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August 12, 2017 18:06

Finishing balconies with their hands

Finishing loggias have to be made, even if you plan to simply build on its territory a utility room for drying clothes and storage of various supplies or leave the space open for the summer holidays.Under any circumstances, use a clean and beautifully decorated balcony is nicer than untidy and dirty room.

Unusual interior in the style of Fusion .Loggia

Unusual interior in the style of Fusion.Loggia

To finish the loggia you can use a variety of materials.In general, the order of execution of the work remains essentially the same, regardless of the option chosen finish.



Please check everything loggia and the main features of finishes, select the most appropriate material for its characteristics and start to work.

Construction and finishing of balconies

Construction and finishing loggias

sequence finishing work

Article Contents

  • 1 sequence finishing work
  • 2 Selecting finishing
    • 2.1 plastic panels
    • 2.2 Video - Installation of plastic panels
    • 2.3 Molded
    • 2.4 Siding
    • 2.5 plywood and sheets of drywall
  • 3 Tips designer
    • 3.1 Video - Finish balconies with their hands

primarily along the perimeter of the loggia mounted skeleton of wooden or metal elements is intended to set the windowing system and fastening materials, internal and external cladding.

Frame for painting and decorating and insulation loggia

frame for finishing and insulation loggia

Step frame fixing elements selected individually taking into account the peculiarities of the selected glazing, insulating and finishing materials.

The frame on the balcony before finishing and glazing

frame on the balcony before the finish and glazed

After installing the frame, do the glazed balcony.You can use plastic, aluminum or wood same system.

Window construction from aluminum and wood are characterized by high levels of sustainability and durability.Plastic glazing is in most cases is the budget.For glazing balconies best to use triple-pane windows, assingle-chamber are unlikely to provide adequate protection against noise, dust and cold.

The process of glazing loggias

process of glazing loggias

To finish the external walls of the loggia, use high-quality sheet materials, capable of providing adequate protection of the internal space from dust, rain and cold.Well suited galvanized sheet materials and moisture resistant plywood.Sheet materials are attached to the previously furnished the frame with screws.Over sheeting mounted finishing.Good siding and other materials that are resistant to moisture.The remaining slots are filled with construction foam.

lining performed under the standard scheme.First, the walls are fixed elements of the framework of wooden slats or metal profile.To frame rails attached plastic film or other suitable waterproofing material.In the film by using the composition of the "liquid nails" stick foam boards, mineral wool or other suitable insulation.On top of the thermal insulation to the base rails attached vapor barrier material.By the bottom of the crate slats fixed another crates designed for mounting already finishing.

Warming of the balcony

Winterizing balcony

Warming of the balcony

Winterizing balcony

Driving insulation

insulation scheme

As a finishing material for finishing the interior space loggia can use waterproof plywood, wooden wall paneling, drywall sheets, PVC panels and siding.

Sex in general is similar to gets off the walls.To finish flooring loggia fit tile, laminate, linoleum and other such materials.To visually expand the space loggias tiles or laminate flooring can be laid on the diagonal.

Tiled floor in the loggia

Tiled floor in the loggia

arrangement lodge can best be addressed in the warm time of year.

Selecting finishing

As noted, all popular materials for finishing the loggia developing are on the same principle discussed above.Your main task is to choose the optimum finish.Examine the information about the finishing of finishing materials, and you can choose the most appropriate option for your situation.

plastic panels

Finishing PVC panels

trim panels PVC

If the cost of finishing is crucial for you to use for the internal arrangement of PVC panel loggia.Among the main advantages of this material is necessary to highlight the following points:

  • resistance to water;
  • large selection of colors;
  • ease of installation;
  • undemanding to care for - just need to periodically wash the panel.
    Casing plastic panels

    Casing plastic panels

    Available editions of fittings for plastic panels

    available hardware variants for plastic panels

wide range of colors allows you to create PVC panels as a plain and colored surface.In the sale of available trim with imitation textiles, tiles, wallpaper, wood and other materials.

Example of mounting battens under the plastic panel

Example mounting furring under plastic panels

panels originally equipped with a convenient locking system, known as the "tongue and groove".The entire installation is reduced to the finish fastening the panels to the crate using screws and snapping factory compounds.

The most common ways of attaching plastic panels

The most common methods of securing

plastic panels Initially, such panels are being developed for the decoration of interior rooms, so you can coat them loggia only after a thorough insulation.At negative temperatures mounting plate the panel may deform and damage the entire lining.Especially often this phenomenon occurs in the finishing elements of a width of 20-25 cm.

Installation of the necessary hardware and the first plastic panel

Mounting hardware required and the first plastic panel

Fastening of panels with use of a plastic profile by means of special clips

Fixing panels using plastic profile by means of special clips

In view of the foregoing, to finishloggia is strongly recommended to use panels having a width of 9.6 cm. This lining is characterized by high strength and frost resistance, in contrast to the analogues with a more impressive width.

Video - Installation of plastic panels


This material consistently remains the most popular option for the interior design of loggias and other premises.The panels are made on the basis of natural wood, it is characterized by excellent environmental, external and operational properties.

panels are extremely simple to mount.Different wood may be used for the manufacture of lining.

How to fix battens

How to fix battens

The differences between conventional and so-called clapboard"Lining" are only in size strips.In the case of siding panels dimensions meet the standards approved in Europe.Also, these panels are equipped with a convenient and easy to use mounting system castle.



How to fix battens

How to fix battens

wooden coating requires regular and careful maintenance.Before installing the trim elements must necessarily be processed antiseptic.Such treatment must be repeated every 2-3 seasons followed by coating with finishing varnish or oil-wax composition.

Finishing loggias lining

Finishing loggias lining

consider the fact that the wood tends to crack under the influence of direct sunlight and high temperatures.In view of this for finishing the interior space loggia is strongly not recommended too long panel.

Sheathing lining the balcony

balconies Sheathing lining

However, all these shortcomings are fully compensated by the atmosphere created by the room, equipped with natural wood.


Finishing siding inside balcony

finishing siding inside balcony

is a modern composite finishing material, is widely used for the decoration of all sorts of facilities.According to its external properties, siding largely similar to the Lining.

Facing with siding

Facing siding

The main advantage siding is necessary to highlight the durability to moisture and other adverse conditions of stability.This allows to use the material for exterior finish various surfaces including balconies and walls.Inside the room such decoration will also be very relevant.

Under the influence of the fire melted the siding, but does not support combustion.

panels originally equipped with a locking mount that makes them a convenient arrangement, and extremely simple.To fix the siding to furring suitable formulations such as "liquid nails" and other variety of adhesive mixtures adapted for external finishing works.

plywood and sheets of drywall

Boarding the balcony of plasterboard

Sheathing balconies plasterboard

Finishing loggias plasterboard

Finishing loggias plasterboard

Boarding the balcony of plasterboard

Sheathing balconies plasterboard

Waterproof sheets are also well suited for the finishing of interior space balconies.It is important that the room was glazed and high-quality insulated.The sheets can be used both as a fully independent material and to serve as a basis for other finishes species:. Facing stone, tile, mosaic, cork boards, all sorts of plaster compositions, etc.

drywall and plywood are attached to the pre-prepared crate made of aluminum profileor wooden slats.

In all circumstances, the finish of plywood or drywall putty is recommended at least.This will give the surfaces a presentable appearance and contribute to additional warming of the walls.

Finishing with plywood floor loggia

Floor Finishing loggias plywood

Finishing with plywood floor loggia

Finish plywood floor loggia

designer tips

If desired, you can not leave the loggia glazed, equipped with her elegant outdoor terrace.This balcony is perfect for summer get-togethers in good company.

The open loggia

open loggia

However glazed rooms are much more comfortable and functional.If desired, a glazed loggia you can arrange a winter garden.Or, you can equip the loggia under study or use it other way to meet their needs and requirements.

The Winter Garden in the loggia

Winter Garden in the loggia

If loggia will open, special attention should be paid to the finishing floor.To finish, use facing tiles or linoleum frost, normally carrying exposure to high humidity and freezing temperatures.

Insulated large loggia

Insulated large balcony

Also make sure that the design of the loggia are well in harmony with the interior of the adjacent premises.In other moments when finishing facilities guided by their preferences and available budget, because no one but you knows what it is to be your loggia.

Successful work!

Video - Finish balconies with their hands