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August 12, 2017 18:07

Fireclay mortar - Attractive fire protection

What is mortar?

This material is a powder consisting of refractory clay.As a rule, such a composition, dissolved in water, is used to fill joints in refractory products.Easy to work with staff, excellent performance stability - up to 1,700 degrees Celsius, says that the powder of refractory clay - the best solution for safe construction.

Sami grain structure are very small, their size is less than 1 millimeter, in some cases, the value of up to 2 millimeters.Such material as mortar, fireclay MSH-28, typically used for the construction of industrial furnaces, but experts often use the composition for use with open fires in suburban homes.

also mortar, diluting with water to the consistency of sour cream, used in the process of laying, this material allows us to achieve the desired surface protection and insulation fire.

Mortar Refractory looks like an ordinary brown powder, which can easily be confused with the basis for the production of cement.As a rule, mortar packed in big bags - up to 1,200 kilograms, or in small plastic bags of 50 kg, which are conveniently delivered in the home and work with them, if you want to use a small amount.

The main advantage of the mixture - to quickly prepare, just add a little water to achieve the desired pasty consistency and get to work.Also, experts note a small amount of material, with the right mixture preparation and pre-wetting is possible to avoid unnecessary dust.

Varieties and marking mortars

There are materials according to an embodiment of hardening, mortar MSH-28 - one of the most famous blends, fine-grained, it is useful to create strong joints that can withstand temperatures up to 1730 degrees.In fact, the material hardens by the formation of a ceramic bond.Such a composition is constantly used to build parts of the furnace, directly in contact with the high temperatures.

As mentioned, mortars are divided into types depending on the solidification options. Ceramic mortar , hydraulically hardening material or mortar chemical complication - every option is suitable for a particular type of work.

figure, set after the letters "MIN" indicates the percentage of alumina.Thus, considering the mortar MSH-39, we can confidently say that the proportion of aluminum oxide content - 39%.Professional builders say that working with refractory materials allows maximum security house or business, depending on where the building is carried out furnaces.

What must be remembered for?

Any mixture mortar - dry material, which is diluted with water is not difficult, simply follow the instructions and try to make sure that the result is a thick creamy mass.

Thinking about the construction of the oven, be sure to pay attention to the mortar, fireclay MSH-39, low-cost structure will help to make the design is not only very strong but also as safe as possible.It is best to choose the option of fine particles, it is suitable for "home" work.

low cost of the material, its widespread availability and mortar make the best option for both industrial and private construction of kilns.Dry mortar, composed of - a refractory fireclay and clay particles, can be cooked quickly, which gives the material an additional advantage.