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August 12, 2017 18:07

Is it really necessary waterproofing materials for the floor ?

What is the sealing of the floor?

Sealing cover - is a method of protection of concrete and wooden base from the damaging effects of moisture.If you do not perform the waterproofing bath, for example, is a constant source of moisture coating rapidly deteriorate, while in the building can be got fungus, from which it is difficult to get rid of.

material for waterproofing floor are selected based on the following factors:

  • geographical location of an object, especially climate;
  • on which floor is the object;
  • present whether groundwater;
  • source of moisture;
  • characteristic of the material from which made covering.

Important!In order to protect the coating from humidity, it is necessary to seal the surface, which is really exposed to humidity.

For example, if the detrimental effects of moisture is the bottom and the top seal, the sense will not be on the work done.In addition to the need to protect your cover, you can protect yourself and even neighbors of flooding possibilities below, making the floor sealing in the bathroom and in the kitchen.

When constructing a new building or major repairs of the old waterproofing base is a mandatory procedure, which is included in the list of the necessary work of each of the developer.

choice of material for waterproofing

work is carried out to seal the floor covering is used several types of sealants:

  • obmazochnye solutions are made on the basis of cement, which aggregates and special synthetic resins are added;
  • obkleechnye materials are made on the basis of bitumen and applied with an open flame;
  • membrane seal is not widely used, because this method is quite expensive;
  • lifting capillary moisture is best suited injectable material that generates a shut-off seal.This waterproofing membrane is more expensive.

most popular and reliable sealant coating considered obmazochnye materials, which include waterproofing of floor wax.This material is easy to use in a residential area, since it does not require the application of an open flame.

Important!Before you choose a waterproofing material for the dwelling, it is necessary to consult with a specialist.

waterproofing mastic

This composition is used to protect building structures from moisture.Apply the paste can be on concrete, reinforced concrete, wood, metal, etc.Also apply a waterproofing and sealing of the pipeline and the foundations of buildings.

mastic sealant is a versatile, as it can be used even for seamless device coatings, for example, in swimming pools and basements.Waterproofing is able to protect the building structure from corrosion and damaging effects of moisture and insects over a long service life.

Important!Mastic has high adhesion and resistance to acid and alkali, so it can be applied virtually any surface.

waterproofing sealant is available in three types: polymer, bitumen and polymer-bitumen.Each type of material has its positive qualities and variety of uses.