniform and the veil was "drowned" in full.
  9. After cutting seats for hinges collect box and soaked with linseed oil several times.This should be done in a non-residential premises, as the coating has a very pungent smell and can cause headaches and nausea.
  10. At this time, you can do the door.The canvas is necessary to cut a hole for installation of the door handle and lock.To do this, take a pen core and a lock and attached to the end face of the door.In the attached marking pencil draw out circuit.
  11. Then with a chisel cut out the necessary opening for the installation of the core.After that, we set it in place.Then mark up the holes for mounting handles and lock, and drilled them with a drill.The last thing pick the lock and check the accuracy of his work.
  12. Application earlier marks deepening cut out for the installation of loops with a chisel.We set the loops on the fabric and fix them with a couple of screws.The cloth is ready for installation.

installation box door unit

Door - to - Sophia - tualeta_perelinkl

After drying oil will dry up, the box can be installed in a doorway.Before this wall in the opening must be cleaned of dirt and dust, and primed with a primer of deep penetration.

Installation box - pretty time-consuming process and it is better to do it together.This will require:

  • Hammer (if the walls are made of reinforced concrete).
  • screwdriver.
  • Drill.
  • anchor bolts.
  • Polyurethane foam.
  • Wooden wedges.
  • level.

Work procedure:

  1. box in the opening set so that the threshold has been slightly above the floor level.This is done so that in case of flooding water did not go into the apartment.To do this on the floor surface fit small wooden wedges.With the help of wedges exhibiting box level and anchoring.
  2. then drill a hole in a box with a drill and hammer in the wall.Make a rack for 3 holes in the lintel and the threshold - according to 2. The holes make the sweat anchor head.
  3. Installing the anchor bolts and fasten them.
  4. Check the level is correctly installed on the planes of the box.If everything is in order, zapenivaem sealant into the gap between the wall and the frame.When applying the foam should not be too zealous, because it is expanding quite strongly.
  5. Once the foam has dried, it is not more than a day, it is necessary to carefully remove wallpaper knife.After installation, the box can be painted in any color and lacquering.

Installing leaf


Door leaf mounted on the box set is not too difficult.Supporting her hands or with the help of wedges, simply screw the hinges on the seats in the box.First, one on top and then the bottom one, thereby aligning door.Try to close it.If done correctly, the door will close without problems and evenly lie down to the box.If not, it will need to be adjusted.After installation, the door openings are cut out in the front of the box, and set the tab strip for handles and locks.

The final step is to install casings.Before this, they were cut using a miter box (device for cutting material under the specified angle), painted and lacquered.Nail trim with nails without hats, so they will be imperceptible.

If you plan to install multiple windows in a separate bathroom, it must be ensured that they are mounted on the same level that looked harmoniously.To do this, mark on the wall at the height of doorways each door, reconciled it with the help of the level.

Work to install the door in the bathroom is not a big deal, and if you do everything carefully and accurately, the result will be excellent.

doors to the toilet and bathroom: photo

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